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Full text of "Urann family of New England : including the descendants of Margaret (Urann) Gammell"

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i;o|iviiitiii, wiih :iilflitions, from Itie 


for J.uiuaiy ami April, 1910 

THE uiJAxx i\v:\iiLY or xeav exglaxlv 

1. WiLLi.VM^ Ui;i\, sometimes spelle'l Urnn. I'rari!, Ureii, Yiiran, 
Yourin;; and Youriii. wa-; prolialily the aiu-r^tor ot all liearincr t!u; name in 
Iscw Eii-l.-iinl. If lia.s not been learne-tl nliere he came frum, but he wa3 
at the I.-ks of Shoals as e:ii-ly as 1653, for ou 12 Sept. of that y:iY ho -(Vas 
granted a lot of land there, •' between goodmnu Jacksoue and AYilliam 
Cotton with convenient lafnding?]." At various times later he v/as given 
grants ot ];-n"l. lie was one of the petitioners '• that a Court might be 
hi'ld at the Isles of Shoals." a!-o "tliat the inhabitants mi,ht be granted 
the ]ivi\ il^grs of a town." Like mo-t of tlie inhabitants of the islands he. 
wa-: a fi-liermau. He died at the Isles of Shoals, and the inventory of his 
e^:tate, filed 11 July IHoJ. amounted to £i-ro. 12. 8. 

Ills \^idow El;:axok snarried secondly, about 1072, Richard Woolcomc 
or "Wiih-iy.nb. wlio pureliased part of tlu e-taN:^ of TTilliam Uriii. d'''C'^asi-d, 
17 July l(i7l\ She. die.l iu IHijO, and in her will, dated 10 Sept. 1000, 
she leav..-5 the balance of her estate to her '• five children, son-iudaw .Ljhn 
^I(ieh.en'"re to tak^ care of Joseph Yourin^^ to bring him u[) in the faith of 
Govd and to sueh Laruiu'/as is convenietst iVa- one of Jiis de.'rees." I'iidiard 
Goois or Go». her kiu-n.ian, wa> one of the overseers of tiie will. 

Rie!;:ird ^\'ollleorae and J.leanoi- had tw^-i children; Zaclieus. arid Auf; 
who tnarrit-d .lehn Mueliemoi-e. Iu a ji'.tition of .Tohn Uriu, son (jf Eieanov, 
to ]]:ue hi- lirntln-r-in-law .Tuhn ]\rueheraore administer u|ion his mother'? 
estate, lie states that Johti ]\Iuehemore's wife "Mas his sister ou his mot'.i- 

*" A tvailition exist? in sr.veral i^rrinchcs of the family the narae is of French. 
orij;iii. Ilov-ever tbij may be it ."^ppeirs in Euirland at an early dale. L>:irdi!cy iu his 
vrork on 1-D^'lish .Surnanics, ■vvrit^.s that, •' Urir.n, Urion, Uren, Uri:i, Uran. — Bapt. 
'The son of Urian.' Botli t!;ft masculine Uranijs an 1 the ft-rnininc t'rania were in 
use a.s ptrf onal names. On a Welsh Variant Uricn. A surname founded on this 7iuinc 
seems to have crept into Staliordshire and Cheshire, and thence into Lancashire. 

John fil. Urian, Co. Hants, 1273 (riundred iJoll,). 

L'ryeu.-! Mvithout suiuarne) Co. Cuinh. 

1R:;3. Bap:. H'-nry s. Fin^by Vriu St. .Jas. Clcrkenwell. 

lOo.'i. .Tojia. d. Finij, e Lurin. 

1G; 1. John Urran of Everton ; TVills at Chester. 

If^O. Alice Urian of Chri-tleto::." 

Uicuard S:..;pheuCiiarnoc-: ;u his Ludiis I'aU-onymicus, says, "Urine. The same as 
Ihu Co!Jii'*h name Eiiren, from Corni;h '.oren, strange, or a corruption of Uren, from 
thear.ciCiU personal nanie irrwyn, for Irvi?ie, from Irvine, a pari.-h. of Scotland, co. 
Ayr (forii;cr;y written Jr-Ayn an I Irwinej, o;i the iiver Irvine. Urann, Urin -'.re fo'.ind 
as United Stj.:es aamti." 


er's side." The vri]] of Jolin ^^luplioinore. dntcd 11 Feb. 1717-8, mentionr- 
■\vile Aune and cliil(li>ri John. Ricli:nd. Joseph. Will;:!ui. Suiuh. Aiiicnll 
Pric-t, and llarlu'l ]")o\viii. "William "Wilkin.- or Wil'ooiun of l].>\vii.!i. 
gi-andsoii of liichard "Wi'olcome of Star Island, was api'niuted admirustraios- 
of the estate 11 An^-. 17UI. 
Children : 

2. i. J<.nN-.= 

3. ii. ]'.i>WAi;p. 

4. iii. rnAxeis. 

2. John' Uuix (Wi'liam'^) ^vas a eordw-.inev or tanner, and rcsiiled at. 
Greenland, Is. II. He was at rort^uiouth, N. 11. . in ICti".'. v.-ln'O, 
he si^Tied a petition (Mass. Arehives. vol. o'>, p. 220). On 1 (i Yuv: 
1695-0 he received land in Portsmouth (ei^ht aer.-s) in e ,<i>llnnatioii. 
of a grant given Ids father, "William Urin, in H>");!. In lOiJi his 
name a]ij)ears as on the jury list, and he held variotis miutir olfires.- 
in the town of Portsmouth from 1700 to 170','. His seat in the 
meeting-house was in tlie men's side gallery. He was rfoeived into. 
covenant iu the South Chureh of I'ortsmoutli 'J Jan. ]7i."). and hLs 
children v.-ere baptized there the following Sv}!t.ember. lie was 
one of the grantees of the to^vn of P>p?om, X. H., and his grand- 
children sold tlu;ir iutei-e^t m his estate there iu 1771. 

He had two wives ; his first one, AniGAiL, was probaljly daughter 
of John "Wcstbrook of Portsmouth, who sold his son-in-hr.r, John 
Urin of Portsmouth, land there 21 :>Iar. 1G92 (X. H. Deed.s, vol >\ 
p. 254). He mairied secondly, 12 Xov. l^.-sO,. I\f:i;k.cca f'\Tr., 
daughter of James and Alice. John Urin, husl>and to F.'.ljscca 
Gate, reh-ased his right and title to the estate of lnj- kahcr fr.irl 
mother. James and Aliee Gate, 8 June 1702. John Urlu died aboat. 
1734, and his widow died at Greenland Xov. or Dec. 174.5. 
Ghilflren,- born at Portsmouth : 
o. i. KicriAKD,' b. abt. IG-'G. 
f;. ii. Jamks. bapt. 2rj Sept. 1715. 

iii. AViLMAiNr, bapt. 25 Sept. 1715; with his sisters sold liis ir.teiost iu 
his fatJier's estate to Jaiiics Brackett by deeil-- of 2 May 17:U a id 
13 Doc. 173o. His name does not appear on the tax li^ts of 
Grecniaml, N. 11. lie was probaMy that Wiliiam Urin .^"Li > was a 
private iu the Snow Shoe Compauy, Capt. Domini .TorJau, of 
Falmouth. .Me.. 14 A]>v. 171I-. 
7. iv. Josri'ii. )japt. 25 Sept. 1715. 

V. Ki.KAM)'.;. bapt. 25 .-^ejit. 1715 ; was admitted to the churdi at Gvcen- 
iQud i), 171';; m. (1 ) DiA.Moxp CrKUiKit, son of liicliard ai^d Kliza- 
bclU (Diamoud) of the Lsles of Shoals, and the inveutory of whose 
estate was filed 8 Aug. 1732: m. (2) Ajsi'.aijam CnocKF.xT of the 
Isles of Sb.<:>a!s. wlio with wife Klcanor s<.'Id his intorc.-t in the 
estate of .bjl.n Uiiu. deceased, 8 Auz. 17C.7. 

^■i. M.vr.Y. hapt. ?.". St'iit. 171." ; in. FnosT. On 1:^ T)oc. i ::'.') sli,: 

and luT hrullii-r ^Villiam. b(n]i of Greoulaiul, X. II.. ivu] >!i.' tv 
that time boiui: a -widcnv. sold tlioii" iutoi-cst in the estate ot ilnlr 

vii. John, bapt. 25 ITl'i : probal>ly d. young, as lie i-^ not mentioned 
in any of the family deeds. 

3. Ki>w.A.Ki)- Unix ( William'^) lia<l wife J.vxe. He jnnchasi'il, 4 'M.-.r. 
1007-8, of tlic admiiii.'^trators of "WUliarn UriaV estate, om-lialf oi 
a dwelling house, fish house, boats, etc.. at ^»tar Ishuid. On Xov. 
ICOS, with his wife, he conveyed the same premises to James IILil'- 
don of the J^les of Slioals. He \va.^ taxed in iJ'iston. ^^fa-s., as earlv 
as 1G7-1. and t!ie same year jmiehased of Uauiel He-in-hman land a.t 
the north end of the town. •• bounded southwe^tiTly witli the street 
leading to the north burvall jilaee.'' On 2 June 1075 he sohl the 
]ast mentioned estate to Christoplier Saise of Charle.^towii, Mass. 

He was part owner of the shalloj) PhiUip, of which GeorL'O 
]\Iannin;r ^\as sl<ipper. Unfortunately his vessel was one of tiif 
several ca])tureil by Capt. Samui-l IMoseley in his expe<litiou >if 

1 0)74 against the pirates, who ^^■ere lirought inu» the [lurt of Bosion 

2 Apr. 107-3. Urin's vessel was returned to him, it being shown 
from his te^tiraony (]Ma~s. Archive-) that he lia<I talcen mi pan :.m 
]iii-acy. and he di-chargeel. Fi\'e of tlie pirates were convicu<l 
^and condemned to death, others were acquitted, while some were 
pardoned to serve against tJie Indians. 

Adijiiuistraticn on hii> estate was granU-'J to his widow 31 0';t. 

Ciiildrtii. boi-n at Bo-ton: 
i. Ei>WA!;i'.3 li. L' .Turn IGOO. 
ii. Ma-itiikw. b. li) Xiiv. It'.TL'. 
VA. r.^ NjAMi.v. b. 's:> May IGTG. 

A. ]■";:. vNC!?- Ui'.i.v (WilUam^) v.-a> at Tj.-wich, 31ass., as early as l<iSl, 
j.'nd had v, ii'e Auci;, of vrliom no j'ccord has as yet been found. 
While there is no direct evidence that he was the sou of William 
of t'le ]<h.- of Shoals, still the names and dates of birtli of his 
children, and his occupation of fisherman, should allow him a place 
in tliat fanjily. 

lie died at Ip-meh about 1713. and admini-tratiou on his estate 
v.-;'.s granted to his ehh-st son, William, 9 Apr. 1713. 
Childn/ii, Icu'ii at Jjiswich : 
S. i. ^VII.L:A■•!.3 b. :. Au'jf. ii';sl. 

ii. i'liANCis, 1). 3 Au;^. ir,s.5 ; probably d. A'oung. 
iii. Joiix, b. i'J Sept. lisr-. probably d. young. 
ti. iv. .p.. ; i-H. b. 23 l".b. ] 01-1-2. 
10. V. rj:.n:ii, b. L; iiay lOHl. 

(f. llnuwW In IN (Jv/(iir inViVo?;;'). TLo earliest reconi l\i!ir,ii <_,{ umi 
is ]>U ir.:aTi;i,uo at llawrLlll. Ma->. He was one of tlie lir-t ^v■tll^•^s 
of I'l-JiacoLik (Concor.l). X. II., ami was ailniittcu 5 l-\i'. ]'i2'). 
'J'lii' rreoi'ils sliow that Ik- spent the winter of 17:?<""> at C\'U--'>',]. In 
\]\v ilivisioa of laml iie drew lots Xn-. ti, .'-^. and ■12. lie - Id a por- 
tion of these lots to John Wainwri^dit oi' li'.^widi, ]Mass., V A\r. 17 '-Jl. 
lie was at Coneord as late as 1742, avIumi be married IT,- -.eond 
v,-ifi>, v.lio was of Xewiinry, TJa^s.. and il may havr i"'.",i t'li^ fact 
that induerd him t(.i return to Xe^N Iniry. "With Sarah. I'rin, ■,'.'l;o in 
(lie deed is called a sjiirjster, both beini;- of Newbury, 1r' .-old laml 
and liuildings in Jpswieh 11 Apr. 17e2 (Essex Deeds, \ol. 110, 
p. 89). 

He married first at Ha\erliill. 3Ia=?.. 17 Oet. 1717, ]Mr:!nTAr.LE 
Coi:liss, daughter of John and IMary (^lili'ord), born tlicre 15 3iay 
IfiOS; and svcnuilly at Nijwl)ury, jMass., 22 Xov. 1712. Sarah 
Flood. He died at ]S\\vbury 13 Jan. 177G, agvd 00 year;. Uis 
cliilibvn were bajitized at Ipswich. n 

Children, born at Ipsv, icli : 
Jfl. i. JoTiN," bapt. 10 Amr. IVL^. 

ii. IJi.iiiTAni.K. l)apL. o A',:--. 1721 : m. Euwmu) FiT/OKr.Arn. i;. in ])-c- 
land; resided at rjo.-cawcn. X. IT. Children: 1. J,nir. h. \:[2. 

annuk. 8. JJorc^rs. H. J.'ncIuK 10. JoJni. 11. JLinh/.. 
' iii. M.uri-, bapt. 20 ;May 172:'. ; d. at Bradford. }.ta«s.. 2'< Xov. l-2r, aired 
102 years; ni. at Xe\vliary. Mas-., V> _\uu'. 17."1. S.oirr.i. .\ r:\->>.A\ 
son of Jolm. l.api. at Bradford 00 Apr. 1727. Chlh\vc.\ :.:. at 
Bradford:' 1. ./•,'.-. bapi. 12 .Tuly KC] : ni. at Bi-aui. r.^ '" Ae.rr- 
17SS. Joseidi Ibild.jh oi i^auiny;. :Mass. 2. Jppl-!. bapi. 2 (_'(;!.. 
17Go. 3. Tai:i'Tr,hi'.vt. :\lar. KOO; m. at Bradford. Oct. 17s;', 
Josepb Moores of Haverhill. 4. Ebcncvrr, bapt. }'o Pee. i; U ; 
d. young. 5. Ebcr:,:a: bapt. 13 Jan. 1773. G. i9v'Su;.;.-.^, bapt. 
23 May 1770. 

5v. Sarah, bapt. 27 Teh. 1723. 

V. J.ou:.s. Keif her 1h.' dat.-^' of his bh-th or baptism Ira- Iven luimd. 
It was jjrobably this .James who siirned a petition te- the Ma.^on 
j::.Ml)rieturs for a cLartrr of Siitton. X. II. In the div:~;i.u .:f the 
lau'l of that tov,-n;-!iip ho (]\\\\- lot Xo. 7- in the lirst dixi-hn. and 
lot Xo. ."0 in the second fIivi--ion. The record states that lie wa.s 
fi'oni llaverliill. Ma-s. He jiroliaidy ue^-er marrie-d. A!h..:i;ij-ira- 
tion on his estate was .uranteu to liis father, Fdchard I .-an ol 
Dasyflchl [? Derry:io!d], N. H., 2." Apr. 17.53. 


I Lxj iuciititv of tilis .Jonnlhan is not fully esf^hlisbed, but circurr.stan?<;5 ?scva to 
jr.^nitte \h::V lie bcloiigcd to th.i- family. He .'^erved, at various tiiiic< dnviu;^ tiie- 
Fr-P«.h tnd l.'i.iian M'ar, from 13 July 175G to 20 Xov. 1758, us ]irivate fro;n jh'.vcrhill, 
>.C:t>'. IK- in. in 17.T., A)!iG.Mr. IfonoKi.NS, b. at ii.>\vicii, Mas;.';., 2] Sept. JJ^-:. d. at 
VV .rt, N. Y., -.o Iclj. Ibl2, ayed 10-3 years. They h..d 10 children, among whova vrerc 

p. Jamks-"' Uuix (J'jIiu- William'^) was haiilhcotl at Pcrkmoutli, ]S. II.. 
25 Sept. 171.J. lie was a cordwainer or tauiK r, and ii>itiL"(l in t! 
part of tilt,' low 11 V. hicli wa.s sot otl as Greeiilaml. Ou 1' A]ir. 17.'M 
bo rolil all lii> iiiten-st ami titli' in the e-tate of his father, .ln'm 
I'ri)', to Jo-hiua Bracket!. He v,;is tax'.il at (Jrcciihuni Iroui 174;) 
to 17G1. The latter date may indicate the time of hi.s death. The 
lii'st volume of the Greenland records ^Yas burnt. 

IIe}iad two wives: the llr^t IiKi'.rccA: the ^eeon(l IIaxnaii. whom 
he married j.revious to 172Ci, when she was admitted to the Clu'rc'i 
at Greenland. 

Children, hui-n at Greeidand, N. H. : 
i. Jkni;y 6v ,1i;an.'' hapt. iu 172(3; m. at Kinystou. N.'.II.. ? Jan. 17I'."!- 

50, C)i-ni:]; SMirir. 
ii. tuzAiiiMii. liapt. in 1727; d. 20 Nov. 1S24: m. Thomas IjKr.oi'. sou 
of Eli and Meliitablo (Sleeper). b. at Kiuastou. N. II.. 1 .Time 17:'.2, 
d. at Sandwicli. N. II., C IMar. ISOO,. Children, b. at V.r.'U* \vo.;d, 
N. n., except the llr>t one: ]. Eli, b. at Kin:i.<t<in 20 Awi. 17:il; 
Imd -(vife Hannah. 2. Eli-fibrtluh- 1 JIar. 17.".i;. ,3. ./, <//,», b n. 
Mar. ]7:.S; ni. Sarah Sleeper. 4-. Jnonivi. b. 22 Mar. 17i:0: ni. 2;i 
!\Iay 17M). .Jereuiiali Brown. .5. AhioaiL !>. 2s Dec. 1701 ; m. '.' .luu. 
ls(i;i, AViUiain Ctdlins. 0. Il-r.mah. b. 'J Oct. ]7G:!. 7. Jrcoh. h. L'J 
Dec. 17G5; m. Su.-annah George. S. Charlotte, h. 12 Dec. 17i;7. 
0. Tliouxry:. b. 2s Nov. 1771; in. 2':> Jan. isO:,. Xaucy U'liiln- J\i:'.- 
ball : graduated from Harvard College m ]7!ts; studieil U>r ;i;e 
ministry, and settled at Wiltun, N. H. 10. J/an/, b. oO Nu\ . 177o ; 
m. William Weeks. 

12. iii. Joius, bapt. in 172.S. 

13. iv. Ja-Mks. Ijapt. in 17o0. 

V. IIannah, m. .TdNAniAV They sold their interest in tlie 
estate of tlu-ir tallier. .Tame.- Crhi. and of tlicir grandia;!i( r, .]>:\\:\ 
Urin. l.Iau. 1771. J.Miatljau Dockran of Greenland sedd Je-icua 
IJrackelt all hi,-, interest in the estate of his faiiier. .Jnnathaa 
Duckran. In AiilT- 17.--2. 

vi. I'aui,, resided at Greenland. N. II.. and was taxed there from 17 CT 
to i77.S. This ^^•ould indicate that he vras bum abom 1712. In 
1771, will] his brother^ and sisters, he sold his interest in ilie 
e>tate of his father and ia-audfathei', v. hich consisted of laud at 
Epsom. N. 11. , h) his cou>iu Georu'e Urin. On 22 Oct. 177'.), wth 
■vvifc Hannah, lie s.iid land and buildings at Greenland. His iuisi- 
ness wa- that of tailor. In the census of 17'."ii he was locat"d at 
Xewmarkci, N. 11., the family cous-isting of himself and two 

vii. Silas, ^sas one of the grantees of Chatham. N. II. Ja 177!, Vvh.u 
lie .signed the family deed, he was at Newmarket. N. II.. shoiily 
afterward^ remuviug to Fremont, N. II. His name does not ap- 

Aoiga'l, m. 13 Feb. 1702, David Lowell; Si/.iaiuiah, m. 4 Mar. 1790. Josinli Lowell; 
Jova'jni,,, James of I'.iwlct. \t., who serve. I in the- lievoliuioii ; :iiel Sr,//;,'. who ii;. 
^•;Il^l).■•. Krirrett of I'^iulet. Deoceiiduuti of thii f;;iuily resided in \'ermout and Nuw 
roik State. 


poAr in the census of 17110. Ilis wife's uaiiie was ILvxxau. Cliil-.l, 
1). al Fremont. N. H. : M'irlha.'- h. l:i June 1772. 
\ru. AiiMJAiL, m. Samvki- Kv.nnisox. In 1771. wlien he iiis wife 
.sJL'ncd tiie family deed, they resided at Stratliam, N. II. 

7, J(/.-i'i'ii^ Uiiiv {JoJiiu- IViUUmt^) \\a> liapti/til at Portsmouth, N. II. , 
2.i Sept. 171.3. He was taxnl in tlie GrceiilamI rlistrict of Ports- 
inoutli as early as 1717, whieli \\onIil j^ive the year of his birth 
nlwiit IG'.tG. Mis uauie. ajipears on ilie tax lists, with a few excep- 
tions, until 17G0, whieli may have Ixeii the year of his death. He 
■was a member of Capt. Jose])li "Week's coinjiany of Greenland, and 
liis name Avas sent in a.s a delinquent 15 Oi't. 17:^2. He signed ;m 
fli^reenient, dated 1-3 Apr. 17."11, with lii;? motlier, brother, and sist-^rs, 
for the division of liis father's estate, whiidi was situated on tlie 
Great Bay in Greenland. "With his wife Kebecea he sold land in 
Greenland 29 Sept. 17o5, '• being part of my mother Rebecca Urin's 
tliirds in the. estate of my father John Uriu, deceased." He sold 
Enoch Clark of Greenland land in Epsom, N. H., 4 Apr. \1\)'). 

He had two wives : the iir-t one .Sakau. who was admitted to the. 
Church at Grecrilau'l iu 172o; the second one Er,f.i:ecA. whom he 
married previous to 173.'). The names of his children have been 
obtained from the church records and the several deeds. 
Children, born at Greenland, X. H. : 

i. IMakcy.^ hapt. in 1725; was admitted to the church at Greenland 11 
:May 1735. 

ii. CoMioKT. l>apt. in 172.".. 

iii. Sauah, liajn. iu 172."); iji. John Dam. Tln-y signed the family deed 
iu 1771. 

iv. ]S1ai:y, l.iapt. in 172."'' ; m. SAMr>:L CiiArAFAX of Greenland. In 1771 
she was a widow, and resided at Epsom, N. H. "William WaHis 
of Greenland scild Samuel and Job Chapman, sons of wido^p 
Chapman, laud in Greenland 18 Feb. 17GG. Jonathan Chapman 
of Barrin^-tou. X. H.. sold hi-; .-i-ter Mary Cliai'mari of Gi\>iv 
laud, widoNV, his riirht iu the estate of Aljigail Chapman, late of 
Greeidand, 17 Dec. 17-"';. 

V. Ei.i-:anoi;. bapt. iu 172';: m. aVit. 17.m;i. John Lttey of Portsmouth. 
N. II.* Children, b. iu Greenland. N. II. : I. William, b. abt. 1 7.'.3 ; 
d. at Cornish. X. II. Served in the Iie\olutionary "War from Con- 
cord, X. II. In the census of 17'.io. he was at Ci)rni>!i, and his 
family consisted of himself, wife and live children; m. Saiah 
"\Villianis. Children, jirol). all b. in Coi'uish: Susannah, m. i:'> 
Dec. 1m:).3, Jonathan Ililliard. "\A'illiam, m. 25 Dec. 1SU3, Lois 

* J-tm I.uey, luune sometimes spelled Lcwey, Leway, Lewe, Loiic, Lucy and Love, 
wfi* tiie iirst of the fiuruly to come to America. He was a native of France and came 
toC-i;a IJrcton olioiit 17.37, and then to Portsmouth, X. II. For a nuinbei- of year.^ 
.-..:, r >,■- n;;irri:i^'f he resided at Greenland, but at tin: time that he and ids wife si^-ned 
i;.t. ULiiiAy deed iu 1771, he was a resident of Portsmouth. 

Hinvlrv. Sar;^li. m. U Doc. 1>00. Garaner nu.^tiii. Elizabetli, n. 
7 Feb. "i~-I4. FiMiH'is Cnlib. ,T;\niO!-. i:\. 17 Mar. 1>I>. Kli/.ahetii San- 
born. Saimirl. lu. 10 Jan. 1-L'O. .\ni)a Siiiitli. Sabrina, m. io Dec. 
],v21. Ichaliod ."^initli. 2. J<'hn., b. 27 Sci.t. 17.-1: d. ai Strathaiu. 
N. 11., £'.' Oct. 1><'S : m. Lucy Frenc]i. dan. of AViUiam of Stratbain, 
who -wa- b. 7 Apr. 17:.0 I'another record .-ays 17(;0), d. 12 Apr. 
ISnO. Children, b. iu Stratham : Steplicr,. b. 2.'. Sept. 1775, d. 3 
Nov. islvi; m. at Stratliain 2'< Dec. 17'.'.->, Dorothy WiirLrin of Nc'.v- 
market, N. TI.. who d. 2:> May ISOI. John AViUianr* b. 1.5 Dec. 
1707; d. -t May 1.^3S: m. Hilary Jane Wi^unn, dau. of Jcwctt and 
Deborah (Piper), b. in Strathain ."0 Nov. l-oo, d. 17 Jnly ls71. 3. 
Betse'j.m. abt. 1773, Jeremiah Ilolnics of Greenland, b. in 174.^, 
d. 15 Nov. It32. i. Gi-arrje. In the ceu>ns of 17:in. lie was at 
Portsmouth, and his family consisted of himscdf, wife and three 
children. 5. SnrnueU C. J\/?/y. b. 3 Sept. 17.VJ, d. 1.". Z^Iay 1S12; 
m. 14 (->ct. 17S4. Joseph llaiues. sou of Jo-hua a'ld Mary (Haines), 
b. m Greenland G Oct. 17:.'.>. d. 2 Jan. 1*40. Cldldren, b. lu Green- 
land : Polly, b. 31 Auii. 17.^5. Ek-auor. b. 1 Sept. 17ss. Sally, b. 
2 Sept. 17;iO. Hannah, b. L". Apr. 1704. Joseph, b. 21 Feb. 17'.ts. 
7. Thomas, b. 17G1, d. IG Sept. l-;37; m. at Cornivh 7 -\pr. KsO, 
Ruharnah Robert.-, dau. of Asa and Ruhamah (Brown), b. in Sut- 
ton. :Mass.. 12 Dec. 17G4, d. Is Oct. Lsil. Children.!., in Corni-h ; 
Oliver, b. .S FlIi. ITOO. Dexter, b. 11 Feb. 1702. John, b. 23 Apr. 
170-t. Cyrene. b. 28 June 170G: d, 1 June l^OG. Ruhaunh. b. 20 
Nov. 170S; in. 13 Ajir. Is2u, Samuel Johnson. AVLlliam Erown, b. 
G Mar. 1>;01. 8. S'Vah. 
vi. Euza!ii:th, bapt. in 172S; m. DA^nn Littli:iield of Wells, Jlc, 

where they resided in 1771. 
vii. ^Vbig.ui., bapt. in 17.;1 ; m. abt. 17r>0. Hr.Nr.Y Hoiuss. son of Thomas 
and Elizabeth (MoiivU). who d. previous to 1771. when she was 
of Berwick. y\r. Children: 1. .Y^rrrll. b. 23 Nov. 177.3: m. 2G 
Ftb. 177*. Miriam Brackett, dau. of Julmand Miriam (^Thomp-ou) 
of Bi.Twick. 2. tSarah. b. IS Mar. 17.JG. 3. l?'--iihni. b. IS Jan. 
1708. 4. X'dl'iJ. b. 17 Feb. 17'^. r>. Awi/. h. 13 Apr. 17i:2. G. 
Ccorfjo, b. 7 Apr. 17Gi. 7. Led, b. ."> Apr. 17GG. (S. IRnri. b. 3 
IVfar. 17G-; m. Abigail Hamilton, b. 14 Apr. 1772, d. 7 July l.<41: 
^\as a well-known Baptist preacher on the York County circuit. 
viii. Soi.i.oiox, bapt. in 1734; d. previotts to 1771. His name docs not, 
upipear on the Greenland tax li.-ts. 
!-;. )x. Gt;o.:i,i:. 

* Cbii.lren of John AVilliam and Murr Jane ("U'lggiii) Lucy, b. in Strathiirn, N. 11. : 
1. Lucy Ami, b. 1 Nov. 1S32; m. 27 June 1SG2, James M. Sheldon of Portsmouth. 
Chihiren : Mary Emily, b. 20 Apr. 1SG3. Alice, b. 13 Dec. ISGC; m. Charles Sbi'.laber 
of Pi'VtMncuth. Edith, b. 6 Dec. ISGS; m. Manning .\ker;iian of Port-mouth. 2. 
A'i ert, b. 24 Feb. 183-4; d. 22 Feb. 187-1, unmarried. 3. Mary Fr;incis, b. 28 June lS?.o; 
m. at Stratham 2.t Oct. IS-'-f, Arthur Au^-n^tus Gage, son of A!/el and Ann.i Moody 
(Johu.son), b. in Pelhani, N. II. i-Iar. 1S:;0, d. at Providence, K. I. 20 Dec. l'.X)3. Chil- 
dren, b. in Stratham: Arthur Edward, b. 2 Dec. IS-^'-S. Mary Anna, b. 9 June 1860. 
Ellen Isadore, b. 12 May 18C2. Tlie early records of the Luey family were copied 
from the old Family Bible, and were furui.-^b'^rd by Arthur E. Gage, Esq., of Woburu, 


TTii.LiAM^ I'niN (Frauds,'^ William^) was, born fit Iiv,wifl', Z\r;;>>., 
r> Au^'. 1G.'>1. He \v;is n ii-!u'rni:ui nii'l nsi(l^d ui T]v-;\vi( h. Mhcre 
he L;ul }icnnis-<ion to IniiU a v.liurf in 17.'U). It i.> \\<'i kin'wu how 
bo came into {iosse<-i..)u of flie land tliat lie sold by the followuig 
deed, thoudi it may liave been his fatlicr's interest in the estate of 
^VilIiam' : William Uriu of Ip^wieh, fisherman, sold Benjauilu 
Damrill of the Isles of Slioals '-a sin-lf dwelliu::- hou-e and a eanhn 
spot, situated and bein^- upon Star Island in yc I-!e of Shoals, 
l^oumled X.W. by Dcaeou 3Iuchamore, N.E. by laud formerly I13- 
louging to Mr. Fabin^. S.E. by laml of Dymond's garden and S.W. 
by the sea", dated 2.") Feb. 174."i-0. 

On 17 Dec. 17<').") he sold laud and one-half a house formerly set 
off to IMartha Urau by the Court of Proliate as part of her father 
Smith's estate. The will of Thomas Smith of Ipswich, innholder, 
dated 22 >«'ov. ]72r>. mentions wife ^Martha, sons Thomas, John, 
and Ebenc;:er, and daughters Martha Urln, ^Mary Ilodgkins, and 
Abigail Gleason. 

lie married tu-st (intention i-ecorded at Tp'S^^■ich 2i» Dec. 17rn'.) 
]\Iai:tiia Smith, dauulit^r of Thomas and ^Ii-rtha (Kfmjitou). who 
died at Ipswich Dec. 1748: and secondly at Ip^wi<-h, 27 IMar. 17-Ul, 
widow Ul'TU AVi:li.s, born iu li.'.'.i'.i. dir.l at Ipswich ]'.' May 17^'J, 
aged 90 years. He died there lo Jan. 17-38. 

Children, born at Ipswich : 
i. JIautha.-* b. IS Nov. 170:1 : d. ahl. 1773: m. at Ipswich. 23 Axis. 
17oS. Samit.l CuKssrv. sou of NVilliani aud Aune (Hidden), b. at 
Eowley. Ma>s.. 2^' .July Ktj-t. d. at Xi-wbnry. Ma-s.. aliom 177.3. 
Cliildrua: 1. A,<n.\ I,. 7 Apr. 1740; m. .John Gcoru'C. _. i-V-niOK-', 
b. 20 Dec. 1711: m. .^arnh Go.lfrey. 0. WilU^nn.h. .Apr. l,"-!!; 
m. Mary Carr. 4. J'lhtjs. b. 27 Nov. 174il. .5. SuS'Oinahy b. 31 
July 174;>; ni. Thomas .Johu-on. 
ii. Mai:y. bapt. 20 July 1712 ; d. at Ipswich 7 .Jan. 171.3. 
iii. rr.ANcr-. bnpt. 8 Auu:. 1714; with otlicr fishermen was drowned at 

sea 7 Apr. 17."7. while fistiiui: on the Banks of Cau=-o. 
iv. Z.Iauy. b^qit. '.t Sept. 1710; d. at Brverlv. Ma<^.. iu 1717; ru. (iat:. 
rec. at Ip^wiclL "O Nov. 17;"i;) Enr.xr.zKr. Maxwkli.. Child, b. at 
Be\erly : ILiinh'J,. b. :', N<jv. 17.;7. 
V. TiiijMAS. liapt. 0] A'lL'. 171'-!; prohalily r1. youu^. 
vi. AnnSAiL. bapt. 2 .)r.i\ 1721 : d. .3 M;.y K'.n.i; m, ^iut. roc. nf Ip=wich 
3 Mar. 1748-9) A\'illiam IIodokins. sou of AVilliam and Elizabeth 
(C4ark). bapt. 30 Jan. 172."). Cuildrt-u: 1. Willi r„i, bapt. 3 l\b. 
177.0. 2. D'VV'rJ. liapt. 2o Feb. 17.'7. 
vii. Wu.T.iAM. liapt. 7 Ji.iy 172;;: ci. 10 An-z. 1723. 
viii. Anxa, bapt. 20 Feb. 172.3 : d. ,s June 1730. 

Jo:;npii' Fkanx {Fmnch-,- V.'iUia/ir) born at Ipswich, ?ila^s., 
2o Feb. lil'Jl-2. lie was the lir.•^t one of the family to spidl the 
name Uioiw. a foiiu wldeb has been adopted b\' many of the family 


at the present tinv,'. On 10 Auu. 172U, ho puivlii^.^r^l l.wA on Alnv 
(uou K.'Vrr*-) Stri'cr. In'stiin. wlii^'h wa-^ soM 12 -Tan. 17;"'*' hv hi-; 
lii-ir-. He wa- a .-liiplaiildt-r, ami ve^d.-u in jlilk St;vi.-t. 13o.-toii. 
Tii tlio Jire .:t ITi'O liis]o> placcJ at £73. On .'i .'nn. 17iU 
hi.' i>iuv!ia-:..'il ei 2\a.i!;ai:u-] J':\-<.1 lor i"-i2 a hn of laud in ^lillv 
Stivct, on wliai was aiu-rwaril- kiaiwii as Tlu-'atre Alley, and now 
Devoushiiv Strrrt. Tln> lo: -tands hut a few tV.'t souili from the 
present line of ?,i;ik Stiect. and ;■- o>-eupie>l hy ;:u' Eqiiita.Me Ihiih!- 
in£r. On 2-] Vcl. 17.') I lie -was apjjuinted a lucmiirr of tlie Bo-ton 
tire dep:irtRient. and (■»• a nundier ff years ser\\-d as eajn.-iin. 

He nia.rrii'd lii-t at rjo-ton. ."Vi ?.Iay 1714. -Sakaii Stac^i-.v of 
Tp>wieh. Iiurn Frh. lO.-sO. di-,d at Lo-ton S.-ot. (anotlier i.'.-ord 
says 7) 1721 ; >i:cond;y at Bu-ic). 5 Apr. 1722. Sakaii .Iamiso.v. 
<lanuluer of and Sarah (l^n^e)*, hainize.! at Cliarl-_--to\vn, 
Mas-., 20 .Inne li'^S-i. aduiittrd to the Cluireh at I'o.-tun 4 Feb. 
172.S. di.'d at Boston 2-'> Mar. 17 Li ; and thirdly at Boston. 2;) ^lay 
174-'>, Hanx.vh Tui KKi;. l)orn in 10'.)7. died at Boston (hnrnt to 
death) 2 (X't, ]7t'.7. He di-d at Boston 1 jJar. 17<'.4--5. His ehil- 
dreu wi red, ;;;,;!;:• d in th.; Seeond. L'h'ar'di and Bratilf Sti'' . t (liiirfh. 
and the family v.ere hurietl in tiie Granary ]]uryin;.',-:.;round. 

In hi- will, dai-d 2^) Jan.. and [iroiiated s :\:ar. 17o^-o, he 
mentions his .-on Tlionia-. dauirhttr iMa.ry (wife of Biehard .Sloper) 
and the follo'.vinij- ^-ra-e.deliiMr.'n : Mary (wife of Janu\s Kitni'^y), 
Jlehitahle. Klizai.oih. do-"]'h. V.'ihiani. R./lv-eea. Hannah andi Sarah, 
children of late d-.ui^-lit.-r Sa.rah Futnian. to eaeh of whom he ;;a\" Is. 
Tile haianee of the e-iate was uivi-n to liis wif-;' Ihmnali. wiio was 
appointed cx^-ianidx. 

Cliihh'en, l/ern ai Bo-toii ; 

i. Joiix.' b. o Yih. i:U-3.-; i.iMbiiMy d. toiuil-. 

ii. Sakaii. h. in Dee. inc; u. i)revioiis to IT.,,".: in. at Boston. 10 Poh. 

173o. .Jo-!:rn Tri-rAX, son i,: llartholonicw and Mary (T'efatn). 

b. at Saleia. Ma->.. 1 .\n-. 1714. He ni. t-^) at Bo.-io:i, ;; Apr. 

llCC. f-.- lier M.A-!,i,il hii-banvl. j:iizabet!i 'Wiiiavcli) Cnia-iMi. -laa. 

.of Sannvl and i:iiza'>et!i ( .Vri.:.rr . b. at ]ji--Mn r.i Oer. K i'e Si;c 

Lad in. {Vi at Px-ton. ;j .Mar. 1715. .TuLn Ca:;i--tun. v.'i-.. d. at 

Bo.-ton rdit. Nov. 17'':'.. .Jo..e!)]i rntnian d. at Do-ton ,Tiil;. 17.s,s. 

CliildP'ii. f>. !-t lio-to:i and napt. at liiattlr Sinot rhnr<-;i : 1. 

Saraii, h. 17 So]>t. ir.X; d. in 1741. 2. -¥.(/■;/. b. 7. .May 17:;s; m. 

•-.Til c,')'. Urapii of liuf'ovi .-e...! .'S;\i-;ih hi- ^.•li>, fl:ni:;'}iter to 'Wiiliaiii an 1 •s-ira'n 
J-.m.i- .a, \\!:!(li S:-vah . J :•.•.:: i-.'U ^^-a.< .-i.-tcT to i:!'L:,' Edv.ard?, wife to -John J.r;-.v:iril<, <>;' 1": "in uu'i, ("r.'C'i I'liv. a^ ■a-i'^c-il, v.i.-i-'n ••■■M Jo!m ami Elizahcth ilic-il :;;;cstaty 
v. A ii-:: );;i.-.'' . ;h. thcii- f'Miy riilM. \* lio ili'J 'rni- -;.\tc: ni,d witlioat issue, ?o thnr il;(- 
o?mts ■'.' ]-,;;.-.a',"Tl; i'(;v.-;ir'i- :i'j---!.- i:'l -., lii;- .)iie-'[;' If lu lliu saiil Jo.seph UvMiiji nail 
{Snr.'rf I'i; v ii; , \\\,o v>v f.\0 '■ '■ r-;i;;,,.;;- .l,.,iii s of l':i!!ii'iuth ont'-f|iiartt r iriit ol' a 
e--,; .!,■'■.;■ - I'r'it la Kul;!. -11111: -jf -Ivhu J :'!'.^ •.■■!-, wiiich \\:;< \ol..-J 11 Dec. la^^l. -ii A;.:-. 17W. (Yor!: C .. U':C.!r, vol. 17, )-, 83.) 


(Lilt. rec. at liO'^lon 21 Fob. 17G0) James Kciiney. 3. M:!.ltablr. 
b. 1 Feb. IT-ii); m. (int. ree. at R.istou 14 Mar. Kt'.'v' Rr.ii.'vt Kaivl 
[? Karle]. 4. Jo<:,-ph, bapt. 1 Nov. 1711; d. l;MVb. 1711-2. -5. 
Elizabeth, b. 14 Oct. 1742: il. iM-evious to 17»^.. C. .h.S'i^h. b. ?0 
Aug. 1744. 7. Sarah, bapt. in Auir. 174i;: iii. at Eost.m. U .luly 
1771. Jonathan Carey. , S. 11 /,';/'/))). bapt. 2',t Jan. 174lt : '\. previous 
to 17>('.. 0. Jl'ytholomi'r. bapt. 23 Dec. 17.">0; d. previoi;- to 17Sil. 
10. JJcbPcc'i. bapt. 23 Mar. 17.".5 ; ni. at 15. .-ton. 1 Dee. 177.--. 
Nathaniel Carey. 11. lLi,),.i'h. bapt. 1:'. Mar. 17.".7: ni. at Bo-ton, 
17 Ano;. 1777. Jo-iah Bradlee. 12. Ehriiezer. ham. 23 Nov. 17G0. 
13. John, b:!]H. 17 Jan. 17r.2. 

iii. Josi:i'H. b. 14 Feb. 1717; }'roba!ily d. yoiuis:. 

iv. William, b. IG Anu'. 171H: d. 20 Dec. 1710. 

V. WiLLUM. bapt. 4 Sept. 1720; d. 20 Dec. 1720. 

vi. Mafy. b. 4 Sept. 1721 : d. 14 Sept. 1721. 

vii. Benjamin, h. \r, Jan. 1722-3: d. :U July 1723. 
15. vii). Tiii;>MAS. 1). 3 Fel). 1723-i. 

ix. Mauy, b. 23 .Mar. 1724-5 ; d. at Bo-ton 24 Sept. 1704 ; m. at Boston, 
21 Apr. 174r.. Iaiciiakd Slopkk. son of .\inbrM-L' and ]\Iary (Bick- 
ering) of I'orl-nioutli. X. II.* He was livinir in 1773. Ib'r will 
was dated 17 Feb. 17'J4, and probated 3o Dec. 17. '4. a1 wli'.rli time 
she was a wiiiow. She ^^-ave all licr real i.'-t;Ue a;iri c/ne-haif i.f her 
personal e-late to niece. B. becca' Uraun. and tiie iiali 
of lier perse)nal estate to her sister. Mary (Sloper ; Urann. 

X. Abigail, 1). s J;iii. 1720-7; proiiaVdy d. yoimg. 

10. Pi:Tini' Uraxx or ^'oiT.iNe; {Francis." Wi/Iiam'^) was horn at Ips- 
wich, 3Iass., ];") yi[i\ IGm. lie w;is a uiariiier and .-■•itle'l at G'.oi;- 
CeitcT, ^la-s. A- e:irl\- a- 11 '■]'■'> lie ]mre!iased land -.n yit-'huvu. 
]\Iass. Tu 1741 he w:is onr of tht' iii-;itiontTs for a town-hij'. in tlmi 
p;irt of I\Iethurn now in !Ne\v Ilaniji-Iiire ; in 174^j ]u; w;i- a r^. -iilent 
of that part of tie.- town ikjw .S,tlfin. N. II.; ami in 1750 he asked 
for title to land in Snlein. lie and his ilescemlaru.- changed the 
spelling of the name to Toitriiuj. 

He married fust at Glonee-ter, •2<'. Jan. 17l>0-1. as her M'cond 
husband, Bictiiiaii ( Elwell ) Kowe, daughter of Isaac and 

* Li'-nt. Kichrird Sloper of I'Mver nr.d Port.imonth, N. H., b. abt. K:0; rr:. 21 Oct. 
ICvS, Mary Shfrburne, dau. of Henry ;\iid Kebficca (Gibbons). Ht d. :n 171o. 'J'heir 
son Ambrose Sl.iper was b. 20 Jan. 1684; m. (D Mary Pickevin?, daa. of John aud 
Eb'zabeth (Mandeii); rn. (2) ?ardi. H-:- d. in 1772. Children: 1. A:i.bro-e; m. il) 
MuTjrarc-t; rn. (2) Esther. 2. liicliard, m. Mary Urann of Bo-ton. 3. Willip.n, ; m. (1) 
C i t\). 1735, Susannah Babcock of Mi'.ton; m. (2) 4 Jan. 1753, Tam-on Ilazek-y. 4. 
J'"i-uua. 5. Daniel. 6. Beninnj;, in Kevolutionary service. 7. John, m. 29 2>I<iy 1735, 
U-innah Shatliick. 8. Samuel, ni. IS Sept. 1746, Mary Hallowell of B.,-ton. 9. Mary, 

'••• Lucy. 10. Sarali.m. 'lacker. 11. Savannah. 12. Olive. 13. Eiizabetli. 

^AnJ,ro-e Slope,, of Pnrt.-nioutli, X. 11. (h. lOsi), in his will, which was dated 10 May 
\t'j'}, and probated 27 May 1772, mentions wife Sarah. He gave his real estate to his 
hc-irs, and in a petition, dated 7 Jan. 1773, to have the real estate .tivided, mention is 
n>-de of the heirs of Ambro-e Sloper (d. iu 17G8) and Bichaid S'.oper, both of 
ij j».ton, 


Mcliitable (ilillott) l^lwell. Slie liad married lirft at Gloucester, 
17 Jan. 170-'>. Alira'nain Kowe. son of llii'_'li ami ."Vfary (Pierce), 
liorn at Gloucc-ttr L'l"' Apr. lOSO. and died tlie)-c S .Inly 170(5. 
Ix'thiah was born at GUnicester 5 A\<v. Ii''.s2. and died there 19 Feb. 
172-'!. IV'ter'^ ni.nrri( d ^ccundly at AVenliam. Ma<?., 4 Nov. 1724, 
S.VRAii D()im;f.. d:iu.;bter of John and Ruth (Grover), boru at 
Wenham '.» Mar. 1701--2. 

Child by v,iiV. l>uni at Gloucester: 

16. i. rETi-u.'' b. lu. lane 1722. 

Children by second wii'e, born at Gloucester: 

ii. Fkancis, bapt. 2('. Sept. 1725. 
iii. W}ii.iAM, b. 13 Apr. 1727. 
iv. LYr>iA, bapt. 15 June 1729. 

11. John" Uinx {Ri'rLnrJ.^ John,^ WllUam^) was baptized 10 Aug. 1718. 

He resided at Kowley. Mas-., but attended churcli at Byfield, where 
his children were bajitized. AVith liis family he removed to Bos- 
cawen, X. II.. where they were warned o\U of town 5 PVb. 17G3. 
He signed tlie A>soi;iation Test in 177tK In the een-u- of 17'J0 
the family consisted of himself and two females. On G Dee. 179G 
he sold to James Urann of Boscaweu several lots of land iu Bos- 

He married fir.-t at Newbury. Mass.. 24 Nov. 174G, Sarah Dttt, 
daughter of Sanun.-l and Kuth (Tenuey), baptized 11 Feb. 1721, 
died at Newbury 1 .luly 1759 ; and secoii'lly at Newbury, 12 June 
17G0, Ahk.ail J.ayton. 

Children liy lir.-t wiiV, lioru at Rowley : 
i. MKurrAitLi..' h. 3 Sept. 1747: d. 18 May 1767. 

17. ii. DANirr.. b. 10 .\pr. 17."iO. 

iii. Samli-.l, b. 21 Supt. 1752 ; cl. U Nov. 1753. 
iv. Samckl. b. G J»n. 1754—5. 

18. V. Jamks, b. y Xov. 1757. 

Child by second witV, born at Rowley : 
vi. .V dauoutick. b. Sejit. 17ti5; d. IG Jau. 17GG. 

12. John'' Uj:ix (J'tmcs.^ John," William^) Avas baptized at Greenland, 

N. II., iu 172H; but his name does not appear on the tax lists 
there. He settled at Phillipstown (now Sanford, ]Me.) as early as 
17o0, where he purchased land of John Dow by deed of 23 May 
17-70, in which he is spoken of as of Phillipstown, late of Greon- 
laiid, N. IJ. His business was that of tanner and cordwainer. His 
liouse was built in l~'j'^, as by the deed given for lot No. 9. He 
sold his estate at Pliiilipstuwu in 17.jS, and enlisted 31 Mar. 1759 
for the I"reuch and Indian War, serving until 23 Oct. 17G1 as a 


ij!iinl>(.T of C:i]>t. D;.'vi(,l BoaiTs oompimy. under Brij:.-GLi;. -Teiicuiah 
rivl)K'. ami \va> statiuin/il at Fort Pownal, Me. 

Ill 17G:.' David r>i an aiul otluT,, lu'iiiiuued for a <:raiit ot \:a\d lor 
scr\i'-cs iluriii^ tlie late war. A town-lil]) of six milis sijuaro was 
eivLn tlieui. M'liich was afterwards known as Su!li\a:i. Me. Jolm 
I'liu does not a])]iear to lia\e been one of the i:"raini.t> of the town, 
but be uiu.-t have setth'd tlicre previou- to 1774. as a (i>_'od ^iv-jn 
2-i May of tliat year liy ,IoIiu I'i'in to Samuel Beau and otluT^ men- 
tions the laud as situaied at Urin's ]'uint. 

He married at r>er\viek. 3Ie.. 1 .Jiun- ]7o2. Pulhk Davis. He 
liad two wives, but mitbi-r the date of marriaiic nor the name of 
■his second ^^^fe ha> a.- yet lieen fomid. As late as 17'J8 his son 
John was called junior, \\lueh would ii.'dicate tha,t he was iivin^' at 
that time. 

Children : 

19. i. John,' b. abt. 17G7. 

20. ii. Tin.MAs. 

21. iii. I'AVL, b. abt. 1778. 

1-3. Jamks'' Unix (./■'iii'sj' J'lhii.- WiiJiinit'^) was banti/ed at Chv-'adai^dj 
N. IL, in 17;jU. lie was taxed tliere from 17-1'] to 17oi. but in 
17"i~^ ha'l tliL- rato ai^ated for the la^t year. Tlie "ili-tory of 
Sanford, ^le.." states th;it he came there from Greenland In 17.32, 
and was a eordvrajner a.nd. tanner. .John Thompson, by di\jd dat-^d 
1 July n.';."). sold Janit,-s Urin on<-!iaIf of h>t Xo. 40 at PiiilHp--t'..-.-.-n 
in con-id. ■ration i.if .Tanit_--v Urin hininu" conveyi'd .to one-b.ah' of 
lot 2so. 1 7, b.:;,^- tlie .-aiiie lot that Jairi-s Urlii Jlurl■lla•^ed of his 
brother .John Ui'iu 2i"> May 17.rJ. (Jn o June 17-V-!, \i(. ^avc a 
deei.l of land at rJiilbuKt.iwn. liviu'j at tliat time at B-rwick. T-.Ie. 
lie scrN'tjd a.- jaiNate in ibi^ French and Indian War, fiom il 31ar. 
to l.j Nov. 17liU, in Cajit. John Wentwordi's contjKiny. 

lie mari^ic'l. ]>ri-vini|i to 17-"il'>. Anna Th'.):*U'-uX. ihue^bf-r of 
John and rrlM-ilia (Davi.>), b.irn at York, ."\Ie.. 7 Jan. 17.31-2. 
He <lied at B'jrv.ick juvvious to 177U. Anna Urin, v.ijow. sold 
to Joh.n ParsDii-- all \\<:v inter.^st in tlie e-tate of lu-t faliier John 
Thompson, late of .S^mford. Site married secondly at, lierwick. 27 
Jan. 177-''. B' njamin Goudridge. 

Childien. born at J>erwick : 
i. J.oii.s'. b. .\i\'Z- 17-V;; served in the i;c\olation from ISerwi-'k. fnnn 
3 July 177.'. until !7>'2. as oi.e of tlie main ;.'uard at I'rospL'ct Hill; 
■was at Fort George, and at one time in tlie lio-j'ital at Aboany. 
"Was a United States pcn-ioner, and the la.-t puyuicnt ^vas mads 
him 4 Mar. l.>20. St'ttlcd at WaUTl.poro. J[e.. wln-n- lie nnrcLased 
land l;i b>ec. 17t)7. lie d. there 11 Feb. lS2t. lie !.ad v.-ife Axna. 
;i- Jam.. Ij. L' .\j>r. 17.".'.i. 
iii. An\a. b. 2 May 17i.U. 


14. Gfokot.'' Vius (.Lsrp/i,^ J-'Iui.'^ IT7///',7,v;^) wa- bom at Greenland. X. If. 

He was taxed tlu-re from IT-'^-^ uuiil 1 7<i.",. whirl) wmiliUnve tliedate 
of ]iU Inrth about 17.17. 'I'ln- tax li-is of ( uTeiilaiid arr mi-sini;- for 
the <-;-,lit viars followiiiu 17t'f. II.- served in th.' Freneli War as a 
private in Gapt. .lolm Piekerin^V eouipany. from 10 I\Iay to 13 
Oct. ]75'^. On lo Oet. 1771 Sarah Urlu of Greenland, widow of 
Jo-eph, sold 'Mnv son George Uriu. all my ri-ht. title and interest 
and ri^ht of dower or tliird> in land in Kp-om. whieh lu-loniivd to 
his [.IcKe]i!rs] father .lohn Urin." That year h.^ ]iuivhased the 
iutere-t of the family in the same property and removed to Epsom. 
On 2 .lime 1777 he soUl laud and buildings at Greerdand. bounded 
'• west by road leadin:; to Kye, north by laud of .b\<hua Stains, east 
by Clement rvlar-h, deeea-ed. AVhieli jiieee of land was heretofore 
part of the estate of my father JoM-ph Urin and eame to me (de- 
scended) upon the settlement with my sifters for tlu-ir share in said 
estate." Jle sigix'd the Assoeiation Test in 1770 at F-iimuu. In the 
census of 1790 he was at Epsom, and hi-^ family consisted of himself, 
wife, two sou^. and three dau_luer>. In IM.H he sold all hi-; estate 
at i->]i-om anil jirobably removed from town. He ha<l \vife ^Taky. 
Children, born at Greenland, 2s. II.: 

22. i. Ilrrm-N^ 

ii. Sdi.omox. b. alil. i:.";i: d. from exposure going from F.psoia to 
I'urt^montli in tlie w inter of ITT-l. 

23. iii. Josrru. b. 2- July ITC'.'. 

iv. tliuix. d. yonniz- of cnn^iunption. 

V. ^IiT.ev. baiit. at Ep>om 1 Aug. 1770; m. at Epsom. 8 Jan. 1.S00,• 
]S^■, i II AX rooi-,. 

\\. >;.\xcv. d. young of con^umptiou. 
^ ii. Maki;!a. d. uma. 

15. THo^rA^■' Jl-r.xyy (Jo.o'j^'tS' Fra/icis.- II7///>//-^j) was I'nru at Boston 

3 l''eb. 17-J3. He was a shijijoiner in Batterymareh Street, near 
HalloweH's .-hipyard, and ve-i.led in :\Hlk Street. He was promi- 
nent in town aifa.irs atid held variou- olii.-e-. For :?'.' years he was 
a member of the Boston tire dv'j-arti;:ent. and for a number of years 
liehl the po-ition of captain. He served in the Revolutionary ^^ ar 
as captain of a .-nuipany <u' artitleer-; in Col. Richard Gridley's regi- 
ment of artillery from 2U June 177.J to 31 Dee. 1770. In 1777 
lie v,-as chosen one of tin- committer- to enforce the lav," against mo- 
nopolies, and in 177'J he wa- one of the committee appointed to 
prevent people from going out of town to buy provi-ion-. He jmr- 
cha--<] of tlie the estate left by his father, and on bJ Aju-. 17iS2 
and l.j Oct. 17.S4 bought additional land in Theatre Alley. 

He wa.s mo-t iirominent in the .Ma^oni<' (U'dei- : wa-^ made a mem- 
ber of the Lodge of St. Andrew b^ Sept. 17G0. and on 30 Nov. 1772 


was clci'tO'.l Wur-hipful Ma-irr. but sitvi.^I only oiu; yi':ir. For a 
nuinlx r of veurs he was a inenilitr of the Grarnl Lo<li;'e of Masons 
of ]\Ia--arhu^i_'tt^ am.l tnuk an active part in tlieir dt'liberations. He 
was one of the i:ra!itee.-> wiieu tlie Green Drairon estate \\as pur- 
chased for tlie Lnilue of St. An(hv\v. 20 July 17S4. IL^ \\as a 
ruemlier of the .Sons of Lilierty ami of the 15o-ton Tea rarty. and 
was oni' of the guards on the Dartinuutli when the tea was thrown 

He uuirried at Boston, 3 A}jr. 17.")1, ^Maky Si-Opur of Ports- 
mouth, X. H., who was born in 17-">0, and died at Boston (in the 
house of William Anib-ews) 2'J Nov. 1815. aged So years. He died 
at Boston S Oct. I7'.i2. His will was dated 27 .May 17'.->l and 
probated 2'J Oct. 17',l2. It gives to his wife Mary iluring her 
natural life the income of the estate, which after her death goes to 
his children: Joseph, Thonias, John. .Sarah. ^largaret, Maiy, .'^amu- 
el, Elizabeth, and Rebecca (son Richard deceased) in e([u;!l tenth 
parts as tenants in comuKm. His wife was appointed executrix. 

Children. I)orn at Bo.-ton : 
i, AMiii;o-i; Slophf;.* b. 7 Nov. 17.51: d. befi.ire 17'Jl. 

24. ii. .bi-rrii. b. 11 .Tune 17.">o. 

2."). ill. ^LvKGAKKT. h. 14 Apr. 175o. 

iv. .Al.vr.Y. b. 1 Nov. 17.yJ; living m 1792. 

26. V. KicuAiiD. b. 10 IX'C. 17.">7. 

27. vi. Thomas, b. 1 May 1702. 

vii. Sakah, b. 10 June 170.0; d. at Boston 9 Sept. 1812; m. at Boston, 
20 July 17S0. Tlmuthy llr-viY. who d. at Rosbury, Mass.. 9 Oct. 

viii. ELiZAi'.rrn. b. l.j Oct. 1707: d. at Boston 4 Feb. 1*20 : ni. ai lioston, 
20 ].)ee. 1702. Samlml b. at 15o-t.:)U K'; Feb. 17. ;".. •;. at 
rhark->town Li Sept. 1^07. Children, b. at Boston: 1. Sn,.,,v_rU 
b. 24 Dec. 1704: d. at Quincy. .Mass.. 4 Nov. Is70; m. in 1^16, 
Friscilla Rich. dan. of Robert aud Ach-ali. b. at Wellfleet, Ma^s., 
7 Feb. ]7'.'s. d. at Boston 4 Dec. 1SS2; children, b. at Charle-town ; 
Samuel bieli, b. 10 Nov. Isi7; d. s,,on. George, b. 7) Feb. I>— ; 
vn. at Weyraouiii. .Ma>s.. 19 Dec. 1847. Bet-ey Lewis Blauchard, 
dau. of Cupt. William and B.-t^ey (Lewis), b. at Weymouth 22 
Mar. 1«27. Samuel Ricii, b. 10 Nnv. bsl-; d. at Chelsea. Ma.-s., 
13 Nov. ISS^r in. Charlotte A. Rayuor, b. at Townsend. .Mass.. 24- 
Nov. 1-19: d. at Chel^ea. 31 Oct. ISS.-,. Kliz.a. b. 2s Jan. b-2-: m. 
at Cli;ii'le-town. 2s Feb. l.s;;9, Benjamin Rich. Xm\ iMari;i. b. 17 
Ju1t1.s24: d. soon. Ann Maria, b. 23 Jan. 1>20. Caroline Lliza- 
beth, }). 14 Sept. I.s2s; m. at Bellows Falls. Vt.. 20 N..v. 1-4?. 
Alfred i;)rland Lind.-ey. Beojanun Hinckley, b. 20 Nuv. 1^00. 
Joseph, b. Is July ISSs. 2. Elizahi-lh. b. 2.". Sept. 17'j;i ; d. at 
Boston \?, Mar. IsiG. 3. Geory., b. 2 Apr. Ii02; d. alBu-ttonS 
Mar. 1S47. 

28. ix. Joii.v, b, 10 Jan. 170y. 

X. licKJAMiN, b. 30 Mar. 1770; d. voung. 


xi. Kr.Br.cCA. b. 22 Apr. 1772; d. young. 

xii. Samukl, b. in 1774; livinij in 17iU. 

xiii.Er.BKCcw. b. -JC Dii-. I77."i; d. ai llo^ton 1 Jnly 1S14: ni. at Boston, 

22 July 17;iS. SniroN Mason, d. lU I'o-ton ni Auir. 1>;'.0, who ni. 

(2) at Bo-ton. 21 Nov. 1S22. Charlolu- Godfrt-y. 

IC. PF/fKi;"' YouiUNr, or I'i;ix {Pcler,^ Fra/ici's,- William^) \va> liorn at 
Gloucester, ^la~>.. It'i .Tune 17:?2. He lia<l wife Rfiii, aud re.-ided 
at Salem, N. IL, wjiere lie tiled about 17 GO. His \vido\v uuirried 
secondly I»a]ilia Hall. Ou 27 Mar. 1700 Ihitli Urin, widow, gave a 
bond for £.5oO for the administration of the estate of her hu>band, 
Peter Urin of Salem, deceased, with Tettr Morrill. blaek>mith, and 
Isaac Clouuh, yeoman, ;dl of Salom, as sureties. 
( Children, born at Salera. N. II. : ) 

i. Matjy,' b. li> ])oc. 1753; she was living in 1777 at Salem, when she 
sii;-ncd a deed with her brother Joseph. 
20. ii. JoM;rn. b. I'.i l-\'li. 175G. 

ill. ri/ri;i;. b. I'J Amj. 1757; served as pri\ate in Capt. John Xe^mith's 
company. Cols. Thornton's and J'.arllett's regiments, mustered in 
11 July 1771',. 

17. Damei/ Urin" (Jii/iii,^ Jiic/iard," Jo/ni," l(7///(Z//?^) luu'n at IJow- 
ley. 3Ias:... 10 Ajir. 17."(0, and boi/;une a rosideui of "'A'ihnoiit. N. H. 
He v/as "one of the Ti'aining Soldiers in Salisbury. N. II.. drawn 
27 May 1771'!," also a piivate in Cant. Peter KimbaH's oompany, 
Col. Thomas Siiokney's regimeut. aiid joined the Northoryi ai-niy at 
EonniuLiton and Stillwater, beino- engaged 20 Julv. ami di-rlun'-od 
2-y SejH., 1777. In the ccnMis of ]7'.)0 hi.-, family eon.-i^tod df sover. 
persons. On 20 Oot. ls;2], witli wife Sarah, he sold to his daugh.- 
tor-indaw, Nancy I'rann. lOO acres of lam] at I\carsarg\' Gore, 
N. II.. she to provido him and his wifo with maintenance during 
their natural life. His wife Sarah was born about 1745. and died 
at Wilmont 2o Fel). ISoS, aged Do years. He died there 20 dan. 
Children : 

i. LuixLA.Mi. al)t. 1773; d. at GiiniantMn. N. II.. after isr.o. Accord- 
ing to the X. II. Census of ls.",0 she was li^ini: witli licr dauirhter 
Mrs. Tuckrr at Anduver, X. II., airrd 77 yr.-. Joif.v 1\i:m-io.\-, 
whom slie m. alu. 17'JU, wa.- of Gihnauton, wliere lie d. \s hen the 
children wa-n- young. The family returned to Andovcr and Wil- 
mont. Children: 1. Sainuil. d. iM I'hUtsburgh. Eng.. a!-t. Is24 ; 
m. Sally !Moody. dan. of John and Xancy (Urini, w lio d. at 
Wilmont U Apr. IsmJ. 2. Ffinris. d. abt. 1n74 ; soldier i\, tiie 
Civil War; m. (1) Babbitt; m. (2J Marv Cole. dau. of J(3lm, 

•The recora of D.inicl Irin ai,.l Ids ik'>ccn(hoit-- w:is kimlly tnnii^licr! hy Mr^. 
Maroia !■". Ililtuu of l.;:i3t Aiidi.i\er, X. if., i'loin ihc diary of Joik'.Ukui IJi-uu, an eaidy 
resident of Wilmont, X. 11. 


h. at Hiil. X. H.. ill 1-^23. (i. at Aiuiovcr i Doc. lOO:";. ;i. John, 
h. in lM>2; d. at \Viliii..ut Nov. ]--<; in. al>t. l^^'^. Sail;.- ;Mo<Hly"* 
Kciii-loii. willow ..]' ITw brotliri- Samrt-l. -1. R'Hrub'lh. h. in l^'li'); 

d. at An lover; ui. (^1) Durulii: in. (L') Jacob 'J'i.cIut. ii. 

ii. >.".\Ni'v. Ii. a'lt. 177('.; d. at ■Wilnior,; in Isir,; m. at Ani,!o\or 1' May 
K'.i:',. ,!iiiiN Mo(.i>Y. wlio d. at Wilnioui 17 Doc. 1>:':'.. Cliildron : 
1. SoU:/. b. in 17'.i7: ni. Saniuol Kciii-t'iii. 2. Jolm. v.\. Ik-t^-oy 
Kinsman: resided at Moobanic.-imri:. (.Miio. ;■.. J'.'/u- .<, b. Iti ist"? ; 
d. at Andovor IV Nov. 1>SS ; m. <J^ Mr<. riiebe Ca-s : m. :::'" Mrs. 
Wo.Kh\ard. 4. J[. lifahh.d. unui. .-.. 7y.',/i. /. d. at Lo^-oli. Mas-;. 
G. Souii'r', b. ill 1>0."): d. at Andovor 2s ^[ar. l.'-('.2 ; m. Cyrona 
Diiru'in. 7. 77- Cs. ;, m. Jacob ?kIoroy. son of Jolni and F,li/a;.oth 
(Diirgin). S. p,-7,'v. b. ?< July Isll : d. at Wilmont K' Mtiy l.^'Jl ; 
m. 11 July ls;SO. John Duvi,'iit. >on of Jolm and ■ itrnve). 

9. Jlof^ii, in. Eli/.a Marston, dau. of Roiijainiii and Klizaiioth 
(Messor). b. at ^inlton. N. H., \:> Apr. I.sl7. d. ilioiv 1:'. Anu'. I^t^^. 

10. yaiir,;, in. Jol!cr>on Parker of Amherst, X. U. 11. Darius, 
d. ill Cdiio. 

ill. Sakvii. b. abt. 177'.>: d. at Andovor 1 May 1S4G; m. Br.vjAvnN 
CiiLiv, son of Aaron and Elizabi-th ' b. al>t. 177:.;. d. at 
Aihh.ver ,S Mar. I.sl2. Children, b. at Andovor. N. H. : 1. .>'."'.';. 
b. in l-oo; 111. Jonariiaii .Morcy vi Wibaonl. 2. Mo^is T.. o. iii 
isn-j; d, 2 June ls.;s; m. Drusil'a \Vo'> l-.vard. dan. of CapT .ro-ej,h 
G. and I'olly (Dol-> ; >ac m. ^2 : 24 Se|'l. l.^-V.). Maraijaii ^I'^vj^-ui, 
son of John and Phobo (Mo-i'r'.b. at Now London. X. ,4.. 2:< 
Juno KsOV. and d. th.-re 21 July I'^'.a. J. Aarou. h. C, V.c.y b-ii4; 
d. at Andovor 21 Feb. lss7 ; m. (1) 2."i Nov. Is2r., Sally Carr ; 
in. (2) 10 Sr-aii Howard, i. J ■hn .V.. b. in l-i;7; 
Loiii-villo. Ky.. in l-:'.:>. ."i. .V',-.'. b. in l-'.i.'; d. 21 1'.^ Isir,. 
C. J't.n-i \V.. b. 2 May isil ; d. a: Mecl:auio>l.)urL;-. Oliio. in ISoO. 
7. M.-hi''ihlf. b. in I>12: in. 27 Nov. l-:v;. Col. Joseph U. f'lrr. 

iv. MiiinT.vru,!-:. b. atn. 17-i); d. at .A.nih.>vor o Nov. ]s."i2: in. 11 May 
].'-'02. Kdmtxd II. Cir,i,EY, sc:>u e>f Aaron and ICllzabotl! ' DoiiL^ei, 
li. in 1774, d. at Andovor IS Au^'. l^oi. Children, b. at And'A-or, 
X. H.: 1. S„lhj. b. 11 Sept. l>o3: d. ;^,1 May l.s2S. 2. .hnacs, 
b. 2^ F'eli. l>ui; ; m. , I ; llet-ey Carr of Vv'ilinont: ni. i2i 'J July 
18:37. Thoodate Kowe. ?,. 7.'r/r"-^,/. Vi. 17 Apr. IsO^; d.C Apr. 
4. i:<!,.i'i,'L b. VJ June Isll: d. L-t Xov. Isbi. ;'.. J'.< nj '„>! „ . b. 2.^ 
June Isiri; 111. n,- :;i Dec. is:',.-,. Sally ];ro\v!i. who d. '.i Jan, 1>42; 
m. (2) 7 Oct. 1.S4.-.. Mary ]',rowu. fl. n'u',fii, h. 22 Apr IsiO; 
d. "1 Oct. Is20. 7. .A.«;M).0 Jniie l-l;': in.;30 July is40. Flizabeth 
Cllley. ,s. .Silos .v., b. 14 Mar. Is22 : d. 7 Oct. Is4s. 

V. Jami:-. I>. abt. 17-2: d. lit Wilinont 2:.t Jan. Is22 ; in. at Wihnoiit, 
22 Aul:. l-tV,. X.i.Ncv FLAXi.)i.i:-. She :n. (2; as lii-^ second wife, 
17 July 1-:V2. r.ra.lh'y .Mitoli, U. aii'l d. at Wiliuont 22 Jiiiiolsil. 
James rraun's will, dated 2.-| net. D21. and prcJiated 2s IV-;,.. i-:;-2, 
gave Lis entire estate to wife Xaucy. Xo issue. 

18. jA>rF.s'^ Ut:A.N-\ (.^///^^ nichnni^ J<.hn" WWJiuu^) w;:. Ix.rn at T?ow- 
ley, ISIus.s., 'J Nov. 17.07. i^ccordin;.'- to iii.s jioiisiuu \u- jiinov*.-! to 


Boscawcii, N. H.. in 17S'\ \v!i< re his fatlivr deodoil luiu n iiiuari^T 

of lots of bind. Ho si^in-d a [k for lu;ii\-.i-iitaliv,' for ijo.M'awi-u 
2 Mar. 17S1. In tli'^ ocii-u- of IT'.'O Iiis family ci.n-ts;:.''] of >ix 
]ior>ons. Ue si'rv<_'cl a- pi'ivato in ihv Ju.'V(.':ution, and was :.;rantfd 
a pL-n^iou 1'.^ .Ian. IS-'lo. 

Ho niarrii d ]Matcy C'oi!Si:k. dani;lite'r of "William and Anno 
(Carter), li-rn at }'.n-,-awrn. X. H., 4 .Vii-. 17:);l. .lied ilur.' 14 
Apr. 1831. He died in the same plaoo 18 (another reeord says 23) 
Nov. ]8l.j. 

Children. Ivorn at. Boseawon : 

i. Wiij.iAM.'^ b. in 1770; d. at Bo^ca^vou 21 Sept. 1820. 

ii. Hannah, b. i Dee. 17 7i>. 

iii. SA.^ier.i., b. IG July 17'*1: d. at Boseaweu 22 June ls28 ; lu. at Bos- 
cawen. H SejU. l-iis. llri.i'AU Ui:\ki:oi;x. 

iv. P<.>LLV. b. in 1784; d. at ]5()-ea\veu S Apr. ISIS. 

V. Anna, b. IG Jan. 1787. 

vi. Moi.i.Y, b. 13 June 1789. 

19. Joii.v" Ui;an.v (JuJin^ J(nn'-'s.'^ JoJiuc William^) was liorn aliout 1707. 
He li\i'il at ."Sullivan, ^le.. iu t'eU jinrt of the town now ealh'il .Su- 
ivnio. and earried on the l./usiii;-ss of tanner. On 22 dan. 17 95 he 
.sold Paul Ui'ann oni-di:iil tA til'- farm wh.ieh he pureha-ed of iris 
fatlur .lolm Urin, " with tlie privil-.-u-e of hrook to set Tan Vats, 
Bark H.uisc ami other liui]i.linL''s. for carryini;- on the Tannery 
lju>ine,-.s." A deed ,i;ivtu by .loim I'l'aun in ]7'J8 was witnessed by 
Hannah ^lilii.-ns. do.-iali Simp-on .-old ddlm Urann, dr.. lUO acres 
of land adj' that of l^oil Ui Linn i\v d.^d dated 18 Apr. 1801. 
Thi.-, is the la-t dred -iv^'U in whieli he is ealleil junior. Hi.' later 
built a saw-mil!, and en:_a,j,'i-d c-Atensively in ih.- lumber liusiiit-ss. 

l\v loarri.-d Ha\.^-ah .Mii,li:ns. boiai about 1772, dh.-d at Sulli- 
van, Me., 2 .^fjit. 1818. lie died there \o June 1833. 

Childrvn : 

i. Ja:\!!>.'' lo-^t at sea. 

ii. G; "!:o::. m. and .-.atled at Alliance, Ohio, where lie d. abt. 1857. 

Cbiliire-i : \.X<jah.'' 2. J:hn. o. .Varii. ^.Hannah., b. FAi~a. 
GO. iii. JiiiiN MiJ.LK.Ns. b. ]su2. 

iv. l-'.i.nmooi:. ni. at Kll-worth. Me., Mercy Br.Ai.i:. Children: 1. 

Mii-n,.:.' no Ib'ury Widls^T. 2. JTi/r/ar, d. at St. Joseph, Mo. .". 

Mf.ri;. re^des at Si. J.Krph. Mo. 
V. JiiAX. i;i. SYi.\'ANes toiuis. 
vi. Makv. in. (int. rec. at '1 r..-nton. Me.. 28 Nov. 1821) Ai.i.f.n IIopkin-. 

;^un of Aiider'^on and Bliebe ( Lancast'-r ' . b. at Trenton. Me.. 20 

Si'pt. I7Ji;. Ciiild: 1. 7//.(;ia-'(, b. abt. lo23; m. John Tatsou.-^ of. 

r;a>tlirook. Me. 
vii. Lli/.a. la. y.> than SA;a.i:Nr. 

20, TiiOMA.-^ L-i:\.N;-r {.AJm^ Jcuurs," Johp,- WiUlam'') re-iiied at Froidriin, 
M''., ais father liavinu' '-iven iiiir. 100 acre.-^ of laud a: India.i'h 


Point on tlie north side of the hay by deed of (S .lune l~^'^. On 
4 AI;iy 181.J Ahxander Barinu; and ollu rs. trustee- of tiie estate of 
William Bin.Ldiain. late of riiilnd.lphia. Ta.. for ^•10. 00 sold Tliomas 
Uraiin 100 acres uf land at lio-- ]]ay in town-hip >\0. 0. hein- tlie 
right 01 John Urann, avIio was a settler before 17^4. Sanuiel Phil- 
lips, Leonard Jarvis, and John Peail, C'einjinissioncrs of ]\Ja-saehu- 
setts. sold William Bingham one paretd uf land in Ilant-oek Co.. 
containing G1.872 aeres. (h_H-d diite<] 2o Jan. IT'.'o. Perhaps it v,-as to 
satisfy the claim of the Bingliam heir^ that a deed wa? given Thomas 
Urann by tlie trustees. On 14 Mar. 1S23 lie sold land in Franklin 
at Fhigg Bay to Ins son Thomas Uratui, Jr. By deed of 21 ]\Iay 
1837 he sold Ids humestead at Fraidclin to his son Thomas. 

He married Nancy Davis, who was born at l^rovidence, P. 1. 
The date of his death is given by some of the family as 1825. but it 
must have occurred after 1837, wlien he gave the deed referred to 

Children, liorn at Franklin : 
31. i. Thomas. « 

ii. rriKin:. m. Samti-l Gor,Di>x. 
iii. 15i;i.-Kv, ni. Gi)i;don". 

iv. LuciXDA B.. a. -2:, Feb. l.'^tO ; m. ].". Sept. IsT,*. rin:i;\rAX Wootjstkr. 
son of William and Sally (^M.iore}. b. at Ilanceck. Me., o Fib. 
1814. d. at Franklin 10 July 1.^14. Children: 1. Oeorg.tut, b. S 
Dec. lSo9; d. 22 Feb. 1841. 2. Alj^hcits, b. 10 Nov. 1S41. 3. La<(- 
retta, b. 1 ,lan. I.s44. 
V. SabIia, m. 11u;am Yovxg. 
vi. Ar.Mii.i.A, m. .VnTuri: Fiti.xcii. 
vii. Naxcy, b. 10 Oct. I.s05; d. ut Franklin 2'.» ;Mar. 1000; m. Lr:wis 

viii. rilAKiA. ni. Tiir.iiDom; BcxKKJi. 

ix. HAiiiuirr, b. abt.;i ; d. in Iss: ; m. (1) abt. Is?:. Ei.ittialf.t 
Pettixgill. son of Eiijilialet and Jane (Uraud(.)n) ; m. (2) .1 vmi:.s 
BLAiSDiiLL. Children by tir-t wife. b. at Franklin: 1. Mutihin, 
b. Sep'i- ]>■■'•'): d. ut Steuben. .Me.. 17 Feb. lb'M\: m. Ceorse V\' . 
Guptill. 2. //- /;r/^?^^ )>. in ls.":i: m. Epliraim Cousins. 3. ]:h~.- 
ahiUi, h. in Is;'.",; ni. F.nocli Cunnit^s. 4. fyrunjf (F., b. in lc:j'J. 
5. Curds L'., b. in 1643. C. EJinln C., b. in Ibo'l. 

21. Paul^ Uraxx {JoliT.^ Jiitncs.' John^- WWimu^^) was b.ii'u about 1778. 
lie was one of the early settler.- of Sullivan, ^le.. and in A<-'-<\> 
is called yeoman. For a nuinl)er of }ears he was erigaged \\\ the 
lumber business. The .Selectmen of Sullivan, by re.-olve of 8 ."Mar. 
1804, for S^o.OO sold Paul Urann of Sullivan all the ri::lit. title, :uid 
interest which the Commonwealth of .Massachusetts had in a tract 
of land in Sullivan, being lot No. Gl, situated on a cove of Taunton 
Piver, containing 1 On aeres, deed dated 14 Sept. 1801. His will \v:is 
dated 27 Ar.g. 18."i.j, and mentions wife Maiy, son Samuel, and 


gran(]ihi]iln'n .lane Hill. Jti^oph H.. Benjamiu F., Samuel L., 
Charles E., Mary I.., ami Goor-iaima Uraiin. 

He niarriril (iuicmiou recorded at Sullivan. 22 Ort. 17'.^S} Mart 
Wi.i-cri, (lui-litei- 111 and (Ingalls). 

Cliild. l/oru at Sullivan : 

32. i. Samui:i./' b. about IsoO. 

22. Reuhlx'' Yoi KING (0'Vrr/(\* Joseph.^ John." ^Villiam^) re-ided at Ep- 

som. X. II.. ^vIu•r^. lie >o]d all liis ricUt and title to lot ^"o. Ill by 
deed of 2o Mar. 1700. On 1") Feb. lSiJ2 he sold part of lot Xo. 
80 at Ep-om. He probalily removed to VfrmoiU. 
Children : 

i. S'PI.O.MUN*. 

ii. Samiel. d. at r>arton, Yt. 
iii. Sally, d. at Kaud()lj>li. Vt. 

23.^ Yi-ran (Cror;/^\^ Joseph/* Juhnr WiUinm'^) was b.-.rn at 

Greenland, N. II., 2'S .Tuly ITCO, ami bi_rame a re-idi.-nt of Tuu- 
brido-e. \x. Ho mnrri.d (ir.-t at Deerlield. X. H.. l:; Xov. 1704. 
Lrrv SnKrni:i;i>. born lo An,:. ]7<'iO. di.. 1 at Tunl)ridue May 
181') ; and secondly at Tunbridire, 21 Apr. (town record; family 
reeurd >ays 18) iSli'.. ;j~ j-er secnud husband. Sally ( IIvt'/uix- 
SON) WiMi.HT, born 'M-dV. 177i'>. She married llr-t at Brookline, 
N. H.. 14 r^Iay 18uO. JoMah WriuJit. Jr.. and d. at Tunbridje 18 
Dec. 1802. .Jo5e])h Yuran died there 22 May 1802. 
Children, born at Tunbridge : 

33. i. GroKor..'^ b. lo Oct. 17'.i.:>. 

34. ii. Solomon, b. 10 Feb. IT'.k. 
BLT-r.Y M.. b. 1 Jau. I>'i0; d. 12 June l-GO: m. 8 Feb. 182-":. Harry 

Smith, son of .]e--e and Hannah, b. 1 Apr. 170'J, d. 20 Feb. ]>72. 
They resided iu St. Fawrence Co.. X. Y., where their children wei'e 
born and the parents died. Children: 1. Charles Chandler, b. 13 
Feb. I.s2:; d. 14 Feb. 1S70: ni. .j .July l-..",.-;. .Mary IL F.hA'.c-rs. 2. 
Jlorai'o Lnrk. b. 2t Auir. Is2s; d. 10 .luue VM}\\ m. 20 Sf;)t. 1>.54, 
Kiidiy Cirivwold : liad the fijllowin^ chlklreu : Charles ^V.. b. 20 
.Mar. l.>-.-.7: Frank . J. . b. 9 Mar. IsV): Harry C. 1>. 1 Xyx. ISOl; 
Horace LI., b. 1 ..luiie Ifoo; ILmnia F., b. 2. Apr. lSr,7 ; Bert., b. 
3,5 July lsr,9; Grace G., b. 12 Apr. 1^72. 3. Lucjj E.. b. 7 Apr. 
1830; d. 4 Aj.r. 1-42. i. B'ts.y Jf.. b. 7 May ].s32 ; d. 8 May 1.^32. 
.5. James JL, b. .". Sept. 1^33; d. 4 Apr. 1812. 0. Jason, b. 27 July 
1^3.';; d. 23 Mar. l-:-l: m. 23 Xov. l-.Js. Lucretia Seanor. 7. 
]\'illinm X.. h. 13 Oct. 1,S38 ; lu. 27 July 1^02. Marion J. Xichols. 

HAi;iai:i', b. 14 Jan. 1>02: d. unm. 

JoiLN, b. 1 Dec. 1-03 ; il. at Exeter, X. H.. 31 Aug. LSS4. He resided 
for a mmiber of year- at Xorih Hampt'jn, X. H., and on Oct. 8, 
1860 sold bi.s home-tead there to Ciiarles E. Seavey. He m. (1) 
.It Xorth Ilaniptuu. 1"- Xov. 1832, Laukanda, dau. of 
Samuel and .Mercy I'Taylor). b. there 20 June 180?, d. there 23 June 



ISiW; 111. (2) at Concoi-d. X. IL. 10 .l:ui. 1,-(U. as her second li<;-- 
baiul. Mr^. IU'th Ka-tmax. li. in In"! ; in. i;;"!"^ at Loiulun. X. 11., 
1,') Nov. l>7s. 3lAr.Y 1!:mi:i;>on. wIid Mirxivcil him. 

vi. N.. h. ;• IH'C. U^u: -, d uiiin. in Kcnuicky in ls:-;7 or isn-. 

Yii. J.rcY. 1>. 1-1 Doc. I-"->: a. 12 Deo. ImU; ni. :it Tunlu-id-e. 1?2 Ait. 
1^-;U. V.uw II. An!<kus. 1.1. at C'lirl>ca. A't.. l;t Ai'r. iso-^. d. tlare 11 
July !>■>>. Chihlrou: 1. J7:'n-!'.i 7v'.. b. at 'I'uiibrid^^' 2r, Jnuo ls;.j ; 
d. 10 Mar. Is'.''.*: m. 12 Jan. 1>.;4. Hiram V. Ccitton. 2. J/.//-.'/ i;., 
b. at Tunbridge 2'.i Mar. is:'-': m. Mo>cs E. llradbury of C'lai\- 
iiKuit, N. II. 3. J'.liii. b. at C'ludsea. Vt.. r, May 1S41: ni. S. A. 
Bacon. 4. Gtorfje, b. at Chel-ea, Vt., 2'J Nov. 1S4.3 ; m. U. \. 

viii. SALL-i'. 

24. JosErii^ Ukaxn {J7iO}ii(is.^ Joseph,'^ Fra/icis.'^ WiHium'^) was horu lU 
Boston 11 June 17.33. IIo wa.s a .-liipjoiucr at Barrett's Wharf, with 
a house iu Ann Street. Hi.s wife Ilaunah owne*l tlie covenant at the 
Second Church '.' Xo\". 1777. and was adniitti-d to full cuinnmnion l'-'^ 
Apr. Their children were Iv^iptized in tliat church. In July 
1792, with his v.ife and other desc'udants.he >o!«l his interest in the 
estate iu Prince Street. Boston, of Jonas Clark, dtcea-rd. In 17'.'0 
the widow sold her intere-t in the estate iu Portland, Me., of h<r 
father, Jo>liua Kniiues. -touecutter. late of Bosti.m. 

He nuuried at Bosti.-n. L'8 July 177G. at the Second Baptist 
Cliurch, Ha-NXAIF EMMt:s.daui:hti-r of Joshua and ^largaret (Clarke ). 
baptized at the New Xorth Church, Boston, "2 Feb. 17.'>j. He dicJ 
at Boston .1 Sept. 17'.»4. She married secomlly ai Bo-ton, IJ 2.1ay 
ISIU, AVllliani Crabtn-e, who died there 20 Au-. ]>20. She died 
tliere 2J July 1^20, havin^ir resideil at Charlestov.n just previous to 
her death. 

Children, born at Bo-tnn : 

S5. i. Mai;v.'' bapt. U Dec. 1777. 

ii. RAitAU DiXTOx, bapt. 15 Ansr. I77';>. 

iii. X'Axev C'Mifoii. bant. 20 Jan. 17s2. 
3G. iv. Josjj-ii. bapt. 22 .Ian. 17sM. 

V. Xathaxi.'j. C'i TiiNo. i.ayt, 7 C>ct. 17-7. He wa- made a mason in 
Columbian I.ocIl'-c <■:" Lvi-t'.n 7 May lsl2. 'I'lere i- a traditi(jn. in 
the famil\ that he was a sohlier iu tlie War of Isl2. whicli may 
be suhsiauliated from the fact that lie took two dcirrecs in the 
I-odge July 1,5 12. after wiiich no record is found of him. 

vi. Su.SAN, b. abt. 1707: d. at Boston 24 Dec. bsiJ7 ; m. at Wrentham. 
Mass.. in i.-:.'0, STU'iirx Simmon-, sou of lieiijanii!) and Ilaniial:. i>. 
at Dorche.-ter, Ma-s.. in 17M.3. d. at Bo.-ton lo Oct. ISGlt. ChLldn-n : 
1. Dfxter .v., b. in l>2'j. 2. Juliet, b. in ls.l3. 3. Joaniin, b. iu 

2.>. jrARGAUKr' Ui;axn {Thom-''^^ Josf-pft.^ Francis.'' Wtl'in.m^) was born 
ac Boston i-3 Apr. 1750. she married there 11 Oct. 17711, John 

Gammki.i.. son of William and Anna (PaLr<^).* who was born at 
Boskiii, -28 May IT.'rJ, ami died tlure 10 Fi^'h. IS-J.S. She died at 
Bcston '20 Sej)t. IS.'IO. ^Ir. Gainniell \va> a n-idmt of r>os;oii. a 
carpenter li\' ti'ade. and a.'^ sm'h was in the eon-truetion di_'])artnunt 
of the Ke\ olniionary army. in'rhaj'S Serviji-' hi- eonniry as faithfully 
as if enga^i'd in more jironiim-nt serviee. ]Ie was a member of tlie 
Boston lire lujiartment. and in IT'.'l \\as ehosi-n eaptaiu of l-hiL;in(.' 
No. 4, in plaee of Captain AVhiitrmore, decea-ed. He partieipated 
in the Stamj) Aet riots, and look an aetive part in the Bo.-ton Tea 

Chikhvn. born at Boston: 
i. .Toiix Gammi:li.. b. .Tuly 1774: d. young. 
U. Makgakkt Gammiil. b. 8 Dec. 177."); d. at Boston Feb. 1802 ;t m. 

there 20 May 177.'., Emsiia AVooy..;^ 
iii. Thomas Gammki.i.. b. 1 ]\lay 1777: d. youna. 

iv. :\LmY Gammei.i.. b. 11 Dee. 1778: d. at Brooktield. Vt., Aue. l.'!12:§ 
m. at Boston, 10 :May ls02, as lii'- second wiff. Emsiia Wocid, who 
m. (3) at Boston. 21 June lsi:l, Sak.vh Smiih. Cliildrcn. 1). r.t 
Boston: 1. Jlu-i/ AiDi. 2. .T.::<.[,li S"InL-"ii. ^. K'iiuh.Alt. \. 
jRchn-c.i. .'. l!7//i'-/,v(. ).). in 1>'J- ; ,1. ai Bo-tr.n 11 :<r:\r. Isii. 
V. Sami'i:l Gammfli.. b. 11 Auix. 17-U: d. at r>o^ton 2i; .Vpr. 1840: m. 
D()i;r'A> \\'.)i_.iis. dau. of .bilm and Dcirea- (Smith'. 1>. at Li'xiu;;- 
ton. .Ma<s.. 2i> Aug. 17^'.', d. a: Busti.m 10 Oct. 18tU. No issue. 
vi. Thomas G-vmmi:i.i„ b. 2.". yiar. 17-2; d. abt. l.so2. 
vii. Annt-: or Hannah G\m.mi:i.l. h l.'.Tan. 17.s4 : m. at Bo>lon, 1 Feb. 1807. 
N.vTHANii:i. C'din-nx. Cliildrcu : 1. L>:l-e. 2. J/';/-;/'(/>7. d. at Wor- 
cester, ^ia-s.. 2.) ;N[ar. 1.^.".:'.. aut-d 4i; yrs. 
37. viii. William Gammj'.ll. h. 'J ,]an. 17'-';. 

i.\. I;i.izahi:tii Gammf.i.l. b. 17 Oct. 17-^7; d. unin. at Clicl-ca, !Mass., 2.3 
Drc. 1m;7. 

s. FlKii+'.cca G\mmlli.. b. Se]>t. 17s'..); d. abt. 18;;.2: m. GmsALD, 

and had a sun. Snuxurl (r. 
xi. l\ii'HAi!i) Gam.mkll, h. 2:5 ^hl^. 17'Jl. 

Nii. Fr.KNKZKit Bakku Gamml-LI.. !>. 2 .Mar. 1703: d. at Xcw Orleans, La., 
in 1811 of yellow fever. His only \oyage a> a sailor. 

♦ A .John G.-iiiine!l.v,:is adir.itled to tlio New North Clnircli. I'.n.-toii, L'7 Sept. 1711. 
Aini.i f;,Tnini!-!l owned the cuvi.-ii:!iit S Apr. 17-J3. Cliildren ol \ViUi;ini .i.inl Anna (iam- 
incll baiitizol : .Auiia, ^[:u■ 17a3; .-iiid Jolm, 23 July 175S. 

AniKi P:\f,'e %s;is d;ui. nl' .'-aiiniel und Su.s;uina (LawrL-nce), b. at Cliarlestown 27 Mar. 

Mary Va'Jv nt'ljoston, spinster, was appointed adirjini?^tratrix of the estate of Anna 
Ganimtll, wiiiou-, of lioston 'i Axis- 17'M. On 7 Si'pt. 176t .ftreaii.di Piiye of Daiivers 
was appointed ijiKirdian over (ianniiell, under 14 years of as^e. 

+ (;o!iiinl.i.,u Cenlinel G Feh. 1S(J2. 

tThe u e.ii-.l- of li'.-t^.n an.l tliorc of the Federal .Street chur.di (First rre-l)yteriaii) 
jrive this name as l-Jlijali Wooii. 4 he .Suffolk County deeds liowe\er sliow that Elisha 
Wood, with wife Margaret, ;:ave a Hecil datetl 4 Aw^. 1800; with wife Mary one dated 
2 I)e.;. 1802; and with wife .Sally one dated 2 Dee. 1813; and all these deeds refer to 
property in -larvis Kijw, now Norfolk I'lace. 

\^ Boston (.a?:ette 6 Au''. 1812. 

xiii. ,To-r.FH Gammki.i.. Ii. 22 ,1iine 17;'") ; was a soanii'.ii in tlio ^^'ar of 1S12, 
was taken pri-onor ar.i ean-icd in G'hrallar; d. on Uu' ]';i-i CoU'^t 
of Africa and was Iniricd on tlio I-Iaiid of Zan/.i!.iar, in IslO. 
3S. xiv. ,loiiN Gammv::.!, b. in .May IT'.ir. 

XV. S.vr.Aii G-'.MMr.uL, b. ;'.i) .Ian. \7\<'.' : d. nnm. at Chclsoa. 27 Dec. ISt'O. 

xvi. iM\Ki\ .\.\ roixmr. (iAMMia.i,. I). 3 June 1.^00; d. a!jl. Dec. IslU. 

?G. liicuAiio' Uu.VN.v {Thomas* JusrpJi,-^ Fniuci's.- ]ri!'iain'^) \v,as Ivirn at 
Boston 16 Dec. 17-37. lie was a lifer in Capt. Edwanl lUirl-eck's 
company. Col. Gridley's rcuiuieut ol anillery, and serveil In 'in 17 
^lay to 1 Ang. 177.'). lie received an order for a coat at Cniuln-idge 
22 Dee. 177.3. His cliildren were baptized at the New North 

He married first at Bo-ston, 11 Apr. 1779. Jank Gardim:r : and 
secondly at Boston, 15 July 1781, Haxxaii Waud. He died there 
Aug. 17.^.5. 

Children, by second wife, born at Boston : 
i. Eebkcca Sxr.ixTNi:,'' bapt. 3 Feb. 17S2; d. at Keenc. N. II.. 3 Aug. 
ISGil; m. Xatiianii:i. Dana, son cjf Kev. .To>iali and Mercy .r.rtdsc- 
hani), b. at Barre. Alass., is Jan. 17-v). d. at Keeiieo Auu'. l-^Il. 
lie \va> ca--]uL-r of the Cheshire National Banlv at Reene for a uum- 
ber of years. 
.SO. ii. RiciiAr.D. fiajit. 23 Nov. 17*3. 
iii. Sa];ah. Ixipt. 2."> Dec. 17s,">. 

!7. Thomas GAKnixEi;^ UuANx {Thomas.* Josrph.^ Francis^- William'^) 
was Ijorn at Bo-ton 1 ]\Iay 17('i2. He was a shippinr'r and ri'-'«l-l iu 
Middle (now Hanover) .'-•ir./et. He .-erved in the Revolntioii li rlie 
regiment v.ith his lather, being at that time but fifteen year.-> o: ag.'-. 
His name as given in the early records was Thomas, and tlie uiiddle 
name oi Gardiner seems to have been added later. On 7 .'^ejjt. 
l.>-;(i4 he sold all lii~ inti-re-t in tlie estate of his grandfather .b;'-eph 
Urann, al~o all the real e>taie which was deeded him by his uncle 
William Gardine-r of Boston, deceased. Enoch Lyon, his sou-iu- 
law, ])etitioned for administration on Ids estate 8 Feb. 1819. 

He marrii-d at Boston. 28 Aug. 17's-3. Naxcv FibUf.i:, born about 
1761, .11. d lb -re b F.-b. 1sl>7. He died there 12 .Ian. 1819. 

Childri n, born at Boston : 
i. Thomas.*' lo-t at ~ca. 
ii. Josr.i'H. lost at sea. 
40. iii. Jank. b. al)t. 17s3. 

iv. Nancy risni:?.. b. abt. 1703; d. at Boston 1 Apr. 1S74. aaed .■^l yrs. 
[^■e:] : ni. f 1 ) at Boston. I-l Sept. Is03 (town record;. Exoen Lvox 
of Newport. R. I.; in. (2; at Lowell. Mass., abt. 1-27. Samli:l 
II. Mr.AD, son of Stephen and Abicrail, b. at AValtliatn. Ma--.. 24 
Sept. 17';h], d. at AVinc'iester. Mas.-.. 20 July IS'lf. Childieii by 
first husband: 1. r.a.imcf, b. in ]sl3; d. at Pjo.-t'jii 2:'. Drc. 1-18. 

2. Sarah Ann. b. in ]sl4: m. P.uirgr. 3. Tltomns (P., b. in 

1820. Child bv sc-cond husband : 4. Samuel IL. b. in 1S30. 


V. Mary, b. alit. 1704; d. at Boston 1". Mav 1813. 

vi. SuiAii IIkvi.v. I>. Oct. ITi'O : il. at Duston :'>(! Apr. 1S7S: m. Uierc 17 
Mari'li ls:!."i. Aiw.iah B. CAi;rKXTi:H. son of Ciiailc- and I.iu-y (Dar- 
ling), 1). in \'l.. in ItO'.t, d. at l',o>tini 11 Urt. I.^l-^. Cliiidrcn. born 
at Bo.-ton: 1. (.lurf/c Sj.r^^'j'c^. h. 22 S-'jU. l-;57. 2. Elira C.b. 
10 Apr. l>;V,i: ni. at Boston. G Mar. lSi;i. Jn-riili B. Clarl;. son of 
Kobert and Kubooca (^Major), h. at Bu-ton in l^:'.s. and had Jost-pli. 

28. JoHN^ Uii-VNX {lliomas.* Joseph"^ Francis.'- WIUuuii'^) \va> lioni tit 
Bostou IG Jan. 17G'J. In the coiisus of ITL'O lio is mentioned as 
liviug iu cue of tlie outwards of Xinv Yorlc City. 'I'lie laniily con- 
sisted of liiin-elf, wife, and one son, v\lio was a niiuor. Sliorlly 
before 1800 tlie fanuly reniovt-d to Troy, Zs. Y. In tho War of 1812 
lie served as a corporal iu Capt. Olivor Lyon>'.- ctinipr.ny. 

He married fuvt. 3 Feb. 178'.'. C';ink L(>^^^ born L") Jan. 
17G0,died at Troy -I'l July ls;!l : and secondly, ol Od. ls;i], lloei.; 
KrxLiXG, who died at West Troy (now "Watervliet), N. Y., about 
18G9. He died at Troy 7 Sept. 1842. 

Cbililrcn, by lii'.st uife : 
i. Tnu:iiAS,« li. 2s Oct. 17s<j ; ]irolabl_v d. young. 
41. ii. ^^,ns. b. al llaii(/ni lloi-hn. >:. Y., 2;i June 17'.il. 
iii. .Maky. b. ?, Mar. 170:1; d. 10 Mar. 170?,. 
iv. CuAKj.i - llAi.i.rr. l:i. 1 May. 1 7',; t ; d. I'O .\pr. 170.). 
V. CiiAr.i.r.s Lau.\i 1. b. l!3 Aju'. 17'.iO: d. ;it .Plains, Mass.. 2.") }.far. 

1S72; ni. Cr.i, \ir W. , dau. of Cliarlc^. h. at Benniii'/ton, 

\X. , in June IsoO, d. at Adams 1 Mar. I.s72. Clnldrcn : 1. CU.irh-s.'i 
2. M'Jihln. 
vi. CHAi.'i.nrir. li. Troy. N. Y.. ;;o Mar. 170- : d. at Tmy G M:iy 1700. 
vii. A.Mo- S.uj-r.i iiY, b. Troy 2s Jan. b-uO; d. tlu-re :;iJ Now IseO. 
\ii;. ('a'1iii;i;i.nk. h. Tfuv 21 Oct. Is.M ; proiiably d. ynuim-. 
Ls:. ^.l\vKY S.a.i^i;; iri . b. troy 4 Oct. l>u:i; d. 2.'. June leol ; in. Chai;].ks 


X. l)F.xi!:i:. il. Troy 2! Nov. iso.-, ; tP tlicrc 11 Jan. I>ri7. 

y\. Hannah, b. Troy 17 Aug. IsUO; d. there 23 Sept. I-*?*; m. as his 

SCCOUii \vifi_-. ('IIAULUS JuioNAKl). 

?2. Jnsi rii^ Yori;iXw ( A/.r,' Pc'crJ' Fmychr Wiln",ii') w;i^ born a: 
Salem. >;. 11.. lit V:-\,. M:,[\. On 10 Ayr. 1777 at w!:ir]i tin.. ;.- 
was residing- at Dradi'iii'd, ^[ass.. lie sold [Nkiody ]\Ior,-c of Salcui ;')',') 
acres of l.-i!id in .Salii.). In., .-i^nr ,M.iry Y<.:iriiig of Sal'-m j'.iiiing in 
the deeil. He si ived in tlie lb-volution from Ti.p'.-lield. Mass., as 
jii-ivate in Capt. Jbibei-t Dod-'i-'s ciiinijany. Co!. Daui'l .lo!i;i.-on',, 
regiment, from I'l Aug. to 14 Dec. 1777; ;iKo in Ca.jit. Olivei- 
litconib's coniji:uiy. Col. Jaeol) (i.-rrisii's r< ijiment, from i F.-b. to 
2 Apr. 177'"^, wliicli was rai.-^ed to guard General lUirg'iyiie's army 
after the siirrm'li-r. 

He ^(■tt]rd at Sntt^.n. X. H.. where he liad a gi-ant of land. Hj 
afterwards removed to "Waruej-. X. H., v.-lierc; he and his wit'e died. 


Tlie eonsus of 1790 givos him as ivsuIiiJLi- at Sutton, and Iii^ laniily 
consisted of six ju'iijilo. The family changed the t-p.-llimx oi tho 
name to A'icf/K<. 

lie Ln:;rried. 2} Aj.i'. 1778. Oi.ivr. KiMr.Ai.L, and was living at. 
Warner. X. II.. in ls.',(\ a^ed 9G. 

("iiihlren, liorn at Sutton: 
i. ri-.TKi: KiMr.Ai.i,,^ b. 30 July 17:^0; d. at Worcester, Mas-^.. '22 \u<j:. 
ls.")t; ha;i wife ];rni. Children: 1. JumbaJI.^ d. in Ma-s. 2. 

Ji'tilh, m. lldwe (if AVuree,-ter. ;). H'Vp';. 4. X^Isoii. m. 

Oil', ia Martin of \'ennout; was l<ill..d in tlie Civil "War. 
ii. JoXATHAN. b. 2s Sept. ITS,-,; d. at Wred-port, N. Y.. l,s Jnly l^.JS ; 
m. at N"e\N-bury. X. II.. 1'.) June l>o/.. a- lier .^eeond li\i-l)and. JKN-Nir, 
(MoMA.-^Ti'.ns) l.M U.K. dan. of \Villiani and Sarali (SniitlO- b. at 
Fraucc^town, N. 11. . b! Apr. 1777. Siie had ni. {]) 2{\ Mar. 17:1.5, 
Thomas Little, son of Bund and Ihilh (Atwu')d\ b. in Satton, 
N. H., 10 Sept. i:>:<. a. at Xewlniry 11 Auu'. l>0.j. Cluldien : 
1 . Jonadian,'' h. Xewbury 24 Oct. IsOi! ; d. at Warner. X. II.. L". Xov. 
ISi"; m. 1 :May isno, IMary J. InLra!I<. dan. of John and S:i.<au 
(Cheney) of Warner. N. H.. b. in lsl2; children: Herbert, b. 
30 Dec. l^:Vi. d. :> .Inly ls:l2. Loni<a .].. b. 17 Mar. ls:M. .Ioh;i Ilor- 
berl. b. L'L' (Jet. ]>"s. Geomv W.. b. 1 Ajir. l-4o. .\!iee A., b. lii 
Jan. 1.-4S. 2. .y.//w. b. 2s Ocx. isus : m. George Holland of Weeds- 
port, N. V. 3. h'h-.r ''■■!!>. b. 24 Pee. PMO; ni. John St. J.-i.n of 
Illinois. 4. ./-.v,;,/,. b. 24 Dee. IMO: d. 1.') Dec. b-M): m. Adeline 
He.-s. .■;. J/',//.--.),, b. 12 Feb. 1612. »;. Jcnni-;. b. 5 Apr. 1S15. 
7. AUcf. h. 3 Oct. \^\1 \ d. IS June I'^tO: m. Cyrenn- A. Xorris. 
iii. Mori.Y. b. 12 Apr. 17.^7; d. at HopkintMn. X. IT.: ni. a- liis sec<;ud 
wife. K/.i;v Jont-, -on cd' Ezra and Kli/.abetli I'lailey). He had 
r.i. (1) Ii; X..V. 17'.i-!, IJiUli Vaire. b. C, 3Iay 1774. aiid vij'po-e.l to 
have been a half >i-ter to Moily Vouring. Ezra .lone- re ddet at 
ITopkinli.>n. ^\ here he d. 
iv. I-r.Ai-.T. b. 2.J Jan. 17;i2; d. at Bradford. X, II.. 11 S..-j)t. Isi;.:, ; va. 
DF.r.or.Aii Lowr. of Antrim. X. If., b. in 17'.»3. In the X. H. ceu-u« 
of l-^.-jii hi- residence is given a> Warner. 
V. Sally, b. 18 Xov. 17'.i.">; lived Avith her brother I.-rael at AVarner, 
X. II.. where she d. unm. in Oct. Is.l."). 

oO. John Mii.rr.v-'" UiiVNN (Joiui.^ Jolm,^ J'unc!;.^ .hhi,,- H-V/ZA^w^j was 
born III .^i]i;i\an. r^le.. about 18112. 

lie married at .Sullivan. 1(1 Jan. I.s2'l. Tiiankiui. Liiw.Vj dauidi- 
ter of .loM[,Ii and IJatli-lieixi (Gilii,-), born at Gould-boi'o, M,... 17 
D<-c. ISOI, died at Sullivan lo Au^r. i,s7l. He died lliere lU .Lin. 

Childi-eii. born at Sulliv:in : 

42. i. Jamks Wu.r.iAM-.^ b. 1.", Tday 18.01. 

ii. John Mn.ri;.\-. b. 10 t)et. ls:',4 ; d. at Sullivan 13 Mar. l'J05 : m. there, 
21 Sept. 1S71. Lofr-A Bi:ax, dan. uf Juhn and Xancy (^aigeni;. 
b. at SidTnan 3 Jan. ls:;7. 

43. iii. J(j.-Ki'ii Liunv. b. ?lt Mar. 1637. 


iv. Kkxry Ci.irTo.N. b. 2J M:\y ISIO: d. at Franklin 24 (,Kf. lOOO : m. 
at Franklin, in 1>''.-^. Ai riii>N-iNK Ciiki-^tink Dinx, tbui. of 
Edward and Fli,za (IV.aisdell ;, b. at Franklin Oct. l^l•->. d. at Frank- 
lin 14 Mar. I'.'Om. SIh' ni. C-) iit Franklin. 7 Mar. ivn:.. as his second 
wife, Geuriro W. Madi-un. son of K.^bcrl C". and Margaret (Tritcs), 
b. at JIoncti>n, X. 1!., in ls.'>7. 
44. V. M u;crs .AIokion. li. 22 Mar. l.S4:3. 

31. Thomas'' Uhann (T','>mn.<,^ .Ijli,,} J,un>^s.,^ Juhn" WlUlam^) was boru 

lit Frankliu. .Me. lie married MAi;riiv>x, v.lio (.lied at 

P'rankliu 15 Mav 1S.3C). lie died there 10 Feb. l.s;jG. 
Children, born at Franklin: 

1. Fi.i.i-x.' ni. Vi'iLLiAM Si'i;ix(u:i;. 

ii. Soi^iiKoxiA. 1). 21 Xwi. ISol ; d. at Franklin 17 June 1-^s.-, ; w\. (i) at 
Franklin, in IStS. CtiAi'.i.r.s Kimhai.l Giior>\vix. s(in of Stephen, 
b. at Surry, Tvie.. and d. at Franklin Apr. Is71 : ni. ; 2' as his second 
%yifc, J\MEs E. lF\i;i"wi:i.L. son of F.enjaniin anil M;iry (Steward), 
b. at Canaan. :Me., is July is!s. d. at Franklin. He had m. (I) 
7 Nov. 1S.-.1. Dorcas p. Ahirtin of Sullivan, b. 14 F.b. 183.5. 
d. \) Mar. 1872. Children by lir-t hnsliand. b. at Franklin: 1. 
^Vini,[ui 7V(o,!/,!.f. b. .", Feb. ls4:i : in. Matliena Ferry. 2. (^eni-ije 
At'rouJ.h. 12 O.n. ls.-,2: m. Myra (Jrcutt. 2.. C/, '/■/,■ s 7'ev'vr. b. 
15 Aug. is:.4; la. llattie Coombs. 4. /./.:.:/■% b. Is }.\:iy. 1s,>;: d. 
imin. 5. Ein-rf:'>ii D'lvi.t. b. 8 Jan. 18."^: in. Emma Saundt"'rs. 
t;. -VtZ/iV ,S';''(/--,()''. li. 2."i Sept. l-''.o; ni. Charles Cooiub.- 7. Hose 
Lena, b. 30 July;3: m. Herbert CoLsou. 8. Thnmni^ S(ci:tus, b. 
14 Juno l8t;5 : in. Marjory McFarlinij. 9. Minnie Eknnor. b. 24 
Sept. 1807: m. C4eoiv_'e Smith. 

lii. Emkiisox Davi-. b. \r, .\pr. if 3.".-. d. at Franklin 20 July 18i;s: m. at, 
Sullivan. 27 Nov. ls.",'.i. Ai.muxa Brvx. dau. of Samuel and Celinda 
B. (Thonia-). b. at Sullivan <: Mar. ]8:3s. d. at Fran.klin i:i Feb. 
1908. She m. (2;i John Cook. Children, b. at Franklin: 1. 
lIom<^v Erju)\<oi,.s P. 2.". June IsH'l: d. at Franklin 24 Nov. I.ss4. 2. 
Liiinie. b. 20 July 1-'^ : m. at Franklin, 30 Nov. 18^-. Frnnk Abbott, 
son of Vrashington and Henrietta i Straiton). b. at Ea-tbrook. Me., 
27 Mar. 1806: childrL-n. b. at Franklin: .\rclsie Eeo. b. l."> Auir. 
1889; > Frances, b. 2i; Auir. F-s:»8 : Carrie Mae, b, 23 May 
1901 ; Manley Evans, b. 23 Oct. 1903; Florence Eouise. b. 10 July 

32. Sa.mcll'' Ukaxx (I\tul,^ J^h/t,^ James.^ John.- ]niliatn^) was born at 

Sulliv:in. 'Ml'.. :tbout isno. He married at Fninklui, Me., 30 Doc. 

1822. AuiGAiL "\Vuon.sTi:R, dangliter of ^Villiara and Hannah 

(Dra^ilon), boi-n at Frankliu 22 Ai>r. 1803, died at Sullivan 7 Dec. 

18.VJ. He died tliere 7 iMay IsSO. 
Children, born at .Suliivan : 

i, lb-x,jAMix Fi;AXKr.ix." b. G Sept. l'~23: d. at Salem. Ma-s., lo June 
1901; m. at Hancock. Me.. 12 Eel). 18.52, Tkmpki:ax(.-k Flood 
feTi'.ATieix, dau. of John and Betsey (Grant), b. at Hancock. Me., 
27 2>ov. Ib2c;, d. at Salem 2 June 1900. Children, b, at Sullivan, 


Me.: 1. Fi-'ifil- U'..- :>. If^OO: in. al Lynn. A[a-;> , •; Jm;o \'MJ'\ flf 
her second lu!>^aiul. Aiiee M. ;;ClR'-ter') Sliarp. dan. of .iD-'i'.ia F. 
and Maruaroi J. ^ AiiiiTiaii\\ l\ at li'i-ton in l>7ii. l'. /;/('.;■'.■ .■'/.-. 
b. 1<'U: in. at Ijoston. !L' ,!i',!y isi'o. a- hi- second \vi)V. ,lo-epli 
AV. Felt, son of .loeph and -Mar-'arul iKoach\ 1). at Sal>'iii. -2:, 
Apr. iM',.;,. ;!. X,_li,r J,-. ,>,■ ladojitcd .'^ ni. at Sal. in. 14 Nov. I'.'Oi. 
i;"rederick Ellsworth Bimlow. sou of Ch.irles llcnry and Annie 
Maria (.Tordai)'). b. at A-ldand :da<s.. 20 An--. Isra. 

ii. .Tank. h. i':! An,^. ISlT, ; d. at Sullivan iM Dec. 1^^7; ni. at ITaneoek. 
Me., 7 July ].^."..S. John rrrnx llii.i,. s.m •>f F.arney Smith and 
Clari,-.-a vFyon^ h. at Gonld-boro. Me., o Dt.e. I.--2.-). fliild. h. at 
Sullivan. Me. : 1. Liz.ri' Morru b. •J7 Juul- 1-."..". : d. at SuUiviui 'J Jan. 
F^'.i.">; in. at Fll-^vort;l. Me.. ]."> Fell. ].'^7s. I'liarks ITarri-ou Allen, 
son of Joseph Foxerofl and .Mariotra (Toliaau\ h at Koekhuid. 
Me.. U Cicl. 1^'48: elii!l b. at Sullivan: i;;itli. I>. L'7 Nnv. l-:ti. 

iii. Mauv ].of!SA. 1). 2 May 1^2'J: d. at SaUm. :\Iass., i:> Xov. Iss'^ : 
111. at Saleni. U M:iy I^M. "\Vi.\s!.(.)\v Wmxr.. son of J.)sf[)Ii and 
riio^a (Crowell), b. at Yarmouth. Ma-.-.. 11 Dee. Is.;.'., d. at 
S:dein 30 ^■ov. Ib-^-^. Children, b. at Yannoutii: 1. Wiiislmc 
Franklin, h. 21 An-. ls:.G: m. at Topeka. Kan.. 1:3 Feli. ls-1, 
]\!ary Aliua Holiday, (!;ui. of Abrain and .Mai'u'arrt ; Al^d.nrf ). b. at 
(.Intario, Jiul.. 1 July l.-i;:'; children: llan.Kl j:>1\\;u. I). ;it Topik:i 

9 Apr. Iss2. 111. Lena li. CMUnrll : (.'airii' l'e;u-l, h. at Tot-cka 14 
Dec. lSs;l, m. Adam Franklin Scott ; Ulive Grace, b. at Allen, K:.";.. 

10 Jan. is^c;; :.!aiily rivuti—. Allen M I)ec. l--.'2: Keunetii A.. 
b. at Admire, Kan., 1 F^b. I'.;00. 2. Carro' 7Vm-s", b. 21 AuiT. 
1^.50; 111. at Salem. IG t'et. Iss4, William Edwin Crocker, sou of 
William and ^Martha i^Suuiiford), b. at SteuoL-nville. (Ohio, 20 Jmie 
18.i7:.childrL-ii. b. at Sak-n: May White, b. G Dec. Ij^-G; Eali'h. 
b. 31 An-. 1.--J: Editli May. b. 10 Apr. 1m'7. 

iv. JosiMMi IIi:m;v. Is July l.-.;:i; d. \i Fe'.i. l-'.il: m. at H:incoi-k. ^Te., 
22 Xov. ]sr,r,. Makv Cvr.r. LJkax. dan. of 'I'liL^odoreaud ''yiuhiaCnle 
(llrownj, 1). ai lluek-p.jit. Me., ][< July l.-:'.G. d. at Surrnaii :'.l May 
ls70. Cldldreii : 1. Jl^ar:: L'r<'nn-<i^ h. at Sullivan 24 ( 'et. 1-57 ; ni. 
CI) at Eexiiijt'.m. Ma->.. ;'.l ?»lay l>sl, .Mary I'.lizaheth B;itehe-hlcr, 
dan. of Brook- T. and Kaehel C. (D(Kl'.:e). b. at Boston 20 July l.^.'^S. 
d. at llealinir. Ma-s., 17 .\n-. ISOO ; m. (2) at StoU'ihton, Ma--., 
24 June I004, Helen Adel Woods, dau. of Edward Dehu.hy and 
Mary Brescott (U-trom;, b. at Chil-ra, Ma-s.. .", June l-'iS; child 
by first wife, b. at Eexiimtoii : llehai I'.r:nri< ■!_■.-' li, 21 Jim..' Iss2. 
d. at lieading 2 No\-. I'.io'.i. 2. Ocin-iji: Erarfil, b. at Sullivan .-^ Jan. 
ISGG; ni. at Boston. 4 July Iss-', Ida May Cav-idy. dau. of Henry 
and Kuby (Sherev.-ood :. I), at St. J.jhn. Alliert Co.. X. !>.. •"> :^Iay 
lf^G7; children: Bho.iehe Marie.'* b. at Bo<tfMi, IG Feb. ].-<'.i2. d. 
there 2 \\v^. Wxi -. Erne-t Walter, 1). at Bo:,ton 17 June lUol ; Ethel 
May. b. at Quiney, Ma^s., 1 Ajir. l'J(jr>. 

V. Sami/kl Li-:oxaih>. b. 1 .Vu'z. 1s.;G; lo-t at sea 5 Feb. ls,",.s. 

vi. CKi.ia.iAXXA. b. 2- .\pr. l.-:;j; m. at Salem. Ma-<., 17 Dec. 1.t:72, 
Gkougk Chii.cott Evxa.m. >oii of William and Hannah Crrai-ey), 
" b. at Eden. Me., 2G July lf'27. d. at Sullivan 2',.i Xov. is'js. 

' Xeliic IrL-iiL- NMio the dau. of .Stephen and Eiicu Slratlou, b. 2G .\].r. b"^72. Her 
innlher lu.viii^' ukd, hia.; ■.-.:;» adapted ny Ik-iij'aiidu F. and Ttmijevauce F. (Strattou) 


vii. CuAiiLi-.s Ki>i;ak. h. 21 M:iy }<V^■, cn]\<\<?A as a piivalo in Co. C, 
l!lh MaiiU' r.":MiKT.l 17 .I:ily l>r,2. for ihiv.^ yeai> ; ' killc.l at. Deep>iii, Va.. 14 An- l«'-l. 

o3. Gkaijci,'' YiKVN (. /</<■■/)■'•.■' C\or;/.\* J.'s ■:>/,,■' ,/,)>,n.'- ] 17 ",•■(,••«') ^\as 
horn ai TimLrl'I-i . \'t., \'A Oa. 17'.t."), arjl iiiarrie<l at Ivimlolph. Vt., 
].■) Oct. l.S'J2. A^'ki.tha I'F.Mr.ri;. ilauuiitrr oi Si.'jih.'U aii<l Silni 
(Bi<s(ll). lu.niat Iv'au.l.ili,!) 11 S.jpt. 171'^'. <ii>.>l al I.a;i = 'a-t.T. N. Y., 
7 .TuiK' l^sr,. \\c (lleJ tluTi" 7 .Vjir. 1S77. 

i. Gv.uivr,:.'' h. ai Craft-bury, ^'t., '22 July 1S2:'. : d. at Maiden. Ma'is., in 

ii. Gi-oia.i:, b. at T'lalden 4 Get. 1825: d. at V.'aUliain, Mass.. lil Sept. 

iii. Ji'.-::iMi. b. at Wc'iliersfieM. Conn.. \i^ Auu. ls2s : d. at Spoiieer Bmok, 
Minn., is Mar. liHjO: m. at \Vil!iainsvi!].\ N. V.. 1! Ni>v. 1S50, 
llr.NTi i; r,i.%"n;A S\v.\ni;kii. ilaii. of Klel.arii and .Melinda (Carpea- 
teri, b. at I.auea-ter, X. Y.. 1.3 Oct. Is.U. d, at Clay Center. Kau., 
y Mar. l-^:;:. Cldldreu. b. at Lauea-tt-r: 1. (r,-, ,]■,,,' ]V,!:i,uii.' b. 
29 Mar. 1,>:.2 : d. 21 Dec. 1-".;'.. 2. J] ,■./-■. Pnu'-r.h. S Nov. l-."4; 
d. 1o Mar. D".'v ■:.. Eu/n^-f .V> "--?. b. 27 .\t:ir. l-^'.">: m. at'-as- 
ter. 2;:; Get. 1^7.'. Car;;ii 'Jiheibj Beiitoa. :■ .n nf Al;ri..n a:.d n.^vcy 
Fidelia (Le\vi-;). b. at Spencer. X. Y.. 2;t Dec. Isl'.i; ehiklreii : 
.lo.-cph Canili. b. at \'ieu!\:;. l\;in.. 2:' .T.'.ly I^-ii; >\'cdr!Ul Lee. ii. at 
York. Xeb., 1.5 Feb. I>'^2: (:iti> .\rthur. b. at \'ieni;a 11 Dec. 1SS4 ; 
Ira Yuraun. b. at Vienna 7 Apr. l.-^>o. d. 11 St-pt. l.-^s7: Kalph, b. 
at Clay Center. Kan., b< Nov. I.ss7. d. 18 Feb. 1888: Mattel Futh, 
b. at St. Mary's. Xan.. 17 Mar. l^O-i. d. 1 S-pt. I8'.>'.i. 

2v. ■\Vi:i.i!iv Ei.iz \i'.i-iii. b. at Wetber^tield 2 Feb. 18:'0: d. at Laucas- 
ter 2:3 Sept. P'ljF 

V. Srin'iiKX Fnns!:!:. b. at I.ani-a-ter 2o Fv-!). 1.^.':'.: d. 17 Sept. 1^;>4. 

vi. .li'iiN. b. at Laiiea-ter 1^ Ault. 1-:'.."p; d. at Fu-lii on, Xeli., 17 .May 
I'.'UH; m. at York. Xe''.. G .Vpr. ls7'J. S uiah Cauckins. b. 2(1 Dec. 
18FL Children: 1. '.-... ,r;7.- 7'. „-.'/-/•.= b. at Lushton. Xei>., 12 ..Inly 
18.-VU. 2. W'-Khn M<n„:L b. at Stockham. Xeb.. 2.0 May 1882: 111. 
at 'Wesliuore. \'t.. 4 ?.[ay F' '">, Frederick ilohuivl Sic, en-, son of 
Charles aud Hattie 3Iarie (Wateriiean !. l.i. at liartnn, \\.. 17 May 
18^3; child, b. at We-l.'a.ire: IFirland I're.F-rlck. b. 18 X'ij\-. FjOO. 
:;. J.* Corahni. I>. at Sioekliai.i 1> >.pr. I--t;. 

vii. William Cohxing. b. at Faiica<ter 5 A112. 1>:;8; d. 4 .July 1839. 

viii. Jasu.\-. b. at Fauca-ter 2?~ May 1--40.+ 

S4. Solomon'' 1'l-kan {J'scpl'/' Gr-orff",* Jos-'p^i,^ Join,,- WiUinm^) was 
born at Tunijridge, Vt., 10 Feb. 179^. He married llr.->t at Tuu- 
bri']-c. l.'< .July 1.S34, IIaxx.vh ^Voo^). born 1 Oct. ]'^07, clied 8 Ai)r. 
18'^7; iLari'ioij sccon'Ily, .5 .Tuue 1<S."0. as her second husband, Re- 

* Tlie. F'tier .r. luieis to Joseph, .John, and Ja-011. 

t'i'hc coi:.iiI!er is under many obligations lo Mr. VnrLin, who for man\- years ln.s>icen 
collectinp; vcco^d^ of his 'oranch cf the fumily. His asii;.t,^nce at thi? time i.S 
rrio^t opportune, and will be appreciated by the faraPy at large. 


BKCCA (Fav) TlArnoon, horn 13 Dec. 1800. Slie had ir.arrici! 

first, 27 Fel). 1n2-".. ("apt. Art.inns Il,)|.-v)o<l. sou ol David ;iiid Sn.lly 

(]Myriok), born at Pu'adiu-. Vt.. ir, .luly 170:>. di.-d 21 June I'^-m. 

She died at Tunhri.l-c oO Sf]it. ISGI. SoUmion Yurau died at. llan- 

doljdi. Vt.. 3 .luly 1888. 
Children, by lir-t wife : 

i. IlAi;i:ir.T 1'./ b. 1?2 .Juno 1?:15: d. at Kandolph 20 ATar. rXi2. 

ii. Hannah. !>. 10 Feb. l^nr: d. 10 Fob. IS^l ; n). 7 May IS.-.T, Ai.urr.T 
Hatch of Nurwicli, Vt. ChiUlrc-n : 1. ./(»;uV L<.ins,i. b. 2i; Apr. 
1S.58. 2. ,i(':/!.'>('»s i^ra/;;. b. 4 June ISGl ; d. '.» Feb. 1*03. 3. i)<(i;iV 
Eou-enn^ h. 8 July I.-OO. 1. -l(?J/t' MarU. b. 20 Auir. 1S70. 

iii. IClla, d. unui. 

35. Mauv^ Ui;ann' (JusijJ/,^ T/iomas.* JosrpJ/,'' Fraxci's,- ir/Z/Vam') wa? 
hajjtized at IVj.-ton 14 Dec. 1777. She married first at Boston. 16 
Feb. 179.J, John SiMCNCi-'.i;. wlio died at Bangor, Me., G Oct. 1816; 
secondly (intention rreorded at Oronn, ^le.. 4 (auotlier iecord say.s 
14) Apr. 1818). a> his second wile, David Rino,* who was born 3 
Mar. 1760, died at Ban-or 30 Dee. 1846. Slie died at Brewer, Me., 
15 Au'^. Ls."'i",. 

Children by lirst huslKUul : 
i. Ki-.r.KCCA Sr; Ni/i:'.;. in. (iiit. roc. 15 Apr. l^.n) Ei;rr. IIiNr;, son of 
David and Mehitable (C'rucketl). b. U May 1708. Children: 1. 
Nanoj, m. (1) Chai-K-s Hinuiaii; m. (2) Joseph Sylvt-ster; m. ('^) 

Jeremiah Day: ni. (4) Joseph Warren Smith: m. (•")) Baker. 

2. Sarah. ?,. Ehcr. 4. r,hjtiaj,.in. (1) Martha Clewly; m. (2) 
Hester llnnna ford. r,. Muru. C.CJinrhs. 7. .A.^v^,';. 
ii. SArsAH Sn.Nij:.i;. in. Zi s\< Dr.ixKWATi'R. son (if Zeua-. and Cynthia 
(rendlet'iu). Childr.-n : 1. J>'j,r.<i,n. 2. Jai:L^<jn. 3. Zenas. 

4. Scth. 5. Cijailiia. \n. I.iljby. 

iii. Samlki. Si'KNeK!:, ni. CuAia.urrE EnowN. Children: 1. Louise. 
2. .Miry A,in. 
45. iv. KonF.r.T Srv.NciM'.. b. abt. 1800. 

V. Sai.i.v .\nn Si'i.Ni;Ki;.t b. 2o M;n- 1802; m. (int. ree. at Ban,2;or 30 

Mar. ls22) Vi'illiam Tik.oias of Bani^or. 
vi. ri:i..\TiAii Si'KNei.K. b. 17 June 1.^04: in. (int. rec. at Bangor 13 Mar- 

ls24) Mai;<;a!:!:t Bkii\\n. 
vii. John Si'i.nckh. ni. F' Gkagg. He wont to California, leav 

*D:ivi(l lliiig in. I'l) ML-hitaMe Crocki-tt, d;iu. of John .lud Mary ( .8tarl)ir.l). born 'JS 
Aug. 17G9. Cliiklreu: 1. Kber, b. 14 M.iy 1798; ni. RL-bccc:i .Spencer. 2. Kiifn-;, b. 14 
Feb. 1800. 3. D.ivid, 1). at Sinr.ii.T, Me., 7 Ai.r. ISni ; ni. Mary .'^pem-cr. 4. l-dipliaz, 
b. 5 June 180.3. 5. .S.unuel, I. 10 June IhOO. C. Caii-ta, b. 22 Jan. IbOj. Another re- 
cord adOi< 7. Keidien. S. Mary. 9. Sarah. 

+ In the ab^eIlce of tiefinite reeord<, tliere is some question whetlier tin's Sally Ann 
belongs in this family. Some o( the descendants of John and Mary tliink that she was 
one of the daughters, v.lulc others place her in another Spencer family. 

There is a tradition lliat .John and Mary had a daughter Mar}', who was drowned in 
infancy. As Mary Sper.c.'-r, v, ho was born in ISUG, was naUicJ for her, she «as proL.-.- 
blv one of the older children. 


inp: -(vifc and cliiM at home: had a son .rohn, who was pupi>oscd 
to 1)0 liviiiLr in ]'..Hi7. 
40. Tiii. ?irAr,Y Sn-.vcr::. 1). at r.aii<;or. aHt. isoc. 

ix. Kr.iZA SiTNTKi;, in. Ai.N'ix FAl;i:^•.^s; liad dan. Sarah and perhaps 

I. IIfth Si'KNcr.R. m. Sr.Tii r^rr.i'.Y. Child: 1. .'^.v/i .l??<;((, wlio mar- 
ried his coii-;in Ella Swett. 

xi. Nancy Srr.xcr.!:. li. at Bangor 25 Feh. ISIH: m. Jaaiks G. Swktt. 
Children: 1. James Edwin. 2. Gcor'jc. o. Ella. 4. Jlanj. 

36. Joseph^ Uraxx (Josrp/,.'' JVionias.^ Joscp/,.-' Fraiiei's,- Wil/iam^) was 
born at Boston, ami liaptized at the Seoomi Clunvh 22 Jan. 17S(>. 
On 29 Oct. 1803, l)eitii,' then a minor, lie v. a^ imi un<ler ouardiaii- 
ehip to Thomas Ive> of Boston, cooper. IL- I'cjllowcil a cooper's 
trade and carried on Imsiness at Ilaueoek's "Wharf. He lli^t resided 
in Salem Street, hut in 1810 jnirelia^ed laud with a dwilliu:: house 
in North (afterwanls Hanover) Street, where he resided until liis 
death. In 1827 he ])urclia.-ed two lots of land "on a -treet le:idin<»' 
from Ann street to Scarlet's wharf." He was an acti\e member of 
the ?trassachusett- Charitable .MiTh:tnic As--Mciution. wli;(_'h he joined 
in 18;;7. He \\a~ an ardrut B-,pii-t. and wa> adniitl' d t'l the Fir-t 
Baptist Church .'! Apr. 1817, serviuL'- as Deacon from 18:^8 to ISlU, 
and in his oliicial ea]i;icity purchased laud for chun-li purp..>M,-s on 
Union Street in 1828, when the Society removed from Still man 

He married at Boston, 17 Feb. 1^11, BvctrrL TiTAvrK. daughter 
of John and Kaeh'-l, born at Quiuey. Ma-s.. 22 Apr. 1789, died at 
Boston 13 iVc. ]>7U. He^died tliore 7 July 1804. 

Children, born at Boston ; 
i. Cakoi.ixk.'' b. •2:> Oct. isU; d. at Boston s May ls".4: m. tliere, 23 
Nov. Is37, JaMks Ioaxos TT'cKn;, sun .if Amos and Klizabeth 
(FiOeld), b. at Kingston. N. II., 4 Jan. I^l.j. He m. (2) at Boston, 
2 Sept. I.s.".5. Ann Robie,daH. of Asa and Sarah, b. at Candia. X. 11., 
2i Mar. ls;30, d. at Concord. N. H.. 20 May l-;a. Ik- d. at King- 
ton IS Jan. 1^0.",. Children, b. at Boston: 1. Jamt-s Joa)uj>\h. 21 
.Ian. ISlo; d. ai Cliieago, 111., 12 Nov. ]>['0i ra. at Boston. 10 June 
1808, Adelaide U. Wo.,d; out. -rod l)artiii.)UtIi ColleLTc, but 2:radu- 
ated from Harvard Colleire in 18G7 ; child, b. at Chiea^-o : Edith 
Lillian Adrhiid,.. o. Aluiit-r,. b. 22 .Tan. 1^44 ; d. at Coucurd 2 Nov. 
1SG7; m. 15 Aui'. IHCr,, Geor^'O W. Abbott of Fi.-,lierville. N. II. 
3. Eiinnn 7.,njlt,ra. b. 28 Dec. bs4G ; d. at Boston 4 Feb. 184'J. 
ii. WiM.iAM. b. in 1^1.".; d. 30 Jan. ].-4:!. 
iii. JosKi'n. b. in !8ir, ; d. at Bo-ton 27 Nov. 1833. 

iv. Hakiui-.t, b. L"; An-. 1m1.-<: ,[. at Bd-ton lo N.)v, I'ic.o, at which time 

fahe was a widow ; m. at Boston. 17 July 1844. Oklaxda D. Wc>01) 

of New York. Children, b. in Kodnian. X. Y. : 1. Adelaide Urann, 

b. in l84.j ; m. her cousin Jame- I. TuckiT. 2. Williaia, b. in 1848. 

V. F.MiiLixE, b. in l82o; d. at Boston 21 Oct. 1S33. 


vi. AL>iii:A. b. .1i;ii'.- lS2i: il. i\\ I'.ostou 7 '^another lerord says ») Apr. 
1.^ .">:*: m. :;'. !'.r>-t.-.;i. ]; Doc. IsL'.. Wilm v_m r. Simnck. 

vii. Am I.IM-. !.. ]:\ July I<:':: li. at U.'-i.'u l'O dit. l^^::.. 

viii. ^VA^l^M i,.N I.akavii i r. h. in 1^:'2-. in. J) a.t r.i'-tu:i. 4 Jan. l--"'-". 
Sai:aii K 1'.;:()V.x. ilau. of 'i'l!.!;.-.;'!- W. anJ Sarah V. vWliitc}. 1). :U 
15osti)ii in l--:;."). d. ilii-rc i! J\u)r l-^."."!: ni. (2' at IjM.-ti.n. L'.'-> 
June !m;2. Anmi: ^[. (_>'C<>NNin:. dan. iii EuMard and ^^a^lra^^.■; . b. 
lU Co-ton U' July l>o4.d. at I'.i-lniont. Ma-^.. L' AuiX. ir-OT. Children, 
by >r<-ond w !!"<■: 1. 7.'.;--,, / .1' '-■;»<." b. at riiiladolpbia. Pa., 17 Ju:;c 
isilo: m. at I'.ostou. 21 (U't. ]--.">. William Staoy rvolliu-. son of" 
Bfujainin ]■". and .\bba J. >.Siacy\ b. at P.o^ton 27 May Isr.H; chil- 
dren: Harold Kujrcuc. b. at ^Nlaldi-n 22 .\ir_r. l^'--^: Ruth. b. at. 
Quincy. \la-s.. 17 Jan. l.-',i:' ; William Stacy, b. at Hclinont i) Juuo 
l,s07. 2. A!..r<vt''.ri-i .V.n-/.r. b. at Ilo-lou 2! :May 1^(;5; d. soju. 
3. E.l'- irL b. at Bo-t'ju HI Jan. l^c.s. 

ix. Fkaxcis. 1). ii; l.-U; d. at .MaMen. Ala.-.;., is Mar. 1^01: m. at Bos- 
ton. 27 Scjit. l>."i('.. r)::LiA .V. Fi.Ai!i:i;TY. daii. of .lolin and Catlu-riuc 
(Clouclicrly). b. in Ireland lo May l'^:'..'-. Children, b. at Bo-ton: 
1. Z'/'.W.v.y.s ];, ji, i,-.-,7.. ,11. ;u ];o-ton. :i July IsTi;. I'atrick Lawlc-s, 
son of Martin and Brid^-ct. b. at Bor-ton 2 Jiuie I ^-".2. d. there 2 
Mar. Is.-'^: children b. at Bo.-t.'U: Klleii. b. .-- Jui..' 1>77: :\Iaviiu 
Jo-ej,li. ).,. 2') Oct. 1-7-. d. at Bo-tt n l;' S-pt. Is-O; Martin Jo^eiv-. 
b. 2.-. Lk-t. l--;i; John. b. Mar. I-S^: Fraiicis IIe:;ry. b. C Au^. 
l^Sil. 2. K::iiaa ArmUn.h. 2:-, Nov. l.-CO: m. at Bo-ton. 17 Apr. 
l^Vl. 'r!io7n:;< Frauci- Fitzpatrick. son of J'lhn, aud Katharine 
(Gilniartin>. b. at Bo-tou b'. :!ar. b-.".o; children: Elizabeth 
Cliarlottc, b. at Bo.-ton 20 Feb. l--^2: Katharine France,-, b. at 
Cainbridjre, Mass.. 14 Oct. 1.-S3: Fid'.vard Fran"is. b. at Saugus, 
Mass.. 2i3 Juno l>.-.-i: J'>-eph Aloy-ius. b. at Saunas 7 Nov. l^^o : 
Tlionia? All)ert. b. at Su-;-.;;:- .", F)ec. 1--- : F.mily AJary. b. at Saiigits 
2.i Nov. Is'.M); Alice Loui-,'. b. ;it Sauu';< M Aui:. ls'.»2: Francis 
Xavier. b. at Saaa;is 12 Jan. l-f!4; Cr-ula IMilfred. b. at Bo-(on V.) 
Nov. I-Os. ;-;. ./.,.s.^,,;, :,[:.:!, „,L b. 21 Ail-, l-i'..'. ; m. at Bo-ton. 1:5 
Ajir. l-'js, j:ricn Flaherty, dan. of Fn-ii.'aniin a:;'! Alary, b. at Bu-tmi 
in 1-71; children, b. at I'daldeii. Ma-s. : Gordon F..' b. li; Jan. 
18y;) ; F:ilerton B., b. July I'.M'O ; Mary. b. B; Sept. Ih'H. 4. Fnriris 
ILnri-ij. b. 4 Apr. 1^;7: m. at Mahu-n. s June !.->2. Theresa May 
Keily. dau. of John and .Manraret ; Sinithj. b. at Maiden 10 r^Iay 
Isi^^'; children, b. at Maiden: Fraud-.- b. 21 Mar. l-:i4. d. 21 July 
lO.j,':!; Elliott Aii2-u-;ii-. b. 21 Xov. !.-'. ■.■.: .Vlniira Marie, b. 2'J May 
l^OS; A daughter, b. 20 June I'.io;;. d. Sf>on : Srunner Th.eodore. b. 17 
Feb. Ihor,. .-, ./,,/,„ Wi'Uoni. h. r, Mar. bs70. C. vr^tUer If iinj. 
b. 1.-; Sept. i-7:b 7. A!'n:,-' Hn-oij. b. ;:0 Sept. 1>77: ni. at Cam- 
bridge. Ma,-<.. 10 Apr. ir'07. Etiiel May Jones, dan. of Charles 
James and .Martha Ana fFi-iier). b. at Birminaiiarn. Enff. 10 :\[ay 
l.bS7; d. at Ca!nbrid'.i-e 14 Dec. lOOfi ; child, b. at Atlanta, (ia. : 
'Fiioiiia- Harvey,'^ b. 7 Mar. litO.S. 

i)7. William G.\.mmkll (Jlarr/ure',^ T/iomas,* J(^^cj'/(," Frujicis,- WllUam'^) 
was born .at lio-ton Jan. 17si,;. 

lie rec'civcd lii.? early education in tlie Bo.-ton school.-, fli.s parents 


v.ere Unitarians ami attt.'ii<laiits at the Fcdt-ral Street C'lmrcl!. nu\v 
k))r>\vn a< tile Arliiieu'ii Street Cliureh ; Init when stili a veun^ 
man he >]ii>\\e'l an inile]ieu-,h']ice of cliaraeier l.iv uniiiiii;-. '■' .lirao 
]8(i4, with the l-'ir-i l'>a]iti>t C liui-eh oi iHi-ton. then nii'Ier tlie rharue 
of Ihv. Saniurl Siilluiai!. \i\ \\]\o-~r avlvlce he d.'ei.hd to enter the 
mini-try. Ili~ iheolosieal eihteation however was nnder th.- diiri.ainu 
of Kev. William Williams of \\'rentham. ^la--. He was oi-.l-um d 
at Be]lini:liaij). 3Iass., in 1^^09 ami he-an iii-; jK-e-torate at :\!.>iii;.M 
ZMas-.. the followini;- year. lie was an aec-jiiaeh- [.reuelier ami a 
faitlifnl pa:5tur in the care of I'.is congregation, hy whom he was 
greatly l)elo\ei1. 

The vears (jf .Mr. Gainmeirs residence in ]\Iedneld form the period 
in whieli the heiuvoleut societies of the ilenomination had tiieir 
origin. In their formation he look a !i\e]y intenvt and remhred 
important aid hy his executive ahiiity. In 1817 he received tue 
honorary degr.i/ oi A.M. from ^.ro^\n University, and was a trustee, 
from I.Sl'O to ]S-_'7. 

In 1S-J;J. In: was calh'd to the Second r,a]iti>t Cluireh in Newj/ort. 
II. 1. Thi> jia-tnrate wliich v.'a- grrn^ini:- in u-efnhie-s inid. power 
waj. jti'lihady termiuat('d by hi^ death, v, hieh oeeiirred •'hJ May iS-T. 
Vrinle a re,dd-nt of N( wport h.e aided hir-( ly iji tlie e.-tahii-hment 
of free sc1io(j1s. until then unluioun in tlu- city. He was e-t./emeil 
for his intellectual qualities and sincere piety, and was known as an 
earnest friend to every object connected witli tlie extete-ion ol 

Ih^ marrieil (infrntion published at I'-eilingliatn, M;i>5.. '27 Feb. 
ISII), .AIai;y Si.occM. daugl'.ier of Sinn (Ui and K.-iiier ( I'Jimiiton), 
who was 1-orn tb-re M-'y IT'M). and di-d at Mobield. :\f;:-.-., 11 
Apr. IS-'ti; :iud s.-eondly at .Medrield, 14 (another recnoi ^ay^. JL') 
Mar. ]s2-2, Mai;il-; Antui.nktti: Mai)£ or Mady. daugliter of Jean 
S. Deconblanc and Prudence (Plimpton) (C'ornetf). who was born 
at Dedliam. Ma--., -S Sept. 17'J 1, and ciied at Warren K. 1.. 17 Aug. 
1844. V.'illiam Gamm.-il died at Newport. P. I.. 3U .^lay, 18-J7. 

Cliddren by ih>r wife, born at :de<llield : 

47. i. AVii.LiAM Gammkli.. b. 10 Feb. 1^12. 

ii. Mauv Moi:-i; ciAMMia.r,. b. L'li Apr. 1-14: d. at New York City 2 Apr. 
l.slS; 111. at rroviucncc. U. I.. 21 Oct. b-41. fii\Ki.r.- llr.NUV 
AuGL^-Ms Ilia.wN. -on of William and :Martlia (FarrarV b. at 
Canibridtrc. -Ma-s.. in l-l.'-. d. at LiLdit Street. Pa.. U May lH"-,. 
Children: i. WilUma CfinimiU. b. at Cambridge 7 Apr. I>4:;; in. 
2s Au.L'. ]S70. Heiirielta Maria Xoble. dau. of Hiram i5enjamiii and 
Lucia (llolman), b. at New Milford, Conn., .S June. 1-10. 2. 
Charl"s II' ,,)•:/. b. at New York City Fel). l.sF". : m. Anna Ilutcliin- 
son of Trenton, X. J. 3. M'try i.UiwincH, b. at New York Ciiy 2(J 
Mar. 161S; d. Apr. IS IS. 


jii. Asa Mkssv:i; Gam.mkli,. b. IC. Mar. 181G; il. num. at Pruviueii.,!- 1.') 
Oct. mo:"!. 

iv. JiiHN Gammk.m.. 1). 14 .Vjir. 1<1S; d. at Savannah, Ga.. abt. l.^r.-^: ni. 
at Wil'iiinuton, N. C. aiu. l.^.'iS, Ki.iz Mtr rn llii.r, l.r.r.r.v, b. a: 
AViliiihiirioii. d. at Sn!!iUi(-rvill.j. S. C. aSi. I>s4. Giiild. b. at 
Savaiiiiah: 1. W'iUi'nn A,ii-niia <i'ainrntii. d. at CliarK-.^to;;. S. (.'., 
Jniic l.-^-^'J; ID. at Cbarlo>t'ji) in 1S(;;). Maria Harriet Aucruni. dan. 
of ^^'illia^l Wa>hiiiLiti_>ii aiul Harriet H.'rry , Paw-on), b. ai. Su;ii- 
nierville 4 Oft. \^V2. d. ai Tor.mio. Can.. .-.; .Inly I'.'Ol : children. 
b. at .'^^avannah : l> Hill Ganimell. li. V: oct. 1-70. m. r, Apr. 
1MI2. WiUiaui Walton Wdol.-ey oi New Haven, Cmn.: Hairie). 
Horry Ganimell, 1). 8 July 1>74, m. at Savannah. 2 Apr. I'.'L.i', Law- 
rence Lee Gaillard. son of W"i]Ui\u\ l)a\ and Elizabeth (Lee),' 
b. at C'!iarle>ton 2s Dec. Is'.'.'.i; child, b. at Xew York City : Law- 
rence Lee. b. 22 Dec. l!^'.i4; Annie Stanyarii Ganimell. b. !» ,ian. 
1878; Ethel Aiicrum Ganimell, b. 5 July i-^o, d. at Kuekbi' 
Alum SprinL;>. \'a., Jnly Is'.ts. 

Cliildren by secoml wife, born at Ne\Ni)ort. R. T. : 

V. ]\L\KGA!n-.T GA:MMi:Lr.. b. 24 Dec. 1822; d. at Newport 10 Dee. 1c>:j2. 

vi.'A Wnnir.Mor.K Gammi-.i,!., b. 20 Jur.e l:-2.') : d. at Providence, 
i;. L. 2- Apr. I^:i2: m. ,;1 ■ at "Warren, L. I . 2 Oct. l>."u. V\'illiavi 
Haim: ]")a\"<>l. son of Stei'hen and Alary r.owen;. b. at Warreu 
2?. July ls23. d. there 12 June Iso.".; in. ';2. at Warreu, 2s Nov. 
18CG. EuwAiin S.\xi)rn-;. S'-'ii of Nathaniel an:] .Sally vLowen). b. 
at V\'arren s .Vi^r. IsU. d. there 1'.' July 1--S. He m. (1) at War- 
ren, 1 Oct, 18:37, Maria Davol. Children by lir^t wife. h. at lU'ook- 
lyn. N. Y.: 1. C/^/v? J,,?-,;;;./;?, b. 17 July ] s."il ; d. oti Sepi. 18.!,1. 
2. )r(7/)V';7i .V. b. 7 Sept. l^.-.2: d. Apr. 18.":L 3. Chn-.i An- 
tniiftt.:. b. 1 Anic. ls.-^4; d. 12 Oct. l8.>i;. 4. .V"/-y GaiunKll. b. 28 
Jan. 1>.".^; m. at V>"arren. 2:j Ault. issl, Lewis Hamilton M.ader. 
son of Granville Carlefm ai'd I-dizabeth Auau-ta (Colbnrn,. b. at 
Ryegate, \'t.. 27 Apr. Is.Jl: cliildren; Vv'illiam Granvide. b. at 
Warren 17 Apr. 188:". m. at Providence, P.. L. 'J .\pril Pilo. Zerrie 
Fitz-i;andoli>h Hnnt-nu.n. dan. of Juhn Eletclier and Zerviali S. 
(Fitz-ltaudolph). b. at Providence 7 Feb. l~^-5; Lev,-is Hamilton, 
b. at Warren 2.5 Jan. IsSi";; Percy Davol. b. at Providence Jan. 
1800; .MarLraret Ganimell. b. at Providence l;' Feb. ls'J4. i. Wil- 
Uom St'j'hi^n.h. 1 Am:. l^Gl ; d. 20 Nov. 1m:i. 

vii. Ei.iZA ]!oih:i;s Gam:\ii:ll. b. 2 Feb. 1828; d. at Newport 14 Sept. 

John GAMMtf.i. {M'trfiaretJ' Thomas.* Jo&ip},? Franch!^ WllHani^) 
WHS born at Bu>toij 10 May 1707. He was a oraduate of tlie C'-ntre 
School (-ituateJ on .Scliool .Street), iMj-ton, in 1810. ami was a P^iank- 
lin Medal Scb.olar. He re-ided iu Bo.-ton until 18G0. wlieii lie re- 
moved to Ciiark'stowii. Ma-s. For more than '2'j years he mtv* d 
as Ciiy Mi-s-iouary, under the au-pices of the \\'inth]-oji Con;:"rei;:t- 
liouul Chiireh. aud a^ a citizen he was well knov.u and re.-jiected 
bv all. 



He mnriied fir.-t at Boston, .".0 Oct. 1828. TIaxnati Davis Col- 
lins. d;UI^lltt'^ of litTiianl and Ilaiinali (Martin), who was liuru at 
jMai-l.l.-lu^ad, Mass., 22 .Afar. 1807. and died at Cliarkslown T.O Dec. 
18o('); sccimdl} at CliaiKstiiwu. 12 'M:i\ !>:_'>, as hvv second hus- 
band, SusAX AV aim: (?iIa\hi:w) Chai'Max. .lanuhter of Zacchcus 
and Pamela (Smith), wlio was liorn at l''armini;ton. ^Ic. 2.'5 Oct. 
1802, and died at Boston 25 July lS,-sO. She had married first 
Jonathan Chapman, sou of Jonaihau and Kaeliel (Knowlton). horu 
at Xoldeboroiigh, Me., drowni'd in Damuri-enrta Bay, Me., in 1828. 
John Gammell died at Charlotown 1 Oct. 18G3. 

Children by first wife, l.iorn at Charlestowu. except the fir>t : 

1. Margaket Eliza Gammixu b. at Boston h Nov. 182:" ; m. at Cliarles- 
lown, 1 Jan. 1852, Bex.tamix Gii.max Gay. son of Elijah and 
Abigail (Turner), b. at Saleni. Me., 5 I\li. ]82ij, d. at .Au^jvi-ta, 
Me., 12 June ISSO. Cliildreu. b. at Auau-ia : 1. Clarriire HVs/m/, 
b. 9 May 18.53 ; d. 22 Apr. ]s<:). 2. nhcin ILrhcH, h. 7 Oct. 18:.7 ; 
m. Eavena Edith Coyne of ilalone. N. Y. 3. Ilattic Eyi>m".h. 10 Oct. 
18.")8. 4. Arthur Br nj' II, lin, b. 17 Auir. 1800: m. Grace Greenwood 
Coyne of Malone. N. Y. U. AH.rrt M.vih-w:. h. 22 Amr- l-^'--; m. 
(1) Mary A. Emery, b. at New I'urtlan.i. Mo., d. at Anuu-ta. Me., 
hi I'.iu.'i; in. (2, at Aimu-ta. 8 Apr. r.'i.i;, C^uiierine K. Coney, dau. 
of Roger I), and Catbirine Mary n\yan). b. at AiiLni--ta in l>72. 
C. Mar'ia Luuif^e. b. 2''r Apr. I8u.">; in. at Wentwortli, N. H.. 25 
Oct. 1899, Herbert Anios Clark, sou of Amos Hiird and Ann Eliza 
(Piper), b. at Eiermont. X. H.. 25 May 1803. 7. AnriUa Vd'orci, 
b. 19 Apr. 1808: ni. at Stuneham. Mass.. 9 Mar. 1809. William IT. 
Butts, sou of John \V. and Mary E. (Johnson), b. at Newbury- 
port. Mass., iu 1>0'J. 

li. WAmiKN E\"a!:t-^ Gammti,!.. b. 25 .\utr. 1^31: m. at "Wc^t B''yi«ton, 
Ma-s.. 18 yfar. Ls55. Ei.mixa Sii.i;xcr. B\in:rs. dan. of llo^t-a and 
Care. line A. (Ni'Wtoii). b. at Siirew.sbnry, Ma'-s., 1+ June. I.s37, d. 
at AVcst Boylston 13 Jan. 1008. Children, b. at We.-t Boylston: 
1. Mlna Franris GaiiiiiuJl. b. 5 May 1850: m. at \Ye.--t lioylston, 
27 .Tune 1874. Frank Thompson Brown, sou of Horace and Adaline 
(Howe), b. at rrineeton. Ma<-s.. 14- Aug. I;51. 2. llfury Warren 
GnhimelL b. 31 May ls58 ; m. Anna John.-ou. 3. Martha JIuria 
Gohinifdl.h. 4 Xnj.. Is50; m. at I'rovidence. R. I.. 18 Jan. 1.^80, 
AYalter Scott Baxter, son of Elijah and Priscilla. b. at Barn>tahle, 
Mass., lu 1847. 4. Ada Dana GammrU. b. G Dec. ISGO; d. 13 Nov. 
1803. 5. D'Un ^Idir■dn f.orum'dl. b. 2o July 1802; m. at Siiirley, 
Mass., 80 Nov. 1881, Charlr-^; J. Ecavitt. sou of Oscar and Elizabeth 
(Frary), b. at Eancaster. Ma^-s., in L-OO. G. Joint AJhi rt O'lutuifU, 
b. 13 Oct. 1803; m. (1) at AYest I5oyNton, 5 Pec. 1883, Eoiii.-a Ada 
Iliggins, dau. of SpaiTow and Jnlieite A. 'Pierce), b. at Retlaiid, 
Mass.. in 1807: m. .(2) at AYorcr-ter. Ma<=^ . 13 Oct. 1900. Eoui-a 
Burnett Chase, dau. of Y'illiam P. and Iloscauna D. (Pratt), b. 
We-t Boylston in 1874. 7. WuJJo E<;ri-it GarnmcU. h. 20 June 
V-;05 ; m. at Providence. 24 May l-ssO. Grace I-abel \YeUs. dau. of 
John D. and Susan, b. at Putnam, Conu., in 1805. 8. Aicju^tus 


Bromhy Gmnmdl. h. 12 June ISGS, d. S Jan. ]SGP. 0. A'lig'iil 
Agnes Gninmd!, b. 12 Jiui. 1S70; in. IIo^vDi-d Scott Dixmi. 10. 
Edfjar Franl-bn (lUhniirll. h. 17 Auir. 1872; ii;. at WdfCfstrr, 20 
Oct. I8;i8, Jane Qiiailo. dan, of Michael and Cailiariiic (McKcon"!, 
b. in Ireland ill 1877). 11. E<\lh F/.>;v;,r, (7./)/n,i. ,7, b. 8 Seiit. 1>78. 

ill. Harkikt Makia Cruris b. 2(' Oct. 18;^;-! ; d. at Brentwood. 
K. II., 24 Jan. ll^O^ ; in. at Marblehead. >Ia>s.. t; Dec. 18.57.. Je.--i-vn 
Hknky Joiin.'^on. sciii of JuM.iih and Lney (I'inl^hanO, b. at Nortli- 
M-ood, y. H., 22 .\ue. 1.^2;i, d. at Maiden, Ma--^., ir, May 1885. 
Cliildreii, b. at Chelsea. Ma>s., except the rlr-t two: 1. .l.'i'fc 
Amcli-T. h. at Cliarlc>tu\vn, Mass., 12 Nov. 18:.(>; m. at Maiden. 18 
June 1880, Walter E. Bunt, son of Tlionias F. and Marianna A., 
b. at heading, Mass., in 187/.'. 2. Unrri<t Ihtth. b. at Charle>to\vu 
30 Dec. 18.-I8; in. Jolni I.. Stevenson. 3. Anna Lorii.g. b. 17 July 
18C1; d. 21 Apr. 1870. 4. Jo.^.j.h Worren. b. ."0 May 1800: m. 
Lonise McClellan. .=>. Celia Js(ibc!le,h. 27 ^ox. \Si''>; m. at Troy. 
N. Y., 2 Apr. 1887, Charles Alliert King, son of Albert and Ange- 
line Susau (^Veb^ter), b. at Castine, Me., 5 Oct. 180."). il. Ucurge 
Henry, b. 21 Feb. 18i'i8; ni. at Melrose, Mass., 30 Sept. 18;tO, Ann 
E. 01.)car, dau. of AVilliain F. and Julia E., b. at V.'hitn'.an. T-Jass., 
in 1870. 7. Alhfi-t G.immilJ,]-,. 24 Oct. l>r.:i; d. 12 Feb. 1S73. 

iv. Jt>HX llr.vnv Gam.mi.ii.. b. ]u July l'.".r>: in. at Charlestown, 18 Nov. 
]8.",8. I^Liz.v. Jam: iNlAMir.w. dau. of Nathaniel and Jane Areek.s 
(Partridge), b. at Jelferson. :Me., 5 Dec. 1^32. Children, b. at 
Charlc-town: 1. C'lrru' Fiortnce Gmuuidl. h. 11 Auu. 18G1. 2. 
Annie Louise Gammell, b. 23 Feb. 1870; ni. at Boston, Apr. 18'.'0, 
Alexander Laue, son of .\lexander and Mary L. (Peterson), b. at 
Duxbnry, ;Mass., 22 .-\ug. 1809. 3. Xdlic Lena GnnimeU, b. 'J Nov. 
1S72 ; ni. at Medford, ^.lass., 1-s Apr. I'JO'l, as his second wife, John 
Mason Colby, son of John ]iIasou and .-Vlmira Knowles (Xewcoinb), 
b. at Boston 22 Jan. ls70. He in. (Ij at Weymouth, -Mass., 2G 
June 18'J.">. Harriet L. Carver, dau. of Justin A. and Lydia Augu-ta 
(Gardner), b. at Ilingham, Mass., 4 Jan. 1809. 

Children liy second wife, born at Cliarlestowii : 

T. AMiK.nT :Mayhew Gammf.ll. b. 13 Mar. 1840: d. at Chelsea. Mass., 
10 Dec. F-t'.3; in. at Charlestown, 2~- June ]m;1. IlAiaiir.r X. IIan- 
DALL, dau. of John and Loidsa B. (Bryant), b. at Charlesto'.vn 
1 May 1 ^41, d. at Cliel^^ea 10 Dec. 1803. lie wa- coniiiii^-ionrd a.> 
2d licuicnant in Co. I. 11th Ma>s. Ib'gt.. 13 June 1801 ; Ut lieuten- 
ant 17 Jan. 1802, and captain 30 Aug. 180,2. Ho engaged in every 
battle in wliich tlie rcziment I'articipated. from the first Ixittle of 
Bull Ibiii. until tlie date of lii.- furlougli, Dec. 1803. He was at 
home Init a few days when, returning from a visit to his relatiM-* 
in Chelsea, with his wife, he was instantly killed while atlenipiiug 
to cross the tracks of the Eastern K. E. Co. at Clielsea. He was 
spoken of as a man of exemplary character and the highest virtues. 
As an officer he was brave to a fault, and lie iiad tlie esteem and 
respect of the officers and soldiers of the reginn-nt. He received 
all the degrees, and took membership in King Solomon's Lodge of 
Ma?on> at Charlestown 18 Feb. 1803. 


\\. Skp.kno DwKiiiT Gammki.i., b. 2 Mar. \Si2. He \vas a LrracUiaie of 
theCliarloviowu Iliirli Scliool; Ainher^t Coile::i_' in L*i::>; Aiidover 
Theological Seminary in 1,->(;S, and ^va> oniained to the niiu;>tr>" 
the same year. His pastorate-^ have lieen iu Boxford. Mass., Lyim, 
^Mass., AVcUinztou, O.. and Tahnadire. O. In Is'Jf. he retired frotu 
active nuni.*terial work, and has shice resided at Xorih Broolwleld. 
He served in the Civil War as sergeant in Co. E, 47lh Mass. Rei.'^t.. 
from 4 Sept. \^>V2, to 1 Sept. I'^-Ui, and a~ 1st lientenaut in ti:e 
4th :Massaehn>etts Heavy Artillery from L'7 Ault. I'^iU. to 17 June 
ls05. He m. t,l) at Cliarle.-town. 17 Ain.'. ls';>. N.wcv KLizAr.KiH 
"Wksto.n, dan. of David 15. and Sarah J. (Diek-nn), b. at Charles- 
towu IS Mar. 1^40, d. at F.oxford. Mas-., l". May ls>0; m. (2) at 
Korth Brooklleld. Ma-^s., 2 Apr. lsS4. Emma E. roitrr.i;. dau. of 
J. Edwards and Eouisa (Clarke), b. at Hadley. Jla-s., 2C> Dee. 
164(1. Children by first wife. b. at B.i.xford: 1. D"rid ]Vrsfr,n 
Gam7ncU, b. 3 Ang. ISoIi ; m. at Wellinuton. Ohio. 2r> l')ec. 1.«;'0, 
Ida ilay Bowers, dan. of Charles Hr>nu;e and Emma Jane (Web- 
ster), b. at Wellington 8 Jnue ls71: ehild. b. at Wellininon: 
Sereno Bowers Gamniell. b. 23 Ang. lsl",t. 2. .h^hn (iammdl, b. 
2 Oct. 1S72: m. at Cleveland. Ohio, 2S Ang. 1>'J4, Miriam Larkin, 
dan. of .\lesander rnd Marv (Davi<"i. b. at Sharon, Pa., Apr. 
ls72; cliildren. b. at Cle\ehtud : Sorenu I'orter Gammell, b. 25 
May is't:,. d. 24 Ang. \^\\'j; Miriam Earkiu Gammell, b. 25 Jan. 
18'J7; Rnth We-ton Ganunell. b. 13 Ang. 1005. .3. Lncj lluht 
GautmcU, b. 9 Se]>t. ks7i.;; m. at North Brooklield. 2'J Eeb. IOmi, 
John Holbrook Marriott, son of John Jl. and Julia (Holbrook), 
b. at Coventry. Ky.. E" :\Iay 1>71 ; child, b. at Rutlierford, N. J. : 
Ruth Porter, b. 5 Aug. 1008. Child by second wife. b. at AVelliug- 
ton : 4. .'ifr/mo Porter GammeU. b. 20 Sept. 18.87; d. soon. 

vii. Ek\.nies AnKLiA Gammkll. b. 10 Oct. 1845: ui. at Boxford, 30 June 
I8t50, Aleu.];! Howi.and Bas-ett. son of Richard and Elizabeth 
Shaw (Bakerj. b. at Dartmouth. .Ma-s., 23 Dec. ls30. 

30. RiCHAin/ Uj:.\xx (L'ic/,ard.^ Thomas,^ Joseph.^ Francis," William^) 
was burn at Boston and bajitized 23 Nov. 1783. Iu hi.s younger 
days he iollowed tlie sea, and later in life he was familiarly known 
as Capt. Urann. On 18 June 1808 he purchased land at Dorche.=ter 
of ]Mary Searh-s and Alii:j-ai] Montai^^ue of Lunenburg, ^lass., and 
■ in 1810 and 1813 a.lj.Mning on Dorch-^er turnj.ike (called 
Dorche-ster Avenue in 185i) near Pond Street, where the family 
resided for many years. He also purchased large tracts of land at 
Commercial Point and Cow Pasture, Dorchester. On 12 Aug. 
1833 he purchased a tract of laud lying n-ar I>.-dham Street, to the 
east of Washington .Street, Boston, v.-here he carried on a planing 
and wood-turning business. 

While lie was a resident of Dorchester for many years he un- 
doubtedly was a re-ident of Boston from 1834 to 1S4G. In 18-il 
he seiwed as a member of the Boston City Council from Ward 11. 
and in 1842 and 184^3 as one of the Board of Aldermen. 


A copv of bi.s will, dati'd ■2'> Juno lS(i], \va* fiK-d in C'oiiit. \n\t 
was disallow t_(l, ami an auininl-trat"'!- w;ts appointt'tl 11 ]May IS*'-). 
His ohiiilrcii wciv li:iptizc.l at tli'j Fir>t Churfh in ])o!vlv-ter, 
and the family were l.iiilL'd iu the IJichard I'lanu tomb in the Dor- 
chester North Cemetery. 

He married at Doiehester. ]\ra^s.. 25 June 1800. Sat:aii 
Bfny Hr.NT. (lauuhter of Ahrahani^ and ]\Iary (St. Le-er), born at 
Boston 1-i July ITSo. and died at Dorchester 8 Sci)t. 1«59. He 
died there 21 Del,. K^i;2. 

Childreu, boru at Dorchester, IMa-s. : 
i. KicHARP ArCJVsrrs/ b. 20 Jan. InI."; d. at Boston C Feb. l^OS; m. 
at New York, Ki;i;kcc.\ ELizAnrnii Geib, dau. of John. b. tliore 2S 
Jan. 1S23, d. at Boston 2-1 Dec. 1>>3. 
ii. Fi;niiiXAXi>, b. 30 Dec. 181S; d. at Boston 15 Mar. 1801; m. at Dor- 
chester, 25 Oct. 1S40. Sakaii Gaudinick DniMOCK, dan. of John L. 
and Sarah G. CWheehvright), b. there 30 July 1827, d. at Boston 
C Apr. r.Ki2. Children, b. at Dorchester, except tlie second: 1. 
Ellen Theresa,^ h. 17 Sept. 18:>0: d. at Doreliester i:) Sept. 1851. 

2. Lciris />., b. at Watcrtown, .Ma?'-;., 1 :Mar. 1>52; d. Apr. 1852. 

3. Einrna (u:riUnu\ h. ^ I'eb. 1-:.:.',: in. at Xewton. Ala-^., 20 Oct. 
lS7-i, John Aniistrong "Williams, sou of John I--\ans and Irene 
(Coney'), b. at Koxhnry. Ma-^.. 10 May ls4'.): cluMren, b. at Bos- 
ton: John J:va!i>, b. 25 Oct. 1>:5. d. 30 Oct. l>-75; Lewis Coney, 
b. 26 Nov. 1^-77. 4. Fanmj.h. 18 Mar. 185G; d. 7 Jan. 1^58. 5. 
Grace. St. Lnja-. h. 21 May 185'.i: m. at Boston. C< July Issi, -wil- 
lianiHein-y Trescott. sonof Jo^iah French and Phebe (\Vliit"liou~c), 
b. at Vassalborou::h. Me., 25 Aj'r. ls57: children, b. at Bo-tnu: 
Gi-ace Merrill, b. 2''. Jan. F-s3. )„. at Boston. 1 Juiu' 1'.m;)7. liichard 
S. True, son of Richard S. and Thankful F. (Jackson;, b. at 
Rome, N. Y.. iu is^t; Marjorie Cleveland, b. 27 l--^5. ni. at 
Boston. 25 Dtf. I'/tij'). John ^V. F.iinuon<, son of ^^■a-llinl:■ton and 
Faustina (Walton ^ b. at Saco. Me., in 18-1: Katlvirine, b. l' Jan. 
1S95. d. at Bo.ston 1<'. Mar. lyOO. C. Charlotte, b. 30 Nov, 1SG3 ; 
m. at Boston, 5 Nov. 1885, George Richardson Brackett, son of 
Sewall Baldwin and Mary Caroline (Richardson), b. at Baltimore, 
IVId., 8 Mar. 18<;0. 

iii. Sakaii M\i;ia. h. 3 Apr. 1^21; d. at Denver, Col.. 22 Feb. lOOfi ; m. 
at Bu.-ton, as his second wife. 2o June 1877, Sii.a.- lii-;uTENsiiAW, 
son of Alfred and Martha, b. m England in 1828, d. at Denver 13 
Jan. I'JUO. 

iv. FKKOEnic "\ViM.iA>r, b. 7 July 1>22; d. at Cleveland. Ohio. 1 Jan. 
1904; m. at Boston. 3 Oct. 1.S43. Lydia Jknxison HA-i-N'K-^. dau. of 
Edward and Naucy (Leeds), b. at Dorchester 5 Feb. 1813. d. at 

. * Hunt, son of Rc-iij;ii.-,in and ?:irah (Arnold), was b. nt Braintree, Mass., 
2 June 1748; d. 5 D,.'C. ]7'J3; m. jii-t. rcc. at iiosl.jii IS Sept. 1771) Mary St. Legev, daa. 
of Garrick St. Legc-r of Halifax, N. S., b. 15 June 1751, d. 29 Aug. 1824. lie sen ed in 
the devolution &r, second lieutenant ai.d adjutant; was made a mason in the Lodge of 
St. Andrew, Bo>t<;a, in 1777; w-as one of the Boston Tea Fartj, and joined the .-Vn- 
cient and Honorabl'r Artillery (.'otr'.pany in 1772. 


Clevflfliul 2S Dec. 1.^0!i. Cliildren : 1. Chira Av(}>isla.« h. at Con- 
cord, N. H.. ;• July 1>U. 2. /,';-;.• }r-rri'i. h. nl Dorclu^stor li^.Tiir.e 
18t7; 111. at H.>-t.iii. 2 M;iy l>:o. S:iiimel Au-iistii-^ Mfirill. M>n of 
Saiiiucl and .Maitlia A:riu.-s (^AdaiiisK 1). ai l^i-t^'ii 4 July l^-iT; 
clnldi\n : Frcderifk AiiuiiNtii^. h. at ImisIcu ]r, Jimr 1S7] ; Albert 
Adains, 1), at Hydi- Park, Ma.>s.. 2;i Got. 1>7 I ; in. at New tdii, .Ma-s., 

2 Sejit. i;tOl. Anna Dooator Philbrick. daii. of >Villiam )). and Mary 
(StaiffuO, b. at ^■e^vton 10 Sept. ISOO. 

T. "Wu.i.iAM DwitiiiT. li. l>er. 182;". ; d. at r.nstoii 1.^ Mar. l.'^S-l ; served 
during the Civil War in the ^i'a^•y a-; acliniz master and lieutenant 
from 20 Oct. ISGl to 30 Oct. lsr,s. iK- m. at Brooklyn, N. Y.. 13 July 
1848. Fkances C.viioi.rxr. S.vnxn, dau. of Clian.neey and Jane (Velt- 
man), b. at Newbiirgh, N. Y., G Apr. Is2',i. d. at Glen Itidire. N. J., 

3 Jan. IIMO. Children, b. at r!roe->klyn : 1. .V"/v Ccr-ithu-^h. 27 Apr. 
ISi'J ; 111. at Brooklyn, 1>! Nov. l.sC.'.t. Georiro Jacob Oliernian. sou 
of Jacob and Mary, b. at Milwaukee. Wis.. IG Jan. 1S44 ; children, 
b. at Boston : George Hayinoud. b. 12 Dec. 1^71 ; William Uranu, 
b. 30 Jan. 1874. 2. Sarah S<iU.-lur:i, h. C, Feb. 1n.:3; d. at Glen 
Kidge, N. J., 20 Dec. lOrt,-, ; m. at Bo>ton. 2.". Dec. 1873, William 
Joseiih Dow, sou of Fetor !M. and Sarah A. (Wheplcy), h. in 
land 10 Alii:. 1840, d. at Bo-tnii 7 May H'.m; ; chiMieu. b. at B:i-.ti'U: 
Geor-e Giihrrt. b. IC Dec. is;.-,; Fiehard Aui:;i~liis Fraiiii. b. 

6 e>ct. 1878, d. 10 Aug. J^,->4 ; G!;uly>, li. :.;i Dec. Ish;. d. s May Lv~7 ; 
William Jo^-eph. b. 4 Doc. isOO. d. 2s July l-ni. ?,. Jmnir St. 
Lrn(A\\y. 13:Slar. is.V.i: in, at lio-ton.5 Nov. 18sl. James Frederiek 
Brown, sou of Fobert B. and Nancy J. (Bicknell). b. at Melrosc, 
Masv., 18 Sept. 18.5C; cliild, b. at Norwood, Mass. : P'Jcanor Frann, 
b. ].". :\lay !8.^(i. 4. Aid'AnHte CJarl:. b. 20 Jan. F-iU ; d. at Boston 

7 Nov. 1801 ; m. there. 3 .May 1^-2. as his second wife. Alexander 
Hamilton Wood, sun of Feterand Jc-sie (Cleghorii}, b. in .Scotinna 
17 June 1830, d. at lJo>ton 17 June 1800; cliildreu. b. at l?o>ton: 
Fannie Antninetie, b. 17 .ipr. l8'-3: Sarah Jelfer^on. b. 17 Mar. 
1800; Alexander Hamilton. 1). 7 Nov. 1801. 

vi. :Ma]!Y St. FKt.r.i;. b. 2s :\[ay 1>l',j ; d. at Denver. Col.. S Anir. lOOS ; 
m. at Dorchester, t! Jan. IsJO, Isa.\c F. Faxi>. sou of Daac and 
AmiaW. (Pollard), b. at Foxbiiry, Mass., in 1817, d. at Denver 
Sept. 1^80. 
vii. llr.NKv .\i)OLri[us, b. 11 Nov. Is28; d. at Ocala. Fla., 12 July 1001; 
m. at BovLon. 24 Sept. lsr,2. .Mai:iannk 1>!X SfLLiVAX, dau. of 
John \V. and ^laiiamie, b. at I.o.-ton in ls27. 

40. J.Wk'"^ Uran-.v (Thomas G'nrdiner,^ Thomas,^ Joseph,^ FroNcis,^ WH- 
Uam^) wdi boru at IJostou, ^lass., about 17S;;. She married lirst 
at T.oston, 21 .Sept. IHOU, Hfnky AVii.son of New Jer.scy ; secondly 
at l;ost<ju, 3 Apr. 1804, Amasa Bi-rge8S, born in England ; thirdly 
Hknut .^IfTCHKi.L; fourthly at Boston, 27 Oct. iSoC, John V.". 
Roi;ix.= ox. All htr hu.>b;UKls were seafaring' men. She died at 
Boston 1 Sejjt. IS.jS, at which time she wa> a widow. 

Cliihl liy lii'-t ]ni-,band, lioru at Bo.-tou: 
i. Naxcy, b. 23 Mar. Fso2 ; d. at Boston IG June I860; m. (\) tliere, 
24 Dec. 182C, Ebknizek Alkxaxdi-.k, .son of Ebenezer and Fhoda 


(Scott), b. at Slontr.suo. Mn'^s.. l-l Sept. isri2. d. at Rostou 7 Fd,. 
18o5 ; ni. 1^2) tliore. 7 .Tunc 1>:'.0. Natuaniki. llowi am> Wiiitakft;, 
son of A>a and Sai'Lih (llowkmdl, b. at Hii<ti>n I'j Ait. 17''i). d.. 
there 30 Aug. IS-li). ChiUlrcu by llr-t liii>'';uid. b. at Bo.-tou ; 1 
Whilakrr Jloichitul. b. 12 Mar. 1^2S: d. unm. at Paris. Fr;uice. '27 
Aug. I.S.M. 2. Wi'hird Scoft. b. 10 Mar. ISoO; d. IS Feb. 1-33. 
S. Ei'CiH~'i\h. 17 Feb. ls.S2 ; d. at Ro-ton 30 Mar. 1900; ui. there, 
21 Oct. l.'^57, Harriet Sherman lUirch^ted. d;iu. of I^enjaniin and 
Ilarr-.L-t (Slicrman) ;;Anie<), b. at Bo>tou 3 1>lc. ]8;'3; children, b. 
at Bu.-ton: Carrie Adeline, b. 2 Dcc. 1>.")S: Wintlirop. b. l."i Nov. 
1861; Mabeh b. 10 Dec. lsi;7. d. 30 Apr. b-'Vj ; Hollis Williamfi. 
b. 20 Aug. 1671. Child by second husband, b. nt Boston : 4. ^-i'.;.r- 
andcr llov.lamL h. 21 Soy. ]>tl; connnis'^i.nied as 1st lieutenant 
9th Mass. Battery 10 Aug. l-r.2: d. at IJoxbury. Mass., 20 July 
lS(-!3, of wounds received at the battle of Getty^burg. 

Childreu by second hu-baud: 
ii. S.uiAH J., b. abt. ISIS ; d. at Boston 3 Jan. IfOO : m. Tuo^fAS Dvrr.. 
son of Thomas and Ruth (Collins), b. at 'i'mro. Ma^>., Dec. Isl4 ; 
he m. (2j Martha Ann Rich. He d. at Truro 23 Sept. IS'JS. Chil- 
dren, b. at Truro: 1. Jonathan C-Uins. b. Aug. 1S3S. 2. J''Si<ih 
Thni,i.:,. b. 18 Nov. islo. 3. John Lee. i. ,Samud. 5. Xanc;/. 

G. Cl'-n' M. 

iii. Naxcy. 
iv. JosiAH. 
V. Amasa. 

Child by third husband, b. at Boston : 

vi. if AUY Aldkx. b. 22 Aug. 1823 : d. at Hyde Rark. Mass.. 1.5 July 1S08 ; 
m. at Boston, 12 Mar. l>i."). TiMi>TnY BAnTHoi.o>rEW Bi^nvxE. 
son of John and Amelia (Banhoiomew). b. at Lyme. N. H.. 23 Apr. 
1S19, d. at Boston 9 May 1SS5. Childreu: 1. .Vo-;/ i7/c/(. b. at 
Boston. 2. Tfiin'/i _¥<■'-■.'.(//, b. at Boston 12 Dec. 1.-47 3. Ororoe 
Jlein-'j. b. at Boston i. Nov. 18.J2. 4. Emmn Alice, b. at North 
Thctford, Vt.. 22 Aug. ls.37. 5. Jmaes Carter, b. at North Thei- 

41. John'' Ukann {.hlai^" ThoiKm;,^ JoscpJi,^ Francis." )f7///o;/i^) was born 
at Harlem Heii;}it^ X. Y., 2!' Jiin- IT'.tl. He married at Tro\, 
'X. Y.. 20 An.g. ]sl3, IIanv..!.!! C'liATTF.HTr.x, diiui:liter of Peter 
and ]Mary (D.r.v), Ijorn at Clinton, Dutcln/ss Co., X. Y., 1 Jan. 
179.5. died at We-t Troy fnow Watorvliet). X. Y.. lo Sr[-t. lb7-3. 
He died at Troy :.M) Seja. (another record says Dec.) 1875. 

Children, born qt 'J'rov : 
i. CATit}:iu>K i:i.i.KN,^ b. 27 May ISl-i; d. at West Troy 17 Sept. l.?5fi; 
v.\. tli'-re. 31 July ls47. as his second wife, Sexec.^ Mobbet 
MAX, son of J jhn and Sally (Free;, b. at Troy 12 Jan. 1817, d. at 
Old Chatham. N. Y., 12 Jan. 1904. Child, b. at Troy: Charles 
JInickins. b. 4 May 1-40. 
ii. llrC'iLE-: rlmi'.AKr-, b. .- Dec. ISlO; d. in New York City 28 Sept. 
19iK); ra. (1; at Troy, 14 Nov. 1-!^. Pamelia DrLAVEHXE Lo\^-, 


dan. of Jubu and CatlR-rine (Cb.attertonV 1). at rica^atit Valley, 
N. Y., 7 May 1S1'.>. d. at Troy 15 May IsTi"; m. (2) Mi:<. Mai;v 
MiLi,i;r. d. at We-t Troy LM A]ir. 1',mj7. Children by ilr^t ^Nife, 
b. at West Troy, except the lir>t : ). E.^'cn-d U'lu.In:^ h. at 
Schenectady. N. Y.. '-U Sept. ISt'J: d. in 1^<.">; m. in 1.^70. Adaliue 
Lee. dau. of Elijah and Tabiiha (Boruhart' . b. L'l .May ISIO : child, 
b. at Green Lshmd, N. Y. : Samuel Low.' b. lo Aja-. 1^72. 2. (t( cnje 
F. .¥.,b. 17 Feb. 1851; il. G July ls.-,l. 3. C,ir,,lin,: Liviuoston, 
h. 2 Aug. 1852: d. 11 Sept. 1-54. 4. L'lyrii Eiiopiihu h. G Jan. 
ISoti; d. 14 May 18S5. 5. nuri,jl,s Jluhhirr.L* b. i'> Mar. 1S58: ni. at 
New York City. 2-1 Apr. lss-1, Helen Airue- Barry, dan. of William 
and Julia Ann (^Mahney). b. at New York City !;• Sept. 18i;5 ; chil- 
dren, b. at New York City: Ferniilla .\umi-ta.M). ;;o July l.-',s7; 
ni. at New York City. H' June I'.'OO. .lanii'-; Tiionias Bunt, s-on of 
James and Mary Kllen i^Bt-aman:. b. tlu-re 22 Awj;. IssC; \Villi;un 
Edward, b. 2-t Xo\-. iss;); Tranci.s Jerome, b. I'.t June l.s'J4: Sarali 
Helen, b. 4 Apr. 18:i'.». G. I'arachi Lmc, b. 15 Feb. ISi'.O: d. at West 
Troy 17 Nov. 18o7. 7. Samuel Thomas, h. 5 Nov. 18G2 ; d. 15 Nov. 

iii. ^L\i;y Elizabkth. b. IG July 1818 ; d. at Troy 2s Apr. I.s74 ; in. there, 
15 Oct. l>ioG, Jamks nrir.ic, wli'> d. at Troy. 

iv. Sai:.\u A_vx. b. 25 Aui:. l'<2ii ^anotlier record -ay< \^'2r,) ; d. at 'West 
Truy 11 Nov. IslK; m. at AVe-t Troy. 2;> Nov. 1>:'.7. Si:.\i.rA Mon- 
BET SiLLiMAX. ^vho ui. for his second wife her sister Catheiine E. 
Children, b. at Vr.'-i Troy : 1. J. cats Harris, h. abt. ]-:N ; d. abt. 
ISGO. 2. J'Jui !>.:., ■(. r, b. 2:3 An^z. 1>40; m. at Old Chatham. N. Y., 
29 Jan. 18G2. Esther Anna Keller, dau. of William and Elizat>eth 
(Roberts), b. at IMtt^town, N. Y.. 21 .Vug. Is44 ; cliildrcn. b. at 
Greenbush, N. Y.. save the lir.^t one: Seneca Harris. 1>. at AVest 
Troy 16 Sept. lsG;j; Eli/.aiieth .Vmelia, li. i:.' S.-pt. 1SG5; E-sie 
Lrvilla. b. 27 Dec. 1870; Julia Morris, b. 25 ScjU. 1--72; l^itta 
Keller, b. 11 Sept. 187G; Anna Eldora, b. 30 Sept. Is-l ; Helen 
Miller, b. 8 Jjn. 1-^4. d. at Brooklyn, N. Y.. 25 Apr. l.^<;,». 

V. Rfi-us Jamks, b. 22 Sept. 1>22; d. at AVest Troy 11 .Mar. 1007; m. 
(1) JuANN.i Wasiusuiix; m. (2) at West Troy, i'.t Apr. Is48, Cath- 
KRiNK Fakki-.ll. dau. uf John and Catherine (Roney), b. at Lan- 
ginij;burgh, N. Y., 2 Mar. Is.'iO. Ciiild by (ir-t wife, b. :it We-t Troy : 
1. John Ferry.^h. IG :Mar. 1843; d. num. at Troy 2u Jan. I'JOG. 
Cl.ihij-j'n by .-eeon<l wife. b. at We-t Troy: 2. MiHar-! Fithaori', 
h. 17 Jan. isjO: d. at West Troy 20 Feb. Uivr.i; m. at West Troy, 
3 Apr. 18SS. Catherine Christina ISIiller, dau. of Catherine Chri.stina 
(Eichole), b. at Fort Chester. N. Y.. 14 Feb. lS5'j. a. j;ufits Jarars, 
b. 27 Feb. 1851; m. .Jo.-ie Dron. 4. L'ot.lorine Join:, b. 19 C)ct. 
1853. 5. Gtorrje Ed'card, b. 9 Aug. l';5G ; d. at West Troy 4 .Apr. 

vi. Gi:oi:gk Edwakd. b. 28 July 182G; d. at Troy 12 Sept. 1833. 

vii. Geouge Ejjw.vkd, b. 13 Ai)r. 1S34 ; d. at West Troy 22 Sept. 1800. 

* The fatnily Bililc of John* Unmii, is now in the possession of his great granJson, 
IJiiggleb Iluhbiird'' Urann, to w hoiu the compiler is under nnui}- obligiitious for record.s 
of this branch ol the fami!}-. 


42. James Williams" Uu.vnx (.A'/,» M^Hcus,^' J'Juu'^ Jo/m,* Jmji'-'s." ./'ohii,'' 

William^) \v;is l.orii at Snilivan. Mr., l.i ;M;iv \-<'^\. lie n>:>;Ti"<l 
thero, 9 Srjit. lSr,r), I'.LiZAi'.r/ni IvACiirL WmrF. (l:inL;!.t>r of 
Natluiii Jc.ilin-ou ami 'J'hv.ah (-lohM-un). wliu was 'noi'u at 
17 A])!-, is:;?, and diid tluTc .j Xuv. 18S7. 

Clnl'.Ir(.-r., Imrn at Sullivan: 
i. Lu LLVN FLom.xc'K.s I). 11 AiiL'- ]^''l: m.nt AVaItham.?ra«s.. 10 June 

)^>4. l.i:\i FuAXK L<l^•l^M)^•. -^on of 'J'liomas Kijbert and Sai-ali S. 

(Wliitconib), b. at Bralicl, Me.. 1+ Auir. l^f'O. CliiKlr'-ii. b. at 

Walliuini : 1. L'lirl Fred. b. 5 Mar. iss;;^). 2. Louis Bcrtrahi, h. 18 

AULC. ISIM. 3. .),«;/ LilUiiH. b. 27 Dec. ISO:?. 
ii. Annii- ;May, )). i X\i'X. Im'..!; d. at Snilivan i?(; Hay 1SS3. 
iii. C'iL\Ki.K.s Wn.LL\.M, 1). Srpl. lsG."i: <i. in 1S71. 
Iv. Oi.n']'. ili'.XNKTTK. b. K! .Tuno l.-^io; ni. at Walthani. 31 .Aniz. I'^O.', as 

his i^econd wife, Gi'.or.fir: ^Ieic.vlf CoL!iui;x, son of Andrew Syl- 

vanus and Olive An.<;cline (Jletcalf), b. at Greenl>f:>h. X. Y.. Jan. 

1845. Children, b. at Waltliani : 1. E^hn- Lmiis,'. b. ;> An-. 1.^07. 

2. Olive Elizabeth, h. IS Aug. 1000. 3. J.:anncUe Warnii, h. 13 

Mar. 1007. 
v. AVAr.i;i:.v Ar(;rsTrs Itin-.D. b. \r> Av.s. 1871: m. at Chd^ca, ^^la-s., 

1 Oct. loi'O. PiKirrnA Ff.ancks PirKFOiin, dun. of H..iiry and S:irali 

Ann (Sc:a->i, b. at ( lul-ea 1 (.ict. Is75. Cldld, b. at Ci'.el~ca: 

JUarg/ire! Slu'-rr!.^ b. 17 May 100i\ 
vi. Lovis Jami-;. b. .'. Feb. 1^74; ni. at Boston. 7 June 1~00. F]."nr.xcr, 

l-diL-i: M(_lx-i<i-ii, duu. of William and Myra B. (Whit comb), 

b. at r>o--ion 2i; May ls7.-^. 
vii. CuALLKs BKKir.A.M, b. 2s May ls70: m. at Boston. 10 Apr. 1001, 

Eva Mas: Mo..i:f., dan. of Kobri-t and .Unanda i Fulton',, b. at 

Shelticld, N. B., 22 Apr. 1^79. Child, b. at 15o>tou : £'.•',: 'y« :^f'jOve,^ 

b. 11 June lOijl. 

43. Jpsr.PH Lir.r.Y" Uraxx (JoLn MUeiK^,^ Jo/uiJ'' John,* James^ John,- 

WiUlain^) w;.'- br.rn at Sulliviui. 'Mx.. 20 :Mar. 1837. He married 
there, 22 X-iv. l^Gl. Statika Ax.v 1"!laisi)KLL, daughter of Knoch 
and Eliza (Dyer), \\ho was l)(Hn at Franklin, Me., 17 Nov. 1811. 
He died at .Sii'divan lU A\)\\ 1900. 

Children : 
i. llATur. i;i:oLXA.'b. at F.a-tbrook. Me.. 1 July isn3; m. :;t Ilavri--!-- 
tou, Me.. 8 Dfc. 1S85. PiOllik H. Fi^^nc, son of Hubbard and 
Olive (Frye), b. at ^Nlilbridire. Me.. 2.5 Sept. 1S(;2. Ciilidren, b. at 
Milbridire: 1. Jnmi's B'n-ton.h. 28 July ]ss7; d. 24 Sepi. ls03. 
2. Arthur Josfph, b. C Feb. Ism.T; d. 1 Oct. 1S03. 3. Jeiade Elane, 
b. 1."^ Nov. ls;'4. l. ^[,,,■r;,^ rV,:;^,-/"^. b. 7 Nov. ISO.l. 
ii. Hakuy Hai;\'7:v. b. at Fa-tbrook 17 May ]--i:r>; ni. at Milbridiro, 14 
Aug. Issr,. S<iptnA IlrcKixs. dau. of Siiueon !;:-own and 
Mary F.\elyu (Morrison), b. at Milbridge 10 I\'!). ISO."^. Child! en : 
1. lialph Jlirr>i,^h. at Franklin 4 Mar. 1.SS7. 2. Ewj^nn Ilirri?':n, 
h. at Franklin 3 May 1-^-S. 3. M^ih^l Atirr, b. at Franklin 2o .fan. 
ISOO; m. at Sullivan, 25 Feb. RtOO, as his second wife, Georgia 

i v4r:iliain. son of Aaron and >r.'\iy (CarroU'i. b. at Pullivn-' in lSi'7. 

I 4. Fred nn.^i'dl, b. at Milbridire 1! S<'pi. b-^'.>2. 5. MiH.rn n,'Inij, 

t h. at Addison, Mo., IT. Mar. Isi'ti. i;. .l/Z/iio- Evrett. b. at \dd;>on 

^ ?o /Kiy i:-?^ :. :;., ,. .:.,::„. b. ui Addison 12 Si.>pt. ut.n. s. 

I Jo.'rph Clif(ou. h. at SuUi\an o Apr. I'.ini;. 

I !ii. Fkkp Liiinv, b. at Sullivan 17 Dec. 1>'\7 . 

1 ?v. Adhif. Anmi:. b. at Sullivan ,"> Apr. 1^73 i m. at North Conway. N. IL, 

; 1 Doc. i;iOO, TliOM.vs liYitoN" Mirriui.r,. >on of John Alnani and 

I Mary Maria (McMahon). b. at Snili\an in Oct. ls.j(;. 

1 ■ V. B):i;tu.\. TiiANKFri.. t>. ai Mill)r!d.uc + Svjit. l--^0; m. at Sullivan, L'l 

Il^fc. I'J'.tl. Joii-X AVu LiAM JjKan. >on of \\'illiani and Hel)i'Coa 'I'rain 
(H!ll),b. at Su!li\an H Nov, 1^70. Chilil. b. at Sullivan : Sihy'. 

i ■ Galrndf. b. 21 Ajir. U'OS. 

! , vi. Jo>iK. Lii.i.i.vN, b. at .Milbridgc 10 Oct. 1S82; m. at Snllivan. 9 Apr. 

I 1010, Fred B. Co^in. sou of Stiilman and Oflia (Handy), b. at 

; Gonldsboro, ^Ic. in lss2. 

I vii Geoi;gi-V BL-v]si>kli.. b. ai ^Iill)ridge 7 Fcii. ISs".") ; m. at Mayaiiiiez, 

i Porto Kico. 28 Nov. l'.)07, Ki'.nxf.tis l^,i->\v.sin> Bi;.\(;i)ox. son of 

\ Edward Ehner and Jessie Brown (Noye>). b. at Sullivan 10 Dec. 

I 18SG. 

J viii. Ethf.l Mafd, b. at Sullivan 2;'> Julv 1.^-^7: d. 12 Oct. I>i88. 

I ViiJIian?) wa? born at Siilllvan. :»!-.. 22 :*Lir. ]>13. Jlr r.i: rrie-i 

I at Sullivan, 11 Mar. ISOo, Ciiestixa Elizai' El.mjdet.l, 

I daughter of Eben and Caroline Elizabeth (Dnnn), who was l<iru at 

j Franklin, Me., 24 Apr. 1817. 

I Chil'lreu, Ixirn at StiUlvan : 

r i. Gkace AI\i]).5 b. 17 Doc ISO'.i; m. at Snllivan. "0 .Ipr. 1802, Lixlt:y 

I Elwoop AYilhuk. ^on of Nahum Blake and Kninsa .lane (]5ordeu), 

I b. at E?-tbrook, Me.. 4 Mar. 18'-.7. Children : 1. Eb.rood Jlorton, 

I b. at Snllivan 9 Feb. l-y4. 2. Doro'.h>j Elizab^Jh, h. at Sorrento, 

j Me., 1.-. Dec. V?(i-2. 

I ■ii. Lydlv E:ii:ry, b. 17 Oct. 1871; in. at Sullivan. 17 Oct. 189:3, Euok.vf. 

f Havi;y. ^ou of Albion and Maiy Elizat)elh ^Bunker), b. at Sullivan 

I 13 Apr. 1871. Children, b. at Sullivan: 1. Walter EiMry, b. 

I 1 Apr. 1.^07. 2. 3/3/-.;i;.s J/orfO/j, b. li; Doc. r.'08. 

j Vn. Mauccs LrniiY, b. 2 Oct. 1873; ni. at liolden. .Me., 18 Nov. 1895, 

I Agnks Maria Coferand, dau. of Charles and Emma Deur^ie (Liu- 

\ coin), b. at Holdon 11 May ls'l>. He is a sradaate of the Uai- 

I versity of Elaine and Boston University School of Daw. He ca- 

\ sides in Boston, and is engaged in the practice of law. Th': lamUy 

j are indebted to >[r. Urann, at who^c suggestion this woric was 

j undertaken. IIU interest and generous assistance has naade the 

\ publication of tluz-e records po>.-ilj!e. 

1 IV. Mrna Be^-ie. t). i; Fo^.. l^sl. 

% V. CaelBlaisdkll, b. 10 May 18SS. 

I Mk RoKi.RT ^-.y-cyriiP. {Manj.'^ Joieph,^ lliomas* Joseph* Francis,'^ Wil- 

\ h'am^) wa- born about 1800. He married (inteulion recorded at 

A 4 

Bangor, 'Mc^., 4 .liily 18-2-2) Kriir. T")i;i.\K-iv \ti:k. Jau-Iit. r r.f Z'>T,r.« 
and Cymliia (PcikIIiMviu). ^v1ll> was horn at 2\ortIiport. Vi':.. ]'■} Apr. 
1801. lli; \v;i> (liuwiii-d in iln_' ]'i'no!i.-.coi IJivcr alioul ]S'_'8. She 
married .-icnudiy (iutciuion receirdeil at Ixin^'or. 2o Sept. ls;-;(»> 
Simeon Hall, who was hnrn ."i :Ma.y 180 1. r.iid dird nt;^HM- -1 May 
1857. She died a.t lirewcv. Me., Feb. 1S84. 
Cliildreii : * 

i. Ro)ii:i;T Lincoln. 1). a1 Xorthporl 1 July Js2:;: d. at l.o^\elI. 
2>1ass.. 22 Nov. 1002; m. af Baiiiior. 27 taet. l^:.!!, 
Wi-r.STKK, dan. of .Tovinh Clia^o and Meliiralile (F-nek). h. at Gien- 
bmii. Me.. .") Nov. It^".: : d. at Lowdl 27 Mar. ]h7;!. Children. Iv at 
Lowell, except the lir.-t : 1. Auiiie L'.-'CUc, b. at Bany;or .'> Alay 
1{S:»7. 2. Fr<nd- lF..A.-r. r. b. 2C det. 1.^".^ ; m. at Boston, 2r. p^-e. 
18Si>, llarriet Ihill Gooaridge. dan. of An-tin and llarrha i;a!!nu 
(KeynoM-:. )>. at Wounsocket. K. L, IS Nov. 1>0;_;. d. at J?e>toi: 
fi Due. is;"). :i. Fralrirk Irrhiii, h. 27 .Inne 1SG4 : d. at N._-w York 
City ]0 Mar. Fan. 4. (.■//>, ]V(,h?,,. b. 1 .Inly F^(';7 ; d. -i Sept. ^^<'.7. 
5. WiUi/nu. h. 2 Dee. Im;;!.- d. 2.S July l.-^ro. 6. liob^rt Liifolii. b. 
14 .Inne ls72: d. 2 Sunt. 1S72. 

ii. CiiAKLdTri:. Ii. abt. Fs21 ; d. at Eanicor abf. 1854. 

iii. l)i:i,ii.AH, b. abt. Is2s. 

46. Maky Sim:no:i; (.Vori//' Jofyli,^ Thn,n<is.^ Jm^rph} /^/v.-Mf/c.' ir//- 
liam^) was born at Bangor. Me., about 18UG. Slie married, 24 .Tune. 
1824, Davu) K.iN-(i, son of David aiul Mehital)le (Crockett), wha 
was boru 7 Apr. 1801. Slie died 13 0,-t. 1 8 1 (h 1 le married secondly, 
2 Dec. i8o2, Kliz.abetli A. Aldrieh, who wa> born at Sheilield, Ma-s., 
28 July l^;;o. 

Oiildren by lirst wife ; 

i. .M.u;v Eliza, b. at .Maxikid, Me., 2G Au-. Ls2.->; in. GLor.ot: Cook 

abt. F':;4.-.. 
ii. rnicni: Ann. b. at :\Iaxiield 1 Mar. 1830; ni. Silas TomiANci:. 
iii. David TiiOMrs(,N. b. at Bangor 13 Oct. Fs;;2 ; in. 24 Dec. 18:.8, Su.san 

rATii.ei:. Childi-.n: 1. Charles Wilhirr. 2. Mmj Jpannct'.e. 3. 

Geor;/.!. 4. .Vrrtini. o. Fnntlc. G. Xdlir. 7. E(h>bjn. 
iv. Chaklls. b. at Ma.\-!ield 2;i Sept. \H:'A: d. nrnn. abt. 1.:~;'0. 
V. Sr.Tir IhtKK. b. at :\IaxiiuM s Dec. \^:W<-^ d. al)t. ]s!G. 
vi. P:llkn, b. at Maxfield 2:! Nov. Fs38 ; m. Alkxani.i:!; II. Br.ST. 
vii. :\rAi;u Cai:olixi:. b. at iVrkin's Grove, 111.. 24 .Tan. FS41. ; d. Apr. 

F".)!-,; HI. Oi;vi> .Max.n. Children: 1. O^^.ir. 2. I'h'br AUce. 

Z. Addle Ki.iihj. 4. Wninrd. :,. Ella M'ty. 
viii. Kmilv .F\Nr„ b. at Fnion, Wl-., 23 Xo\ . 1^(3: in. at New (.irleans. 

La., 3 Sept. ].si;3. (;iiai:li:s Dauwin Fllioi'. .-on of .biscph and 

Zenoi-a (Tucker;, b. at Foxboro, Mas-., 20 .lune ls'37. d. at Soni- 

crville. :.ra.-.s., lu D.-c UiOS. Clilidr./n : 1. KmUn Fnincrs. 2. 

Cl-ini Zi:n'>ra. 3. Ella Florciire. i.. Chorlrs Josrph. H. Adelaide 

ix. Groiaji; WALi.ACK, b. at lionie, Wi-,., 25 .May l-sttj; d. Nov. 1^52. 

*Tl!e ehiklren took the surname of IFilF 


llirtilnMi In- mtoihI w ih' : 

3. .Ui.iA r.r. i-i:v. h. at Voliza City. l(->;\:i. V2 Feb. 18:>k 
xi. An loiNKiii'. li. al \'nl':.i City 2'> .May l"'.".':. 
vii. ,'r--i: Hov^t.. 1>. :xt Sa.-vanK-nto. Wi^.. <; (Jet. l>^."i><. 
xiii. ."\IiN.'.. li. at W-ruiia. \Vi^.. 21 .\.pr. 1~''.l'. 

47. Wii.i.iAM G.vviMui.i. ( Willinin G^nnmeJI. JLvijarv/,^ Titiunas,^ JoSffJi,^ 
Francis,- Willlon^] was l-uru at .MiMliicM, :M:,<s.. 10 Feb. 1.S12. 
llis e:ii-l_\ lro\li(,ioil days were iia"i''l at M, .bi.-M. lie \va- a rlose 
■fonijiaiiinji lu' Ills latluT ainl iiiLt'i-Uc.! liianv oi \u> (jualitU'^ and 
■fliaractcristic,-. Tlif rciiinval of tin- laniily to Newport in 1S23, 
ya\t;^ liim ail opiiortt^nity ti.> jiropare t'oi- enll.-e at tlu' (■la-->ical school 
llii-re. lie c'lUiToil ISruwn I'liiversity in \^M . His veeonl in tlie 
four Years" ruui'se was that of a faitliful aii'l eariie>t ~e!inhii', wlio 
attendeil for the s'jle [nuMn.ise of Ljettiuix an e'liK'atiou, ami wlio was 
<leteriniiie(l to iiuike the nl0^t of his jiriviie^es. In 1.^■'J1 he 
grailaated with the tir.-l Iituiors of his ehi>.^, and tlie following year 
was appointed a tutor in the University. Taw Catah-)2;ue of 1834 
.■,tyle.- him "Tutor and Le.-turer in tlie Latin Laii^naL''e and Litera- 
ture." Jn 16-)~ In v,a- iiKnle l''rotV---cir oi Kli.'tori", and in the 
/le})arlinent of Beiie-Lettres a>.-oeiated with I'roie.-xn- W'iliiam 
G. Godd.aril, who ninlinilit-dly had ureat iifilueue..' in shapin^j; his 
literary enltiire. Li IS'ii) he Ijeeame the Ina.! of a new department 
in liistory fur whieh lie had sliowu peeidiar litne.>s. As a sclauar 
.Tnd teacher Ins inthience and elliciency >t''adily incr.-ased, a.nd a') 
a colje-e oliie.-r lie rendered valuable- >er\-ice. IFr^ >land:irds were 
hiuli. liis critiei-m- fair and jit-t. and hi- jiati-'nce with th.' jUidents 
untirin--. Hi,-, uffc-ial cunu.-ction with tlc' Lnivei-.-ity continued 
fliroauli thirt\-C\vo year-, and great regret was nniuife^ted at his 

Pruf. Gaminell coutiim.i'd to reside in Proxidence and gave hi.s 
serviees to canses of learning, lieni'volciice' and pnl>lic usefulness. 
In LS.",a he received the degree of Doetor of Law> from the Lni- 
ver.dty of Roche-fer, and in L^70 became one of the Loard of h^d- 
lnw> 111 Prown L'niv.-r-ity. He wa^ piv-id. nt of the Pruvi-lence 
Atheua-uni and the Phode I>land Bible Society, and also a vicc-presi- 
<!eiit (d' the New Englaici Historic Gonealojical Soedety. a-; well as 
n life member, hi 18^2 he became pr<-dd nt of th'- Pliode I.-!and 
Historical S(n;iety and e^-er iuanife-t^<l the llvelie-t intere>t in it.s 
jiroceedings an<l wi iiare. The hiMory of the State was always a 
fascinatiiiu- theme to him and he bron-ht to the notice of the Society 
in his various a<ldres>es new and important lines of historical in- 
vestigation. Vol- a number lif years he wa- editor of the Chrwtian 
Peview and a va'u -d contributor to many ^ ,ular jiaper.-- and maga- 
;iine.-. lie wrote tlie life of Pogei- AYillianis and of Gov. Samuel 

4G I 

"Ward, and a History of Bajitist :\Ii<-ioii>. Pmf. CaiDiiK-ll \va^ | 

a devoted ini'inljtT of tlie Fir>t Ixijiti^t Churdi from lS-".7 to tin' | 

time of his death. His rfliuioxi- eharac;cr was deei-Ud and ih rp. \ 

and lio >lni\vc(l the Lrn-atest interest in everything wliieh pertained | 

to the njil.nildin-- of tlie Churcli. | 

He married iir.-t at Trovidence. U. J., 11 Oct. l.-^-'ls, Kmzahktii I 

Amory WmrrLK, daughter of Him. Jolm and Maria (llowen), wiio ^ 

■was born at Providence 2 Apr. ISL"), and died ihere :'■"> Ni'\. iS.'i'.l ; | 

secondly at rrovidence. 2\ Sept. 18."il, i:i.TZAr.i.i ii Amoky Ivi:s. | 

daughter of Robert Hale and Harriet (IJow en), wlio born at | 

Providence 10 Apr. IJ^-'iO, and died at Dover, England. 1 Apr. liS',)?, | 

lie died at Providence o Apr. ISSi.*. | 

Child by lirst wife, born at Pro^idence: | 

i. John Wiihtm; Gam^u-ij.. b. Sept. lS:!',i ; d. Nov. 18,",^. | 

Children by second w ii'e, born at Providence : | 

ii. RoREKT I-\"r;s G.oniKLi.. b. oO Dec. l^.".2; m at rroviilfiice. 2S Feb. ; 

1878, Eliza Ani hony Hori'ix, dan. of Francis E. anrl I'.liza Harris | 

(Anthony), b. at Trovideuce 20 .Jan. ls:,;i. Cliildreii. h. at Frovi- \ 

deuce: 1. JI<>Pk r;./-»n-/iW/. b. 12 >bi,r. l^ZO: tl. i:, d.-t. Is-O. 2. I 

Virrjiniii GmnmrU. h. l^i Uvt. l^O. a. H'll.rt ',e,.-M,i. .','. b. 8 Jan. | 

1888 ; d. 8 Feb. l.-^sS. 4. Poynton Ives ILqypin Gmnmrll, h. 2i) Feb. | 

1801; d. 2.-> C»ct. IMiI. \ 

iii. Euz^UiETii IIoi'i: Gam.mkli,. b. 7 Nov. lS.J-1: m. at Providence, 19 j 

May ISSO, Jou.v ■Whipple Slateu. son of William S. and Harriet i 

M., b. at North Smithfield. K. I., in 18.-.3. j 

iv. WuiJAM G.AMMEi.L, b. 20 Jlay 1>:.7 ; in. at Providence, 20 Feb. 1884, ' 

Bf-ssie Gap.i>.nei; liowrx. dau. of Tully Dorraiu-e and Luni-e. b. at 
Providence 21 Dec. ls.-,0. Children, b. at p]-oviil> iice : 1. 11'///;";)!, 
Gammell,}-). 8 Mar. 188.':i. 2. ArUmr Amorn G'nn.adh h. :> Sept. 
1888. 3. Ko.thanne GaurnuU. b. 20 Oct. l.-r^^'J ; d. 28 Apr. 18'.i0. 
4. Ives Garn'inell, h. 3 .Tan. L-''.'3. 
V. l^AUCinT]'.];. b. 4 Nov. IsC.O; d. soon. 
vi. Ainiiur: Amoi;y Gammeel, b. 13 Mar. 1SG2; d. umu. at Providence 

23 Mar. ls.s7. 
vii. II vKitiET IvE.s Gammi;ll, b. 10 May 1804. 
viii. HEEiix Louise Gam.mell, b. 24 Apr. 18GS. 


I'l; \XN. m. Damil Kii.bukn :ilit. IsOO. 

AinuAiL UiMN of Ntjwcastli.', ^If.. )ii.( int. ivc ;)0 Mar. *l7t'.j) IIocKirr 


ActJAiiAM Yor-uiNOj Xcwmarkft. N. II., IT.JD. 
Anna Uhin,* m. ].anca5ti;i;. 
C'hililix'ii, b. at .Siil!i\aii, Me. : 

1. rnKi'.i:. d. 1 Nov. ls41 : in. Axi)i:i;>tix IIopkt.vs. h. at Tniiton. Mo., 
2 Feb. i:::'.. d. 1 Jan. 1.^.53. Childriai. h. at Ti\iito!i : 1. And- i\t.-,., 
b. 2.3 Jan. 17'J."; ni. roily Audi-rsun. 2. Ai'>v. b- I'o Sciil. IT'-m;-, 
m. Mary« Urann. •?. ^l/rV. ^7. d. soon. 4. S^nni'i-I. h. i Sow If'v') ; 
111. (1) Bctsfv I.cland ; in. (2; .Alary La Count. .".. 1!, t.^< i/, b. 21 July 
1802; 111. JaiUfs Siit^ar. C. Juha. b. K' Mar. l^o:'. ; ni. (1) Jni'.a 
Gordon; 111. (2) Adeline Lelaud. 7. J/jV.''. b. 2t; Veb. IM*."); m. 
Eiully Leland. 8. J'nir. b. 4 :.!ar. l.-o^: ni. Jub. Amler-oii. !». 
Joseph: h. 4 Apr. 1>H: in. (1^ Kli/.abetli Hi>;.kiii-? : ii-. .:2) Kinily 
"\Ya*.:.'att !Iiu_riu-. iu. WiUi":,}. b. ;2 .Inly 1-12: ni. 3huia Liiainl. 
11. Ju.cana Ln^ucaster.^ b. 20 Apr. 1.<1.".. 12. L'>iimht, b. 24 May 
lSi;i; d. in l>2o. 

ii. HAt:i;iET. in. IIiciiakd Scammox. 

iii. Elxici:. in. Siki-uex Scammox of Franklin. Me. 

iv. RiuiDA, lu. IJuDEKT Dyei". of Ea.-.lbr(.iok. ^le. 

V. JoAXXA, d. uiini.^t Sr.liivan. Me. 

vi. Sii.A<. Ihed at llaneoek, Me. 

vii. rKri;ii. in. Amv Staxli.y of TreiU'nit. Me. 

viii. J<i:-]:rn, in. Xaxcv liuii of Treiiiont. 

ix. Tn<jMA>. li->ed at FrauKiin. 

X. Mi:l\ix. d. sdou. 

Br.NJAMix UiiJX, <1. at Xewluiiy, Ma.s.?., Feb. 1^13. an old man. 

Eliza Ur.vnx. ra. at Boston. 7 Feb. 1801, Lvtiikr Vv'thte. 

Ellex Barker Ukax, ai. -.a Columbia, 2s. il., lu Apr. J.SS7. IIarlax' 

F. Davis ut Bloomiiel.l. A't. 
Haxxah Ukaxx', m. at Bo-ton, IS ]May 17.^>, V.'ir.EiAM Bitowx. 
Haxxaii Ur.AXX, m. at Boston. 'J Mar. 1801, Jamj-..-^ Beake. 
Hexky Ui'.axx, 1). Canada; liad wife Mary. C hiM : llinnj. ]i. at Lowe'!, 

Mass., 3 July 18.>]. 

* Was .she the daughter of .Jamc^* aud Anna ('^il'Jmll^ou) Urin, born at licrwiLk, 
Me.,2May ]7t/J;- 
+ Joanna LuiK-astc-r Hopkins, d. at MidJleboro, M:t^9., 4 .\pr. 1S'h3; in. at Trenton, 
14 Feb. 183G, Ilerrick Munson Eaton, son of Amos and Sii=aiii;idi (Ikrrick), b. at 
.Sedgwick, Me., 3 .Sept. 1813, d. at Middleboro 23 July 1890. Children: 1. Hamlin 
Fairfield, b. 12 Aujj. 1838; ni. (1) Lizzie Goodwin of Iteadtleld, Me., in. (2) Elizabeth 
Wheeler of Xorrid-ewock, Me. 2. Aino.s Ilerrick, b. 2 July IP 13 ; <I. at Ronton, Mass., 
31 Mar. UiiO; ni. Alice Curlier of Ecadfieid. 3. lUir.sell William;, b. 20 .Nov. 18.00; 
m. Grace MilU Crosby of ZSorridgowock. 



•18 I 

Jacob Yii;a\. Palntine, Moiiiuoiiu^rv Co., X. Y. In ilie fi'U~u> of 1700 * 

liis family oc)ii>i-.tcil of nim- iKr>ous. 5 

jA:\ri;s Uiiin-. incinlKi- of C'aoi. Timothy K.-mick'> comiiiuiv, l.-t M:i--:i- ( 

cliitM'tts R'-i!i>.c-iit, w:i- at V.'rsi Toiut. X. Y., 4 Foli. 17.^1 ; iuru;h.:r of J 

Snnuu'l I'^Irtfiii r'> natialiiai. -ci\ ol irom July 178] to the eml of cam- { 

jKiiun ; privalf in Now Jla:n]--hirc line. Pcu-iou commein-CMl 4 Mar. \ 

ISol. 7ri y(ar> of a^e- | 

Jamks I'lMN of Pawlft, Yl. la tliv c>r*ii>u> of }7'.iO 1k' \vas tlie imlv one 5 

in familv ; iwdv have liei n llial -lamt.'.- Uriii who was <d\fn in-n^ion ' 


;> Oct. ]s:].t. aiii-u ( ;] y,-ar.-.. % 

Jami's Ukin of Pu:a>_'v. \'t. In CLii-as of 170O lii> familv consi-tdl of i 

_ ■ • !• 

/ |>crsons. j 

.'amks I'liANX, 1). 17.'7. m. Ma[;y Tlck. | 

Joii.v l"i;i.N was in -crvict' in 17o7. in tht- Fr'^aicli an^I Ljoian war. i 


JuiiX Ukann, (Irowncil at Long Wharf, lio>tou IS CKi. ISUG, a^d -3 i- 

y<-ars. i 

John Ukan. Concord. X. II.. served from ISH to 18l:^- in the 4:th U. S. | 

Jnfan.n-y; nKo in tliC -loth rc'-imvut ; i.\::s ;U tlie ijatilf of 'riji[)''ca!)oe | 

7) Xov. l.s] 1. • i 

Jonathan Ukann, \>. ahout I7tl2. Th^re is a tradition in tlie family t'.iat I 

he was a ili-~c./ni]ant oi Iwdiard' I'rin. but iji tlic ah-mce of rtc.'rd^, j 

it h:;s been imiio.-.>il)k' to cunnt-i.-t the lines. lie re-ided at I^.os.-nscu, J 

X. H., antl aft<-r\vards at Concord. X. II. The record.s of Pvwvav.-<_u i 

phow that he euli.-ted ■_':; Mar. 17.s'<). as private in C'd. Ciiley's re-inn. ii: ; j 

he ;;c:ain enlisted In Feh. 17sl. Ih-iuir :^t that time 18 vt-ars of auc. He \ prolxilily iliat .hmarhan Urann of Conronl who s-rved in Captain ;• 

Flaiiflers' conspany. 47.rh r« -im.-nt. AVar of 1812. On 1 1' ().-t. I'-^^.K ; 

he sold land 11! Concord to Mardiall Pakt-r: on 2') Apr. ISi'O. lie pur- 1 

chased land of Samuid Urann oi Co!.(;"id. i 

He marriL-d at Concord. .'10 Au^-. 17'J:>, ^MniiTAnLr. Em-iott. daa-ii- ? 

tor of .Tnlin and ILamah fJon.-s). horn at Concord in 17G.S, and died \ 

there Xov. 1819. He di.;-d at Concord 1^41 : I 

Cliildrcii. hr.rn at Com-ord : } 

i. John, b Sriit. i::'4 : d. muii. a' Concord 4 pL-b. IsTfi. I 

ii. Maktha II.. b. .Inly IT'.iil: d. mmi. at Concord 2G Aj^r. lsS7. > 

iii. SAMrir.. b. in 1>"": d. 2'J Auu'. l-r40; m. at Coaconi. IC Apr. '• 

ls2^. ('LAKiss.v CiiA-i:. b. at Concord in IslO. d. at Maiihattan, f 

111.. 2:t .ran. is,}7. Ciiillr.-n. b. ai llonkinton. X. H. : 1. /T;;--'// ; 

A'., b. in 1^2.1; m. Wiiiiam V. Abbott. 2. LHrt:,.ln J., b. in i -:;2 : : 

ni. Lutliii-r r>. Elliott. 0. ^■■■rfjf C.. h. 2< Xov. IS",:; d. p.t \ 

Concord 2 .Time l^l'i.i; m. Mary I'rutt. 4. ClmrUj' F.. h. in I -:_.;' : ; 

hi. at Lowell. Ma-s., 3 July lsi;0. Jane L. Ilamniond, dan. of * 

]Vtcr M. and Idizab^.ih ( \\'o,jdworth ). 1). at .Macliia-. Me.. 2:> 1 

A]<v. ]-.",-. d. ai I.owcll 2 Nov. I-:'5; in. ' 2 ; at Lov,-tl!. 2-- A.vr. [ 

lc:i7, Irene L. ( Steidien.soa ; 'Whipple, dau. of Luke and i:::za- f 


nc'th ( Ihinimond ). b. :U AloxninKn'. ^fe.. in 1>.-. t ; riiildn-ii. h 
at Ln\vo!l: Clinrlfs A., b. 7 Xi.v. Isr.o. d. 10 Fcl). l>-i'.;'. : Clnr- 
I'licc II.. b. ;! .M:iy l-';<;. d. ai licj-t^'U l'h M:iy liHi.'. ; m. al 
Lowell. 8 .Time 1>^7. ]v;Uo Y.. riiiiiiiey. il;i!i. of Xril niul 
bcth C. (Nk-holl). b. at. Murray Harbor. V. P.. I., in isr.,"); 
"Witilicld 8cott. b. in 1^>G; m. at SaU'in. Ma^'-.. 14 Mar. IV.k;. 
Gertrude K>tbir Kiee, dan. of Cnrti.> X. and Helen H. v<'-!'-|- 
ton). 1). at Li'well in l>si. .-,. Alrhi IL rrifn. b. in 1'>1>: m. al 
Pivh,.r\ iile. X. H., L'.' Dec. 1S72. Fannie P. FllinH. dan. of P!m-ii 
and Fiixa (Po\ver<). 1). at Cunenrd .Tan. 1^4".. d. tlierc \^ .Mar. 
IK'U; m. (, 2 ) at Concord. IS May lO'il. Xellie Aumi.-ta Klliott. 
dan. of Anio> C. and Margaret (Connor), b. at Dayton, LUiio ii; 

Iv. J.\(.'on, 1). in l-^Oij; d. nn;n. at Durliain. ?v. H., 1.') Jan. l.^ss. 

V. Sally, b. in l>i)7. 

V. Jonathan, b. lu May HIO; d. at Kankakee. HI., P'! Mar. !>■;."); ni. 
at Ji.ilirt. HP, 17 Sept. ISli'.. LrciNOA Li'<.i;. dau. of fieorirc 
and Mary (Akers). 1). at Greonea-tl'.-. Ind.. 1 Jinic P^'Ji;. d. at 
Kankakee P" Xor. P'lO:!. Cliildren. I), at P,.inrboiniai>. 111.: 1. 
Jleiij'imin FnniJdi.n. b. ?i" Jan. ].">-!■•'; ni. Su-aa AVeavrr 'i'ronp. 
2. Xuth'mirl Urcriu b. V.i Apr. P-'."io ; jn. Ainia Plizalie;li 15aker. 
:>.. William L'\ b. 27 .\wj. P^.";;: in. .Mary Jane ■\^'aI-on. 4. 
J//T M<nj. )). :-; p,^]). i,v.-,7; m. Jo^ej.-li Hmry G..)od\vi)i. .-,. Addic 
Jjririii. b. 24 Apr. P'-'i;'.). 

J',;isnuA UiiAN'N. On IG Jan. 18(i7. the C'oluuihian Mii-oiini, situated on 

Tremout Street, hetwceu Court and .School Streets, Eo.--t(.ni. \va.^ df troy.' 

ed by lire, at which time si.v youiii,' men, one ot whom was .lo-hua 

TjJ'ann, ai^' <1 17 yeais. wei'e killeil 'oy falling' wall-. 
Mauy Ur:ix, m. at IIamj>tou Fall^. N. IL, 4 ?.Iar. ITt'd, "Willlvm Fori), 

both of Po.'.vley, 31a-.. 
JIakv I'ri.n, m. (int. rec. at Kowley, 23 Feb. 170U) Wu.r.i.-.M Kixii!-];- 

i"OKT) ( prolvilily .-anie as jirececlin;; ). 
1'aui, I'uiN of ]\"e\vmarket, N. II. lu een>us of 17'JU family con-i^i>'i! 

of self and two females. 
Pltf.u YorniNG, cnli-ted 21 Jan. 1740-7, as a n'omlx-r of C.-ijitain 

Goffe's coni]iaii\', -♦-rved in the e\]M-dition a'_:ain-~t ('.-inada. 
Polly I' m. a.r MoMlronlmro, N, IL, in ]."^PS. Amiu;o?k Ukxi.ll. 
rHUDENCE I'liANN, m. at Bo.-ton, 8 Ajir. ISOl, Tuomas ]\Ialixi:. 
TJi:BECr\ T'kann, m. (int. rec. at F.o-ton, \0 iJec. l^O.j) Thomas 


SAMiKf. Yli;a\, b. at Enfi-ld, N. II., in 180.1; d. at B.^ron, ?»Iass., 21 
]Mar. ]8oO; m. Xaxtv (iooDr.voNS', b. at Goi'Iiam, N. II. in 180.'i, d. 
at r>o.-tou 24 0( t. 18.'»1. 

SAitAH I'liAXX, 111. (int. rec. at Bostoii, 7 Oct. 1802) Fkaxcis Chavigxot, 

Any information the above nientioiieil families will be duly a|ipre- 
ciated iiy the Comjuler. 


Abbott, 27, 31, 48 
Adam.*, 39 
Akeiman, 9 
Akers, 49 
Aldrich, H 
Alexander, 39 
Allen. 28 
Alsdiirf, 28 
Aauenaiix, 28 
Ames, 40 
Ancrum, 34 
Anderson, 47 
Andrew?, 16 
Andrus, 22 
Anthony, 46 
Archer, U 
Arnold, 37 
Atwood, 6, 26 

Babbitt, 17 

Babcoek. 12 

Bacon, 22 

Briiley, 26 

Baker, 20, 37, 48, 49 

Bard«lcy, 3 

Bating, 20 

Barrett, 7, 22 

Barrus, 35 

Barry, 41 

Bartholomew, 40 

Burtlctt, 17 

Bassett, 37 

Batchelder, 28 

Baxter, 3-5 

Bealc, I'J 

Beaman, 41 

Bean, 14, 17, 26, 27, 28, 43 

Beedc, 7 

Benton, 29 

Berry, 34 

Bertenshaw, 38 

Best, 44 

Bicknell, 39 

Bigelow, 28 

Bingham, 20 

Bissell, 29 

Biugdon, 5 

Blaisd._Il, 20. 27, 42, 43 

Blake. 47 

Blanchard, 16 

Blowers, 21 

Borden, 43 

Bornhart, 41 

Bowen, 34. 46 

Bowers. 37, 49 

Brackett, 4, 7, 9, 38 

Bradbury, 22 

Bradlee, 12 

Bragdoii, 20, 27, 43 

Breed, 11 

Bridgham, 24 

Brown, -17,9,18,28,30,: 

Browne, J 39, 40, 47 

Bryant, 36 

Buck, 44 

Bunker, 20, 43 

Bunt, 41 

Burbcck. 24 

Burchsted, 40 

Burgess, 39 

Burgoyne, 25 

Burtt, 36 

Butts, 35 

Carey, 12 
Carlton, 40 
Carpenter, 25, 29 
Carr, 10, 18 
Carrell, 43 
Carter, 19 
Carver, 36 
Cass, IS 
Cassidy, 28 
Cate, 4 
Cauckins, 29 
Chajiman, 8, 21, 35 
Charnock, 3 
Chase, 35, 48 


Cli!!tf(rlo:i. 40, IV 
Chavigiiot, iO 
Cheney, 'JG 
Chester, 2S 
Cilley, IS, IS 
Chirk, S, 10, 22, 2o, 3-: 
Ch\rke, 37 
Ch'u'horn, 39 
Clewly, ,-^0 
Clough. 17 
Clouyherty, 32 
Cobb, 9 
Coburn, 23 
Coftin, 43 
Colburn, 34, 42 
Colby, 30 
Cole, 17 

Collins, 7, 35, 40 
Colson, 27 
Coucy, 3j, 3& 
Conncll, 2S 
Connor, 4 9 
Cook, 27, U 
Coomb?, 20, 27 
Copek.nJ, 43 
Corliss, C. 
Cornet te, 33 
Coiner, 19 
Cotton, 3, 22 
Consiiis, 20 
Coyne, 35 
Crubtvce, 22 
Cre.-.-ey, 10 
Crocker, 2S 
Croekett, 4, 30, 4i 
Crosby, 47 
Crowell, 2S 
Cum--ton, 11 
Currier, 4, 47 

Daui, S 
Danirill, 10 
Dana, 24 
Darling-, 25 
Davis, 14, 20, 37, 47 
Davol, 34 
Dawson, 34 
Day, 30 
Dearborn, 19 
Diamond, 4 
Dymond, 10 

Dickson, 37 
DininiiK-k, :58 
Dixon, 3 3 7 
Docliie. 13, IS. 25, 2 
Dole, IS 
Dow, 13, 39, 40 
Downs, 4 
lhink\vaur, 30, 44 
Dron, 41 
Dunn, 27, 43 
Durgin, IS 
Dustin, 9 
Duty, 13 
Dyer, 40, 42, 47 

Earle, 12 
Eastman, 22 
Eaton, 47 
Edwards, 11 

Eiehelv, 41 
Elliot, 41 
Elliott, 4S, 49 
EIwlU, 12, 13 
Emerson, 22 
Emery, 31, 35 
Emmes, 22 
Eminojis, 3S 
Ewins, 2G 

J'abins, 10 
Farrar, 33 
Farrell, 4 1 
Fnrress, 31 
Fay, 30 
Felt, 28 
Fificld, 31 
Fisher, 24, 32 
Fitzgerald, 6 
Fitzpatrick, 32 
Fitz-Kandolph, 34 
Flaherty, 32 
Flag-, 42 
Flanders, 18, IS 
Fletcher, 48 
Flood, 6 
Fogg, 15 
Ford, 49 
Frary, 35 
Free, 40 
French, 9, 20 


Frost, 5 
Trye, ■12 
Fulton, 42 

Gage, 9 
Gair.iud, 3i 

Mr., 23, 33 

Profussor, 45, 46 
Abigail Agues, 36 
Ada Dana, 35 
Albert Mnyhew, 36 
. Anne, 23 

Annie Louise, 36 
Annie Stanyarn, 31 
Arthur Aniovy, 46 ■ 
Asa Mcs;:,]-, 34 
Augustus Uroraley, 36 
Bessie Hill, 34 
Carrie Florence, 36 
David Weston, 37 
Delia Melinda, 35 
Ebenezer Eakor, 23 
Edgar Franklin, 36 
Edith Florence, G6 
Eliza Rogers, 34 
Elizabeth, 23 
Elizabeth Hope, 46 
Ethel Ancrum, 34 
Frances Adelia, 37 

Hannah, 23 

Harriet Horry, 3 i 

Harriet Ives, 46 

Harriet Maria t'urlis, 36 

Helen Louise, 46 

Henry Warren, 3-5 

Hope, 46 

Ives, 46 

John, 23, 24, 34,37 

John Albert, 05 

John Henry, 36 

John Whipple, 46 

Joseph, 24 

Katharine, 46 

Lucy Hunt, 37 

Margaret, 23, 34 

Margaret Eliza, 35 

Maria Antoinette, 24 

^Martha ^Liria, 35 

Mary, 23 

Mary Morse. 33 

Gauimell — continued. 

ilina Frances, 35 

Miriam Larkin. 37 

Nettie Lena, 36 

Poynton Ives Iloppin, 45 

Rebecca, 23 

Rebecca Whittemore, 3 J 

Richard, 23 

Robert, 46 

Robert Ives, 46 

Ruth Weston, 37 

Samuel, 23 

Sarah, 24 

Screno Bowers, 37 

Sereno Dwight, 37 

Screno I'orter, 37 

Thomas, 23 

Virginia, 46 

Waldo Everett, 35 

AVarrcn. Evarts, 35 

William, 23, 32, SZ, 45, 46 

William Ancrum, 34 
Gardiner, 24 
Gardner, 36 
Gay, o5 
Geib, 38 
George, 7, 10 
Gerald, 23 
Gerrish, 25 
Gibbons, 12 
Gibbs, 19, 26 
Gilinartin, 32 
Gleason, 10 
Goddard, 45 
Godfrey, 10, 17 
GoflFc, 49 
Goodeuow, 49 
Goodridge, 1 4, 4 t, 27, 47, 49 
Gordon, 20, 47 
Goss, 3 
Gragg. 30 
Graham, 43 
Grant, 27 
Gridley, 15, 24 
Griswold, 21 
G rover, 13 
Guptill, 20 

Haines, 9 
Hall, 17, 44 


Ilnllowel], 12, 15 
Hamilton, 9 
Hammond, 4S, 49 
Handy, 43 
Hannaford, 30 
HnpgooJ, 30 
Hartwell, 27 
Hatch, 30 
Havey, 43 
Hawley, 9 
Haynes, 38 
Hazdey, 12 
Healy, IG 
Henchman, & 
Herrick, 47 
Hess, 26 
Hidden, 10 
Uiggins, 35, iT 
Hill, 21, 28, 43 
Hilliard, 8 
Hilton, 17 
Hinman, 30 
Hobbs, 9 
Hodgkins, 6, IC 
Holbrook, 37 
Holdcn, 6 
Holiday, 28 
HoUand, 26 
Holman, 33 
Holmes, 9 
Hopkins, 19, 47 
Hoppin, 46 
Howard. 18 
Howe, 26, 35 
Howlaud, 40 
Huckins, 42 
Hunt, 38 
Huntsman, 34 
Hutchinson, 21, 33; 

In galls, 21, 2C 
Ives, 31, 46 

Jackson, 3, RS 

Jamison, 11 

Jarvis, 20 

Johnson, 9, 10. 25, 27, 35, 36, i'^ 

Jones, 11. 26, 32, 48 

Jordan, 4, 28 

Keeling, 2.5 
Keller, 41 

Kelly, 32 
Kempton, 10 
Keniston, 17, 18 
Kenney, 12 
Kcnnison, S 
Kilburn, 47 
Kimball, 7, 17, 26 
King, 36 
Kinney, 1 1 
Kinsman, 17 
Knowlton, 35 

La Count, 47 
Lambert, 47 
Lancaster, 19, 47 
Lane, 36 
Larkin, 37, 40 
Lawless, 32 
Lawrence, 23 
Layton, 13 
Leavitt, 35 
Lee, 34, 41 
Leeds, 33 
Legg, 49 
Leland, 47 
Leonard, 25 
Lewis, 16, 29 
Libby, 26, 30 
Lincoln, 43 
Lindsoy. 16 
Little, 26 
Littletield, 9 
Lovejoy, 42 
Low, 25, 40 
Lowe, 26 
Lowell, 7 
Lucy, 12 
Luey, S, 9 
Lynarn. 28 
Lyon, 24, 28 
Lyons, 25 

• 33 

>Irde. ? 
Mady, r 
Madison, 27 
Mahnc}', 4 1 
Major, 25 
Maliiig, 49 
Manning, 5 
Marriott, 37 
Marsh, 15 


Mar^tou, IS 
Martin, '2 i. '17, Go 
Mason, 17, 4-1 
Maxwell. 10 
Mayhow, 3.'), 36 
McClfllan, 36 
:McFailmg, 27 
McLitosh, 42 
McKeon, 36 
McMahon, 43 
:McMaster5, 26 
Meade, 24 
Mcader, 34 
Merrill, 17, 39 
Messer, IS 
Metealt; 42 
Miltbrd, 6 
Millens, 19 
Miller, 41 
MiUett, 13 
INIitchell, 18, 39, 43 
Montafjuc, 37 
Moody, 17, 18 
Moore, 20, 42 
Moores, 6 
Morey, 18 
Morgan, 18 
ilorrell, 9 
Morrison, 42 
ilorse, 25 
Moseley, 5 
Muchamore, -i 
Muchemore, >• 3, 4, 10 
Muehmore, J 
Munden, 12 
Myrick, 30 

Isesmith, 17 
Xewcomb, 36 
Newton, 35 
Nicholl, 49 
Xichols, 21 
Noble, 33 
Norris, 26 
Xoyes, 43 

Obear, 36 
Obermann, 39 
O'Connor, 32 
Orcutt, 27 
O^troni, 23 

Page, 23, 2G 
Pardee, 41 
Parker, 18 
Pu^^ons, 14, 19 
Partridj;e, 36 
Peiuber, 29 
Pendleton, 30, 14 
Perry, '27 
Petersoi'., 36 
Pettiugill, 20 
Philbriek, 39 
Phillips, 20 
Phinney. 49 
Pickering, 12, l.'> 
Pickford, 42 
Pierce, 13, 35 
Piukharn, 36 
Piper, 9, 35 
Plimpton, 33 
Pollard, 39 
Porter, 37, 35, 4S 
Preble, 14 
Prescott, 22, 3S 
Priest, 4 
Prise, 11 
Putnam, 11 

Qrraile, 36 
Quirk, 41 

Rand, 39 
Randall, 36 
Raynor, 16 
Read, 20 
Remick, 48 
Renell, 49 
Reynolds, 44 
Rice, 49 
Rich, 16, 40, 47 
Richardson, 33 
Ring, 30, 44 
Roach, 28 
Roberts, 9, 41 
Robie, 31 
Robinson, 39 
Rollins, 32 
Ronty, 41 
Rowe, 12, 13, 18 
Ru2g, 21 
Rutherford, 49 
Ryan, 35 


Sai^e, 5 

iSnnborn, 9 

Sanders, 3t 

Saigcnt, 19, 26 

Samiders, 27 

Sciimmon, 47 

Scott, 28, 40 

Searles, 37 

Soars, 42 

Seavey, 21 

Signor, 21 

Sharp. 28 

Shattuck. 12 

Sheldon, 9 

Shepherd, 21 

Sherburne, 12 

Slierewood, 23 

Sherman, 40 

Siiilh.ber, 9 

Silliman, 40, 41 

Simmons, 22 

Simpson, 19 

Slater, 46 

Sleeper, 7 

Slucum, 33 

Sloper, 11, 12, 16 

Smith, 7, 9, 10, 21, 23, 26, 27, 30, 

32, 3-3, 39 
Spear, 47 
Spence. 32 

Spencer, 30, 31, 43, 44 
Springer, 27 
Stacy, 32 
Stacey, 11 
Staigg, 39 
Stains, 15 
Staniford, 28 
Stanley, 47 
Starbird, 30 
Stephenson, 48 
Stevens, 29 
Stevenson, 36 
Steward, 27 
Stickney, 17 
Stillman, 33 
St. John, 26 
St. Leger, 38 
Stratton, 27, 28 
Sullivan, 39 
Swaubro, 29 
Swett, 31 

Sylvester, 30 

Taylor, 21 
Tenncy, 13 
Thayer, 31 
.Thomas, 27, 30 
Thompson. 9, 11, 47 
Thornton, 17 
Titeomb, 25 
Tolman, 28 
Torrance, 44 
Tracoy, 28 
Trites, 27 
Troup, 49 
True, 38 
Tuck. 48 

Tucker, 11, 12, 17, IS, 31, 44 
Turner, 35 

Urann, Uran, Uren, Urin, Vuvan, 
Youring, Youriu, Urian, Lhiun, 
Eurin, L'rran, Urine, Uiwyn, 


Captain, 37 

Mr., 29,43 

Abigail, 4, 7, 8, 0, 10, 12, 47 

Abraham, 47 

Addie Abbie, 43 

Addie iMaria, 49 

Adeline, 32 

Albert Ilarvcy, 32 

Alexandria M:iria, 32 

Alice, 3, 6, 26 

Alice A., 26 

Almira, 32 

Almira Marie, 32 

Alta May, 49 

Alvin Herman, 49 

Ambrose Sloper, 16 

Amos Salisbury, 25 

Anna, 10, 14, 19,47 

Annie May, 42 

Antoinette Clark, 39 

Armilla, 20 

Arthur Everett, 43 

Benjamin, 5, 12, 10, 47, 21 

Benjamin F., 2S 

Benjamin Franklin, 27, 49 

Bertha Thankful, 13 

Bethiah, 13 

Betsey, 20 


Uninn — coMtunu'd. 
Botsuy -M., 21 
Blanche Mali.-. 28 
Curl lihisiltU, 13 
Caroline, 31 
Ciiroliuc Livingston, 41 
Catlitrine, 2j 
Catlurine E., 41 
Calhorire Ellen, -10 
Callicrlno Jani', 41 
Cliarks. 25 
Charles A., 4;) 
Charlc-; l!(.Ttrani, 42 
Charks E.. 21 
Cliailes Edgr.r, 29 
Charles F., 4 8 
Charles Ilallett, 25 
Charles Lahatt, 25 
Charles William, 42 
Charlotte, 25, 38 
Clara Augusta, 39 
Clarence IL, 49 
Coml'urt, 8 
Daniel, 13, 17 
Uexter, 25 
Edgar, 19 
Edward. 4, 5, 32 
Edward \Miceler, 41 
Elbridge, 19 
Eleanor, 3, 4, S 
Eliza, 19, 47 

Elizabeth, 7, 9, IG, 26, 23 
Ella, 30 
Ellen, 27 
Ellen Barker, 47 
Ellen Theresa, 38 
Ellerton B., 32 
Elliott Au:;u-tu-!, 32 
Eirieline, 31 
Ernerson Davis, 27 
Emily E., 48 
Emma Amelia, 32 
Emma Gardiner, 38 
Ernest Walter, 28 
P^thel Maud, 45 
Ethel May, 28 
Ethelyn Muure, 42 
Eugene Ilarri^oi-., 42 
Eunice Mabel, 29 
Fanny, :.S 
Ferdinand, 3» 


Urann — oontiT\u.'d. 
Finlye. 3 
Finsby, 3 
Francis, 4, 5, 10, 
Francis Henry, 32 
Fraiici^ Jercmie, 41 
Frank W., 28 
FrtJ Libby, 43 
Fred Ru.sseil, 43 
Frederic William. 33 
George. 7, 9. 15, 19, 21, 23 
George Blai-del!, 43 
George C, 48 
George Edward. 41 
George Ernest, 2S 
George F. M., 41 
George Tcmbcr, 29 
George W., 26 
George AVilliam, 29 
Georgianna. 21, 28 
Gordon F., 32 
Grace Maud, 43 
Grace St. Lcger, 38 
Hannah. 7. 8. 11, 19, 22, 25, 30, 

Harriet, 20, 21, 31 
Harriet P.. 30 
Harry Harvey, 42 
Hatlie rLVL'ina, 42 
Uelcn Beatrice, 23 
Henry, 3. 47 
Henry Ad.dphus. 33 
Henry CliUon. 27 
Henry Evcrard. 23 
Herbert. 26 
Homer Emerson, 27 
Horac(; Pembtr, 29 
Israel, 2(3 
Jacob, 48, 49 
Jaincs, 4, 6, 

47, 48 
James William-, 26, 12 
Jane, 5, 14, 24, 2b, 39 
Jason, 29 
J. Corning, 29 
Jean, 7 
Jennie, 26 
Jennie St. Lcger, 39 
Jenny, 7 
Joan, 19 

John, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8, 11. 1 
IS, ]f;, 19, 2' 
25, 29, 40, 4: 

13, 11. 18. 19, 

3, 14. 


Uraiin — continuoii. 
John Ilerbcil. 2 'I 
John .Miilou-i, 10, 2G 
John Perry, 4 1 
John William, 32 
Jonathan, 6, 7. 2G. 4S. 49 
Joseph, 3, 4. % S. 1(1. 11, 12, \i, 
16, 17. 21. 22, 24. 
2-3, 20. 2Si, 31 
Joseph Cliftun, 43 
Joseph H.. 21 
Joseph Henry, 2S 
Joseph Libby, 20, 42 
Joseph Michael. 32 
Jo!;hua, 49 
Josie Lillian, 43 
Kimball, 26 
Lazara Eugenia, 41 
Lewis D., 3S 
Lillian Florence, 42 
Linuie, 27 
Louis Janius, 42 
Loui>:t. 32 
Louisa J , 26 
Lucinda li., 20 
liUcinda J., 4S 
Lucy, 22 
Lucy Maria, 39 
Luella, 17 
Lydia, 13 
Lydia Emery, 43 
Mabel Alice, 42 
Madison, 26 
Marcus Libby. 43 
Marcus Morto:i, 27, 43 
Marcy, 8 
Margaret, IC, 22 
Margarei Stuart, 42 
Maria, 2u 

Marth-i, b. 10, 15. 19 
Marlha H., 48 
Marv, 6, 6. S. 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 

19, 20, 22. 2-5, 26, 30, 

32, 47, 49 
Mary Caroline, 39 
Mary Elizabeth, 41 
Mary L., 21 
Mary Louisa, 28 
Mary Salisburj'. 25 
Mary St. Legcr, 39 
>L-ithe\v. .5 
Matilda, 25 

Urann — continued. 

Mehitable, G, 13, IS 

Mercy, 1.3 

Millard Fillmore, 41 

Milton Kohuid, 43 

Miua Bessie, 4 3 

Molly, 10, 26 

Xancy, 15, 17, IS. 20 

Nftney Cloii;;ii, 22 

Nancy Fisher, 24 

Nathaniel Cuttin-, 22 

Nathaniel Haven, 49 

Nellie Irene, 28 

Nelson, 26 

Noah, 19 

Olive Jenuette. 42 

Pamela Low, 41 

Paul, 7, 14. 19, 20. 49 

Permilla Auijusta, 41 

Peter, 5. 12, 13, 17. 49 

Peter Kimball!, 26 

Phebt, 20 

Polly, 19, 49 

Prudence, 49 

Rachel Adeline, 32 

Ralph, 26 

Ralph Harry, 42 

Rebecca, 7. S, 12, 16, 17, 49 

Rebecca Snellii.u, 24 

Rena Azella. 13 

Reuben, 15, 21 

Riehaid, 4. 0, 16, 21,37, 38, 4S 

Richard Augustus, 3S 

Rufus James, 41 

Ruggles Hubbard, 40, 41 

Ruth, 17, 26 

Sabra, 20 

Sally, 7. 21, 22, 26, 40 

Samuel, 13, 1!. 17, 19, 20, 21, 

27, 48, i 9 
Samuel L., 21 
Samuel Leoii;rd, 2S 
Samuel Low, 41 
Saniuel Tlioina.--. 41 
Sarah, 6, s, 11, 15, K^, 17, 18 

24, 49 
Sarah Ann, 4 1 
Sarah Dunton, 22 
Sarah Hcaly, 25 
Sarah Helen, 41 
Sarah Maria, o's 
Sarah Sali.'5bur\, 29 


Urnnn — contiviuid. AVaterina!), 29 

Silns, 7 Wp.t^on, i'J 

Solomon, 9, 1.5, 21, 29. GO M'cbst;-r, 3G, 37, 4 

Sophronia, 27 \Veeks, 7, S 

Stephen Poir.ber, 29 \Vck-h, 21 

Sumner Tacodore, 32 Wells, 10, 35 

Sns.-in, 22 WcnUvoith, 14 

Susanuali, 7 ^^ estLioo!., 4 

Temperance F., 2S Weston, 37 

Thomas, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15. 16, Wheeler, -17 

19, 20, 24, 25. 27 Wheelwright, 3S 

Thomas Gardiner, 34 Wheplev, 39 

Thomas Harvey, 32 Whipple, 46, 4S 

Walter Henry, 32 Whitaker, 40 

Warren Augustus Reed. 42 Whitcoinb. 42 

Washington Lafnyette, 32 White 28 02 4'"', 

Weltha Elizabeth, 29 V.-hitebouse, 3S 

Weltha Mabel, 29 Whittcmoie. 23 

William, 3, 4, 5, 10, 12, IS, 19, V,"hit«ell, 11 

William Edward, 41 
William Eee, 49 
William N.. 22 

Wain^vriu'ht, 6 

Wiggin, 9 

William C rui::-, 29 ,,.-u" 

William Dulci.t, 39 

Wilkiiis, 4 

Willcoml>, 3, 4 

Williams, S, 33, 3S, 

Wilson, 3'J 

Winfield Scott, 49 ,,- ,-,.,,- , „ 

\\ ood, 23, 29, 31, 3 

Woods, 23, 2S 
Veltman, 39 %,- , , ,„ 

u ood^var(:, IS 

Woodwovtb., 4S 

Woolcome, 3, 4 
Walker, 19 -,,- , o, 

\» oolsev, 34 

Wallis, S 

Walton, 38 

Ward, 24, 4 

AVashburn, 41 Young, 20 

Woorster, 20, 
Wright, 21